Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Kid!

This morning our little Harlan peed on the potty for the first time! He actually agreed to sit on the potty for the 1st time this past Sunday,so I figured since he woke up with a dry diaper this morning, we would sit him on the potty& WA-LA...he peed!  Mommy was so excited & Harlan was too!  He ran into tell Emmy & to tell Gamma, who is in town visiting this week.  We even made up a little song about Har pee'ing on the potty!  So proud of you, my big boy!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Happy to wake up to a new day!

Sunshine & Blue skies!  

We love picnic dinner!

Our 2nd time at the dentist!

Celebrating a great visit at the dentist! 

Stinky cow poo!!!

Tubby-Lovin' Boys!

Popcorn & best friends!

Sly Fox...our new favorite dinner spot.  Cheap, quick & kid-friendly.

Take-Your-Son-To-Work Day!

Our karate kid practicing patience.

Best Buds!

Our neighborhood buddies!  Don't know what we would do without these friends?!?  <3 p="">


This weekend was a doozy!  We started off Friday night while Daddy was at a concert with some Kiwi Yogurt, followed by watching the airplanes!  We also did dinner "Movie Tavern" style!

Saturday morning was some relaxing with Scooby, Coffee & Snuggles!

The off to Crossfit with Mommy!  The boys were really good & had fun cheering Mommy through her workout!  As usual, they like to run to the car, so we played for a bit outside before hopping in the car to head to Walmart to get some stuff to do gardening!

 "Mom, we don't touch stuff like this b/c it is dirty & rusty!"  ...as they proceeded to play with it?!?

We went home & then headed to a friend's birthday party.  After naps, we waited for Harlan & snuggled some more.

We were doing great, having ball, planting our flowers and then...and then....BOOM!  Layla close-lined my baby & this was the result!  Thankfully a neighbor was outside & called 911 b/c this Momma had no wits about her & my baby was covered in blood & dirt.  An ambulance & 3 Police Officers showed up, I unloaded Emory on a neighbor & off Harlan & Momma went to the ER.   My baby boy was swollen, bloody & really hurting.  Two hours later, we were checking out & home.  Thankfully no permanent damage, just lots of cuts, gashes, etc.

At the end of the day...our doorstep was looking mighty fine with some fresh flowers, a new rug & some cute gnomes! 
Sunday was a LAZY day!  We all stayed in our pj's until 4 pm!  Har sat on the potty happily though for the 1st time!

 "Wisten...I hear the pee pee!"  ...not sure what he was hearing b/c there was no pee pee coming out?

After naps, we went to Target, pretended to fly a space ship & got some goodies...bomb pops!

All in all it was a good weekend with a big road bump right in the middle!  We are so glad that our baby boy is ok & that we had plenty of people to help us through a rough few hours!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Life is crazy.  It is busy, it is hectic, but it is fun.  This weekend was no different, crazy, busy, hectic, but fun. Daddy has temporarily taken up a part-time weekend job, in order to make a little extra dough.  Meanwhile, we are left to our own devices to find some good, clean (ok, maybe not clean), fun!  We started the weekend off at Mommy's new gym.  Emory & Harlan had no clue what was coming, but they were 99% cooperative.  They watched Mommy lift & cheered me on.  I mean come on, what's better than lifting your a$$ off & having a sweet little 4 year old voice muttering "I love you, Mommy!" after every rep.  Mind you, there were some fights over the farting-toy that Emory brought along, but all in all the boys were good.  I finished out my workout with cardio, running up & down in front of the gym, around the gym, racing Emory, while carrying my little monkey piggy-back style.  We had fun...crazy, busy, hectic fun.  Afterwards, we went out for breakfast with our dear friends-neighbors for a fundraiser at Applebee's.  Lots of grimy, sticky window hand-prints, a few bites of pancakes & sausage later, we had full bellies & resorted to playing Iphone games under the table....crazy, hectic, fun.  We ran some errands & then headed home to play outside.  Spring time means Power Wheels time, so we spent a few hours outside riding the Power Wheels, playing bubbles, digging in the dirt.  The boys enjoyed a little picnic lunch outside & then everyone got grumpy & we headed in for naps.  After naps, it was more outside fun, then bathes, then yogurt, lots of yogurt for dinner & movie time, while Mommy & Daddy's friends came over for a visit.
Sunday Daddy had to work again for a few hours, so we went to a park in Schwenksville.  There is nothing the Fleischman brothers love more than exploring outside.  Throwing rocks into water.  Finding the perfect walking stick.  Climbing on trees.  Picking flowers.  It never ends.  As Cam called it, we were loving "Nature's playground."  I was in awe watching the boys.  The love each other & God's gift of nature so, so, so very much.  After 2 hours at the park, we headed home & were once again outside before lunch/naps.  After naps, Daddy was on duty while Mommy went out for a bit.  Everyone had fun at Cam's bball practice & then played in Daddy's new work truck & then enjoyed dinner outside, yet again.
Boys, thanks for a wonderful, crazy, busy, hectic, FUN weekend.  There is nothing I love more than spending time with you & creating memories.