Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012
Deliver Treats to the Fire House
Deliver Cards to a Nursing Home
Tape Quarters to a Gumball Machine
Deliver Candy Basket to the Police
Put a Treat in the Mailbox for the Mailman
Donate to a Food Bank
Tape $1 at the Dollar Store
Ride a Tractor
Make a List of Things we are Thankful For
Write a Letter to our Cousins
Deliver toys to CHOP
Take dog & cat treats to the SPCA
Deliver Crayons/Markers to a Pediatric Unit
Write a Letter to our Grandparents
Create a Summer Book List
Pick a Summer Mascot
Color Hair a Crazy Color
Picnic Dinner
Make Bouncy Balls
Water Painting Letter Tracing
Create a Pet Rock
Bake cookies
After Dinner Dance Party
Gather Props & Take Funny Pics
Make Homemade Ice Cream
Create a storybook
Color Hunt
Make Colored Ice Cubes
Make Easter Egg Lightening Bugs
Decorate t-shirts
Have a pajama day
Have a Pillow Fight
Tie Dye Shirts
Make Cloud Dough
Make Dated Family Handprint Art
Press Flowers
Make a Baseball Bracelet
Make a Wreath for 10 Lee Drive
Go Puddle Jumping
Freeze Toys in Ice
Freeze Layla treats in Ice
Glow Sticks in the Tub
Build a Fort
Make Family Step Stool
Make Bouncing Bubbles
Summer Footprints
Make Kool-Aid popsicles
Art Project
Make sidewalk chalk
Picnic Lunch
Play at EHS
Make Homemade Lemonade
Make Paper Airplanes
Decorate Flower Pots
Make Super Hero Cape
Catch Crayfish
Breakfast in Bed
Have our own “Color Run”
Springton Manor Farm
Have a Picnic Lunch
Fly a Kite
Make Sun Prints
Write in Wet Cement
Creek Walk
Go to a Concert
Make Gamma Sitko Pops
Water Balloon Pinata
Make a Backyard Mural
Take a Hike
Make a Slip & Slide
Catch Bugs
Play in the Sprinkler
Paint Rocks
Make Mud Pies
Pick fruit
Watch Fireworks
Cookout with Friends
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
Go to the Carwash
Wet Sponge Fight
Feed Ducks
Take a Photo Scavenger Hunt
Have a Breakfast Date
Make a Lemonade Stand
Huge Play Date at 10 Lee Drive
Take a Wagon Ride
Read Books Outside
Take an After Dinner Walk
Go out for Dessert in our Pj’s
Melt Crayons on Hot Rocks
Chocolate World
Watch Clouds
Go to a Museum
Go to an Aquarium
Go to Eagles Training Camp
Philadelphia Zoo
Road Trip to the Beach
Visit a Children’s Garden
Go to Chuck E. Cheese
Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Game
Franklin Institute
Jump in a Bounce House
Go to the Grings Mill Kid’s Summer Series
Go Camping
Visit a new Park
Go to a Baseball Game
Random Road Trip
Visit Knoebel’s
Camden Aquarium
Smith Playground
Bring Daddy Lunch at Work
Run the Art Museum Steps
Dutch Wonderland
Lyons Play Date
Marsh Creek
Go to a Puppet Show
Go to the Movies
Smith Playground
Pottstown Splash Pad
Go to Shady Maple
Shiffer Play Date
Cook Play Date
Breen Play Date
Mell Play Date
Garden State Discovery Museum
Linden Play Date
Go to Cabela’s
Visit Lake Nockamixon
Go to Valley Forge
Hawk Mountain
Nolde Forest
Elmwood Park Zoo

Here are some pics from our Summer Adventures!

Today we...

- Woke up after 7 am… around midnight with a 1 yo covered in throw up & around 3 am with a 3 yo coughing like a seal in the bathroom

- Played with a squishy airplane to start our day

- Got dressed in numerous outfits before feeling comfortable in one

- Searched everyone’s drawers, dirty clothes, clean clothes, laundry room for 1 swim shirt (We never found it)

- Sun-screened in our bedrooms

- Debated stopping at numerous places for breakfast before settling on blueberry waffles from home to- go

- Drove around our new “hometown” for 20 minutes before finally finding our destination of the Splash Pad!

- In the midst of our 20 minute detour, had a 1 yo throw up about 2 cups of curdled milk all over himself, the floor of the car & his car seat

- Loaded up a double stroller with 1 kid, 3 juice boxes, 1 sippy cup, 1 purse, 1 camera, 1 smartphone, 5 towels, 2 sets of clean clothes, 2 things of sunscreen, 1 pack of pb crackers, 2 packs of Scrabble Cheez-its, 1 pack of fruit snacks, 1 bottle of water, 2 water pails, 2 toy trucks…

- Washed a puke-soaked car seat cover & towel in a public rest room (and dried on a fence)

- Poured sweat for 30 minutes waiting for the Splash Pad to actually turn on the water!

- Greeted our BF’s Stacy, Mabel & Elizabeth

- Ran like crazy banchee’s when the water actually turned on

- Snuggled a sick 1 year old, while he watched the big kids run & play

- Moved with the sun 2 times to keep our littlest kiddos in the shade

- Got a few sloppy wet kisses intermittent with playing in the water

- Drank lots of Ptown water

- Felt our hearts swell with joy, fun & love

- People watched & was reminded once again how lucky we are to have what we do

- Stopped to munch on Scrabble Cheez-it’s & juice with MJ

- Switched gears & played on the playground

- Carried Harlan-Baby here there & everywhere between his short-lived spurts of “I wanna feel good  & play, but I don’t”

- Watched Cam chase Em down to drag him kicking & screaming (no exaggeration) to go potty

- Gathered our toys that we kindly shared with others & packed it in for the morning

- Shared our new, almost complete, home with the Shiffer ladies, while the Fleischman & Shiffer baby’s snoozed in the cool of the A/C in the car

- Made dust footprints on our beautiful hardwood floors

- Watched MJ & Em run & jump on the new carpets covered in plastic

- Met lots of new neighborhood friends! Tried to make good first impressions in wet, dirty clothes with sweat drenched hair & chatted before realizing we were naptime overdue

- Had a quiet drive home, until…

- Came upon a nasty car accident with a car flipped over in a corn field…reality check & quick prayers

- Suddenly heard 1 yo chit chat after sneaking over the rumble strips to steer clear of the accident scene

- Got teary-eyed thinking of the what-if’s & who’s of the car accident. Counted our blessings once again

- Snuck a sleeping 3 yo into his bed & crossed my fingers for a long nap after a sunny, hot, water filled morning

- Attempted to trick a wide-awake 1 yo into another nap in his crib

- Cleared out the morning’s gear from the car

- Tidied up the house for 2 minutes

- Was interrupted by a 10 yo’s warning of a 1 yo crying

- Politely ignored the cried

- Wrote checks for 2 mortgage payments

- Checked on said 1 yo only to see him standing at the edge of his crib pointing to the mattress saying “No night-night. Yucky cribby!”

- Realized 1 yo’s sheet & self was covered in the smelly mess that leaked out of his diaper

- Threw all crib items onto the floor

- Stripped down 1 yo & baby powdered him & put him in a fresh diap

- Took 1 yo with me to find a clean fitted sheer

- Re-made crib

- Gave into 1 yo’s plea’s to “Sit. Hold, Mommy!”

- Rocked & snuggled 1 yo

- Gave into 1 yo’s desire to “Night. Night. Cribby, Mommy.”

- Put 2 mortgage payments in the mailbox.

- Grabbed leftover Mother-In-Law’s heavenly potato salad (I’ve never tasted better!) for lunch

- Ate a few bites of my lunch

- Heard a door creak & checked on 3 yo….m.i.a.

- Searched on beds, in beds, in bathroom, under beds for m.i.a. 3 yo

- Heard chatting of 1 yo

- Searched 1 yo’s room & came upon 3 yo sitting on 1 yo’s floor reading a book to 1 yo. When asked what he was doing he responded “Harlan needed me. He was calling for me.”

- Settled on quiet time of reading a magazine, while 3 yo & 10 yo watched 25 minutes of E.T., while 1 yo sat, tugged at magazine pages, threw balls, played cars, drank juice, teased brothers

- Took tools for sun art outside

- Attempted melting crayon art

- Spotted a low-flying hot air balloon

- Snatched up only-diapered 1 yo, shoeless 3 yo & good sport 10 yo to “chase” balloon

- Spotted balloon 1 mile away flying low over trees

- Took 5 minute trek to where we suspected balloon was landing, only to see 10 small children stomping the air out of the already-landed balloon

- Back home for popsicles & impromptu haircuts

- 1 yo colored high chair in dry erase marker while crying, screaming & eating own hair

- 1 yo recovered with grape popsicle

- 3 yo hid popsicle under high chair tray while getting buzzed

- 3 yo lost patience & screamed, cried & flailed

- Filled baby pool & water table

- Splashed & snuggled

- Created water balloon piñatas

- Tried to destroy piñatas with bats & frisbee’s for a good hour

- Cleaned up outside toys

- 3 yo & 10 to set outside table

- 1 yo & Mommy made eggies, biscuits & hot dogs (don’t ask)

- 1 yo, 3 yo & 10 yo ate biscuits as if they were crack

- Cleaned up dinner

- Jammied

- Dance-partied

- Night-Night 1 yo

- 3 yo & 10 yo cartooned

- Welcome home, Daddy!

- Night-Night 3 yo

- Showered

- Relaxing

- Wouldn’t trade 1 second for the world…ok except maybe the chaotic 7-8 am hour

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Fun

We have done some really fun things already this summer! We love quality time when the boys get to explore new things & we get to see them in new experiences. Here is what we have been up to The boys like to play "Fancy Restaurant" once in awhile. We break out place mats, linen napkins, candles & some nice music. On this night, the boys grooved to the blues & enjoyed banana splits for dessert. It is amazing how different they act when we do this for dinner! They are little men! These 2 boys love water & rocks more than anyone else I have ever met. This afternoon Em walked in the creek & threw rocks. Harlan wasn t quite as brave going in the water, but he had fun throwing rocks & climbing on the banks of the creek. We broke out the baby scrubs & Em requested to play doctor. Spongebob was the 1st patient, followed by a little horse. Note, Emory NEEDED a watch to be Doctor Emmy. We ventured to Lowe's to find some flowers to plant. Since we are moving soon, we got small flowers & pots. Emory chose an orange African Geranium & Harlan chose a yellow French Geranium. We have been loyal is watering them & checking on them daily! Emmy & Harlan's friend Shea graciously invited us to celebrate his 2nd birthday at the Zoo! We tried to get Harlan on the pony. As soon as he got close he said "I no like pony!" That was the end of that! We are lucky to live up the street from the walking trail at Neversink Mountain. The boys threw rocks, took pictures & explored. Emory was a trooper & walked a good mile up the mountain, until I convinced him that we should turn back. He made it half way down before his little legs got too tired. He was prentending to be our little tour guide & kept saying to Harlan & I "Follow me, guys!" Popsicles! We love em! I promise I will make some of Gamma's famous kool aid-jello pops this summer! A rainy afternoon Starbucks treat. The boys had so much fun drinking out of their little cups! Brothers at the zoo. These little boys LOVED everything at the zoo. They LOVE animals!

Cherry Pickers!

Momma had a rough day & decided we need to try something fun & new after school yesterday. We decided a trip to Weaver's for some fruit picking would be fun. We arrived & got a bucket to fill with cherries. I was nervous that Harlan wouldn't get it, or would pick the cherries & throw them, smash them etc. But he followed Emory's move & picked away! They had a blast! I knew it would be a matter of minutes before Harlan realized that he was picking something edible & give the 1st taste test. After picking for a few minutes, he bit right into a cherry & enjoyed the whole thing, pit & all! We can't wait to go back after the official start of summer to pick some more! After cherry picking, we headed over to see the goats, roosters & chickens. The boys had a blast playing with the trucks & tractors in the mulch. We also checked out the shop & bought some treats & dinner. Mommy's bad day simply disappeared :) Thank you, boys. You have no clue how much I love watching you grow & change every day.