Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy birthday, Emory Vaughan! Part II

Well babe, like most things in life, we can plan for the greatest things in the world, but sometimes life gets in the way.
Mom picked you up at school on your birthday & had a little surprise in mind!  We went to Monkey Joe's for a little surprise!  You were so excited when we got there, but a little confused as to why your friends weren't there to celebrate with you.  None the less, you got over it & were more than content to run, jump & play with your little brother & Mommy!  At one point you stopped jumping, ran over to me & hugged me & said "Mommy, this is the BEST birthday date EVA!"  My heart melted.  We jumped & slid & played & tickled for about an hour.  Har was loving it too!  And then, and then, and happened.  While you were jumping away in the Disney bounce house, Har was pretending to drive one of the pretend play cars.  He was in "jump mode" & jumped right off without thinking & OUCH!  Little booger laid on the floor, held his breath for a good 30-45 seconds & then screamed!  He calmed down a bit, but refused to walk.  We went home to Daddy & the rest of the night was a whirlwind.  You were on bday high & too distracted to even realize that Mommy & Daddy were all out of sorts.  Make Harlan walk, Harlan cries, hold Harlan, Harlan cries, make Harlan walk agin, he walks & then cries....  We finally decided that Mom would take Har to the hospital to get his foot checked & you & Dad would have a boys night.  We gave you your new treasure chest & you absolutely loved it...and Mom & Har rushed out the door.  Har was munching away n pb crackers at the ER & then decided to walk around...seriously?  Seriously?  It was a quick trip to the ER & we were home to sing "Happy Birthday" & have some fun with a surprise visit from Grancie & Granpy.
This weekend will be full of much more birthday love!  Today you get to go to NJ to visit Great Gma P with Gramma & PopPop & then you have your school-friend party Saturday & family-neighbor party on Sunday!  Most of Momma's guilt from having to leave you on your bday has subsided & hopefully I can make it up to you this weekend.
Being silly while we sang to you!

 Loving on your Momma
 Waiting for xrays :(
 Registering for xrays
 Seeing this smile made Mommy's day!
 Exactly what happened at Monkey Joe's!
 Layla joined in on the pirate fun
 Having fun jumping
Mrs. Kendall made you a special bday crown!
PS - Har is getting better!  We spent the better party of yesterday morning at the doctor's & getting xrays.  Thankfully no broken bones!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Emory Vaughan!

Oh Emmy...where have the past 4 years gone?!  It feels like yesterday, I was slipping into  my comfy velour sweat suit to head to the hospital to meet you!  I remember hearing your sweet cry, kissing your soft cheeks & snuggling you all day & night.  You were such a sweet baby.
Fast forward 4 are still a sweet boy!  This morning I had to wake you.  I snuggled up with you in your bed & kept saying "Happy birthday, Emmy!  Today is your day!"  I even sang happy birthday to you.  Then you finally rolled over & gave me a big smile.  You noticed your pirate balloon & 4 "4" balloons attached to your new pirate ship.  You were over the moon excited!  Har soon popped his head up over the side of his crib & was happy to share in your first moments of excitement realizing that today is your day!  It didn't take long for him to not quite understand why he didn't get balloons & a pirate ship, but he was content to sing to you & wear his special shirt that you made together.
I hope you have a great day at school, baby!  I hope your friends & teachers make you feel like the king of the world today!  Mommy & Daddy can't wait to celebrate with you tonight.  I hope you enjoyed your m&m yogurt, chocolate donuts & chocolate milk to start your day!  Mommy will be sure to make your birthday pancakes for dinner, followed by cupcakes at your request!  Hopefully you love your treasure chest, complete with a treasure map (by Daddy), pixie dust & all sorts of treasures!
We love you, Emory Vaughan!!!!  We can't wait to see what this amazing year brings!
 Your Treasure Chest & Pirate ship!
 "No, Har.  This is Emmy's ship.  It is Emmy's birthday.  You will get one when it is your birthday."
 Har is NOT feeling it :(
 4 years later....following my baby down the steps.  
So excited!!!!
Our mess making treats for school

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Yesterday, when I grow up..."

Harlan informed me this morning
"Yesterday, when grow up, I am going to be strong like you & Cammy & Daddy!"
...glad he thinks Mommy is strong too :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Leave the door..."

My kids are very particular about routine, especially at bedtime.
Em needs to be tucked in & hugged & kissed just right. Har needs to have the right pillow, which differs from night to night.  They both need the room at the perfect combo of light-dark.  Last night Har decided he needed to remind me about the latest part of the routine...
"MOMMMMMMY!  Leave the door YOPEN!"
I cracked up every single time he yelled it from the comfort of his cozy little nest :)