Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Summer 2012!

This past weekend we kicked off Summer 2012 in a big way! Friday we started the weekend with breaking out the water table & got a new sprinkler! The boys LOVED splashing around outside. Thankfully they are true Fleischman boys & love the outdoors! We enjoyed dinner together as a family & then the boys were off to bed, while Mommy & Daddy relaxed out front.
Saturday morning we started with Movie Tavern breakfast. Emory requested that Harlan "Sit right next to me, like we do at school."
After breakfast, Mommy, Emory & Harlan headed out for an adventure.
We love taking walk/runs along the river now that it is nice out. The boys love for Mommy to "Run faster!" which keeps me on my toes & sweating up a storm. Out route takes us out about 2 miles to a great spot along the water where the boys love to throw rocks & play in the dirt. We usually hang out for a half hour or so & play, before we get a little too dirty & head back. The boys enjoyed their ride back with a little mid-morning snack of fishies & juice. I love listening to their little conversations as I push them. Emory: "Harlan, do you love Emmy?" Harlan: "Yesh!" Emory: "I love you too, Har!" ...followed by snuggling in the stroller.
After naps & some cleaning up around the house, we headed to NJ for John & Denise's housewarming party. Harlan napped on the way down & Emory watched a movie on Mommy's Kindle. It was a rather peaceful drive, which doesn't happen very often nowadays! We loved seeing John & Denise's new house & enjoying the great company. We spent the afternoon with our good friends, the Shiffer's. Mommy enjoyed hanging out with baby Elizabeth, while Emory & Mabel Jane played, played & played some more. They are great friends & play so nicely together. We love seeing them grow up together & can't wait until Elizabeth to be on the move with Harlan!
Sunday morning we were all up bright & early to head out to Fisherman's Paradise. We have been eyeing it up for a few weeks now & thought it would be a great day to check it out. The boys LOVED it! Cameron caught over 20 fish & Emory & Harlan loved "fishing" too. Their version of fishing included splashing a bobber attached to the line in the water. Emory was not a fan of actually catching the fish & screamed every time we reeled them in. He actually did catch one though on his 2nd cast of the day! Matt was a champion Daddy & was at the beckon call the whole time as they needed help. My favorite comment of the day was "Wow, now I know why my Dad said he never got to actually fish when he took us fishing as kids!" After 5 hours of fishing, we went home for naps & to do a little packing for the big move in a few weeks! We enjoyed some good, quick Italian food at Victor's for dinner, followed by Dairy Queen for dessert. Our drive home consisted of rocking out to the Beastie Boys. These little Fleischman boys do love their rock & roll! Our 4th & final day was Memorial Day. Up & at em early again for a walk down to the Exeter Memorial Day parade. The boys enjoyed breakfast on the go in their wagon. Harlan nicely watched the beginning of the parade & then caught the hang of things. He figured since the kids in the parade were throwing candy at him, he would throw it right back at them. Hilarious! Emory held his ears 99% of the parade. Yes, he is "that" kid. Layla even joined in on the fun! The kids went home to nap & we packed some more before heading out to check out the new house. They dry walled the place in less than 48 hours! We took our 1st family pic in the house. Donna kindly invited us over for a picnic. The kids had a ball playing in her kiddie pool & showing their cousin Shiloh how crazy they are. Emory & Donna picked some fresh strawberries from her garden for us to enjoy for dessert. And last but not least, we rocked out on the way home. The picture of Emory truly shows what an awesome & exciting weekend we had!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Broad Street 2012

Early in 2012, Matt brought up the idea to sign up to run Broad Street this year. I quickly obligued & started training. It had been on my Bucket List for 2 years or so, I just didn't have the full desire to train & run it last year. I remember being at Matt's 1st Triathlon in Maryland with Emory when he was a baby & thinking to myself, I want to be in a race someday & have my son (we only had Em at the time) meet me at the finish line. So, I signed up & got in (after hours of trying to register) & Matt luckily made it in with the lotto. I began training more seriously than I have ever trained before & felt 80% comfortable & ready to rock it! The morning of the race came & I was so nervous. Since Matt injured his foot, he was no longer able to run, but was 110% supportive of me. He even crutched along to the start & waited with me until it was time to head to my corral. He had nothing but wonderful things to say to me & encouraged me so much until it was time to part ways. He convinced me that I could do this! I had no clue where I was going, so I followed behind 2 other runners wearing bibs with Gray, until I arrived in my corral. I found a comfy spot & waited & waited & waited. While waiting, my phone/music malfunctioned, which distracted me for the 25 minutes until the start of the race. Finally, I heard the horn to start the race & my corral started to push forward. We delayed a little longer until I could see the starting line & I was off & running! After crossing the starting line, I got a good luck high five from Mayor Nutter! I thought that was a pretty cool way to start the race. I kept a comfortable pace for the 1st few miles & enjoyed the sights & sounds of the crowd cheering the runners on. It was amazing. There were bands & signs & so much encouragement. After about 3 miles, I started to feel the burn in my knee, but pushed through it. I kept on running! Whenever I got bored or felt like I needed to rest, I thought of my parents. One major life lesson that they taught me was that if you start something, you must finish it. So, the thought of walking quickly exited my mind & I kept on running. I also thought of Emory & Harlan & how proud I would feel when I saw them at the finish. I also let my mind wonder about if they would ever run a race & experience what I was feeling. I saw so many kids along the route cheering on the runners, holding signs saying "Go Mommy!" or "Run, Daddy, Run!" & I knew my boys were there with me. I also made a point to give high fives to all of the kids reaching out along the way. It was awesome. Around City Hall, the crowd was huge! A runner in front of me started yelling "Mooooooooooooom!" & ran over & gave his mom a huge hug & kiss. Awesome, just awesome. Will that be one of my boys one day?