Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the mouthes of babes

Emory & Harlan are both at such sweet ages (sometimes) & the sweetest things come out of their mouthes at the most random times!
This morning I was going to the bathroom & getting dressed & while sitting on the toilet, putting on my black running socks, yellow tank & broad street t-shirt Harlan randomly says "Mommy, you look cute!" heart melted & no matter what anyone else says to me the rest of the day, I am having a good day :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something fun!

Harlan is home sick with Daddy today.  Here is a clip of Emory-My conversation on the way to school today:
Me: "Hey, Em!  Since Daddy is home with Harlan today, do you want to do something fun after school?  Just me & you?  A date?
Emory: "Yeah!  Let's go to Penn State!  That's where Brandon (his 4 year old friend at school) goes to have fun!"
....aren't we a bit young for wanting to go to college already for fun?!?
I think a Kiwi Yogurt date is in order!

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Daddy, you are a Superhero!"

Yesterday, we decided to head out for a little family fun!  Since getting our new minivan, longer jaunts seem a little easier & more exciting.  It helps that 2 of our 3 boys LOVE television & movies...hence 90 minutes of listening to "The Incredibles" is a bit easier than 90 minutes of whining, fighting, crying.  Don't be fooled though.  Harlan "No like the Incwedibles" & made it known 60% of the drive home...that is until Daddy turned it off & convinced all 3 of them that it was overheating.
I digress....after a nice 90 minute drive out to Harrisburg & after about as to how we would transport a 2 & 3 year old though a huge combine of animals, food, vendors, etc...we headed in with Harlan in the backpack & Em in the umbrella stroller.  Everyone loved the animals, the tractors, the vendors, the free samples, etc!  After a few hours, we were spent & ready for some dinner.  While the food at the expo looked amazing, the very long lines were not appealing!  We headed back to the parking lot & re-hashed the fun times that we had.  I quickly realized & stated "Wow...all that fun & we didn't spend any money!"  Matt quickly reminded me that he spent $4 on some amazing mustard?  Regardless, no sooner had I said this & Matt says nonchalantly, "Oh look, there's a tow truck."  He was referencing the Mater-like truck parked next to our parking spot....little did he notice our car on a flatbed truck ready to be towed away!  Matt dropped everything & BOOKED it!  Thank goodness Daddy is in shape!  He got to the car just as they were ready to pull away.  The kids had no clue what was really going on.  Once I got over to the tow truck, Matt was tapping the ATM for $135 to get our car back.  The kids loved watching the lights, the car come down the ramp, etc.  So $135 later, we had our brand new car back & were back on track to go out for dinner.  While enjoying a nice (aka crazy, hectic, noisy, messy...any other word to describe eating dinner at a restaurant with a 2 & 3 year old) dinner at Lancaster Brewing Company the following conversation occurs
Emory: "Daddy, you are like a superhero!  You are a superhero!"
Me: "Why do you say that, Em?'
Emory: "Because Daddy ran & saved our car from the mean Mater with the sharp teeth!"
I think this alone made our car almost being towed & the $135 worth while.  Daddy is a superhero in Emmy's eyes :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

I stink at posting regularly, so here is our year 2012 in short...
January 2012
Sledding on Neversink

 We officially bought our new house!

February 2012
Emory's 3rd Birthday

Playing Hockey in Pottsgrove

St. Patty's Day dinner on the porch

Harlan visiting Mommy at school

Easter in Florida

Cheering Mommy on her 1st Broad St. Run!  

Mother's Day

Fishing at "Fisherman's Paradise" 

Saturday morning run to play by the river

Enjoying our last few days playing outside at Neversink

The boy's 1st Reading Phillies game

We officially moved into our new home

1st day of School 2012 - Emory moved into Intermediate

The boy's 1st 5K for the Get Well Gabby Foundation 

Emory's 1st dentist appointment

Harlan's 2nd birthday surrounded by friends & family


Buchholtz Annual Oktoberfest

Piergogi Sunday