Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perfect Spring Day

Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring 2012 & we soaked up every second of it! The boys started their day with chocolate chip cookies & string cheese for breakfast. The had a fun, dirt, sweat-filled day at school. When I picked them up, I gave Emory some options & he chose to go to the Oley Dairy to see the animals & play on the "big ship." Emory loved talking to the animals & watching the goats nibble on my fingers. Harlan was NOT a fan of the animals & wouldn't let me put him down. Then we played in the playground area. Emory loved the big pirate ship. He pretended to be "Jake" & I was Captain Hook. Harlan loved hiding in the bottom of the ship. Then we played in some of the playhouses. Harlan & Emory LOVED opening the shutters on the windows while I ran around & closed them. Harlan had fun going down all of the "Wees!" aka slides. He seriously must have gone down 4 different slides well-over 20 times. When we finished up there, we went home to pick up Daddy & went out for dinner. We tried out the patio at Liberty Tavern. It was awesome. Everyone was hungry from spending so much time out in the sun! Em tried French Onion soup for the 1st time & was the patio entertainment. He was on a hunt for acorns for Harlan...not sure why?
After dinner, Emory asked to go to the lake, so we drove over to Antietam Lake. The boys were so entertained by all of the ducks. We had fun feeding them our leftover french fries from dinner. Daddy taught Emory how to skip rocks, Emory tried to climb trees & we had a great time.
Finally, the sun was setting & we headed home. Harlan went to bed & Emory watched a movie with Daddy, while I snuck in some Mommy-time at the gym.
What a perfect 1st day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is in a name?!?

Day 2 in a row of Mommy blogging!!!

I thought it would be appropriate to have it written down why & where we came to settling on your names. It was not an easy process!

Emory Vaughan
We tossed around ALOT of names for you, Mister! Mommy & Daddy quickly realized that we are both very picky about names for our kiddos! We searched websites & baby name books and came to find your name...wait for an US Weekly. Yes, believe it or not, before you came along, Mommy had time to sit & read adult literature! In looking over the "Celebrity's & Their Kids" section, I came across Angie Harmon & her daughter Emery.
Now of course, I didn't like it for a girl, but did search it on the internet & found the spelling of "Emory." Daddy looked into it further & found that the Emory is a type of oak tree was named after a historic army land surveyor.
Well, that said it right there...Mommy & Daddy love the outdoors, Daddy is a land surveyor, you would be Emory if born a boy...with no middle name. That is until 4 am, when we got the call that my c-section to deliver you would be post-poned. Daddy found it to be a good time to suggest that if born a boy that he wanted your middle name to be Vaughan, after a famous guitar player. Mommy agreed that if you were a boy, he could decide & if a girl, I could decide...hence Emory Vaughan!

Harlan Joseph
Second time around is TWICE as hard at naming little boys! Mommy couldn't find any names that she loved. Daddy searched high & low & on a website came across "Cowboy names" & learned that his Dad's name, "Kirby" & "Emory" are both cowboy names!
Daddy suggested it to Mommy one night while we were out on a date at Iron Hill, our favorite dinner spot in Phoenixville! We took turns writing it on napkins & were sold! We loved it! We also agreed that I would get to pick if/what your middle name would be since Daddy chose Emory's. Naturally, I chose Joseph after my own Father. I knew it was well-suited since my Dad is such an amazing man & Grandfather.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Being a Fleischman Boy Rocks!

Trying something new in an attempt to blog more.
10 reasons why being a Fleischman-Boy ROCKS!

1. What better way to start the weekend than eating guilt-free grilled cheese & tater tots while dining al fresco?!

2. You are the best looking Leprechauns.

3. No one questions "Why are they blowing out someone else's candles shirtless?" If Mommy did

4. You have a Mommy who adores getting "flowers" picked for her for 20 minutes (even if they are weeds).

5. Leprechauns came to visit you & left you pots of gold for St. Patty's Day!

6. You can pee on the front lawn & not lose your job...again if Mommy did that?!?! (*side note* Mommy did NOT encourage this! Emory ran away & said he was going to do it & I found it to be a rather perfect picture moment)

7. Mommy takes you on impromptu Mommy-Son dates in your jammies.

8. You have the best big brother who teaches you important how to "Tebow."

9. You are getting an amazing dream-home to grow up in. Daddy & I discussed the other day how this house truly is for you 3 boys. We wouldn't need it if we didn't have the 3 of you!

10. Last but not least, You have 2 best friends for life in your brothers.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Super-Wonderful 3 Year Old!

Dear Emmy
I just need to take a minute & let you know how proud I am to be your mommy. People say the "3's" are the worst...well I disagree. You are such a sweet, funny & social little boy. You make complete strangers smile & laugh. We have had a rough few weeks of sickness, especially with your little brother & you have been such a good boy through it all. Specifically tonight, you were so good for over an hour while waiting for Harlan to get checked at Urgent Care. And yesterday was no different. While waiting 45 minutes for haircuts, you gladly helped entertain Harlan while he got his haircut. You take your big brother role quite seriously & it makes me so proud. You really are turning into an amazing little boy. You let Harlan embrace the baby role. You have wonderful manners & are a great friend. I love you, Em. You are a dream come true everyday. I hope one day you realize the depth of the love that I have for you. Thanks for being so awesome :) You make every day of watching you grow, learn & change so worthwhile. I love you, Baby :) Dont worry, you & Harlan will both always be my babies...even if you are now big boys!
Your Mommy

Sorry, Baby :(

Tonight mommy decided it was time to say bye to your binkys. After reading about how they can be detrimental to babies with chronic ear infections & seeing that a fellow Mommy with a baby your age is taking hers away, I figured it was time. While Daddy put you in your jammies, I snuck them out of your crib & put them in our room. You knew something shady was going on. You kept saying "I want dat!" & looking around your room. I gave you a little blanky & you wanted no parts of it. You just kept looking around & saying "I want daaaaaat!" You never called it by couldn't have loved it too much?!?! freaking were addicted! After I put you in your crib, you cried for about 3 or 4 minutes & kept saying "Where'd it gooooooo?" Oh, you poor baby. It was the 1ast part of you that was still all-baby :( Mommy &Daddy Daddy feel sad for you tonight, but we think it is for the best. Hopefully you will start talking more & you will forget about it sooner than later. We love you, Harlan Joe!