Thursday, April 19, 2012


Em & Harlan, your Daddy & I just can't believe how adorable you both are. Last night at dinner, while you were munching away on your chicken & mac & cheese, Daddy said "Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine ours kids would be this adorable?!?" I didn't. I really didn't. You 2 are the sweetest, funniest, cutest little people I've ever met. You go from silly as can be, to sweet as can be. You are the best of all worlds. You make us laugh & turns our hearts to mush in an instant. You are both so different, yet so alike. Emory loves to teach Harlan new things. He shows him how to do "big boy" things, like running & using a fork. He also doesn't realize it, but he teaches Harlan manners. Harlan is often heard saying "Sowwy, Mommy!" & "Pwease!" They are the best of friends & it is awesome to see them grow & change into little boys, while growing closer to eachother. Harlan's absolute favorite thing to do right now is play hockey with Daddy. He will even show Daddy where his stick is, if he isn't holding it. We love you, Em & Harlan....thank you for bringing a unique joy to our lives each & every day. We can't imagine life without you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emory's 1st Tee-Ball Class!

Since Em is only 3 years old this Spring, he is not able to play actual teeball, but we signed him up for a 3 week class at Body Zone. Tonight was the 1st class. We put on his "baseball clothes" (aka Adidas warm-ups & a Phillies shirt) & bought a new baseball glove at Target! When we arrived, Emory was hesitant to jump right in, so Harlan & I stayed with him on the turf. The other kids were practicing running the bases & Emory watched. After about 3 minutes, he decided he was ready to go & jumped right in! He was full-force for the next 45 minutes! After practicing base running, he moved to the throwing station, where he started with his glove on the wrong hand. They learned to stand like "Superman" & make muscles to start their throws. He took the "Superman" roll quite seriously, as he made the most intense face, furrowed brow & all, as he made all of his throws. Then they stepped & "swam" (moved their throwing arm similar to an overhand stroke)to throw the ball. They aimed to throw the balls into different buckets & hoops. Em did great & made some really far throws! Next was on to grounders. Unfortunately, Emory had his glove on the wrong hand for most of the drills, but he was still pretty successful! Lastly was batting off of the t! Emory said that was his favorite part & he did really well at it! I was so proud of him for being such a good boy! He listened really well & only acted silly part of the time...hey he is our little "Simpleton" so that is a part of who he is & we love it! I just kept watching & thinking that I can't believe he is growing up so fast. I am so so so so so so so so so so proud to be his Mommy. He never ceases to amaze me & tonight he did so in a whole new way. Great job, Emmy!