Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harlan Joseph!

Time flies when you are having fun!  These past 2 years have FLOWN by!  Harlan, you are turning into such an amazing little boy.  You are a sweetheart of a son & a patient & loving little brother.  A few things about you as you turn 2:
- You love to say "What da heck?!?!"
- You call Emory "Emmy Vaughan" or "Emmy Joseph"
- You always ask "Where's Tistan?"  when we get home
- You are still a Momma's-Boy & I hope that never changes
- You enjoy being read to
- You are starting to make the same sily faces & noises as Emory does/did
- You call Daddy "Robert" often
- You pay more attention to Layla than anyone else does
- You talk, talk, talk, talk, talk from sun up to sun down
- You think it is funny when we put you in time out
- You like to jump on the sofa...hence the time outs!

Happy Birthday, Harlan Joseph.  You make our family fun & we would be lost without you. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer 2012 - The End

Well it was a whirlwind & it if officially over.  We are settled in nicely to our new home & you boys love it!  Cameron has a new neighborhood friend, just as we always hoped for him & Emory & Harlan have the same, but 10 times over!  We went to Wildwood, Dutch Wonderland & spent countless hours outside playing.  We stayed up late, we ate Kiwi Yogurt, we had picnics, we saw the Reading Phillies, we took some hikes.  We played in pools & creeks & rivers.  We explored the Franklin Institute, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm & the Garden State Discovery Museum.  We had countless playdates,we  rode on Power Wheels, climbed trees, caught crayfish, made art, climbed the steps of the Art Museum, saw the Eagles play & we went to Elmwood Zoo.  We played with water balloons & cars & "guys."  We had an amazing Summer.  I can't believe it is over, but I am so glad to have made so many wonderful memories with our sons.  Here is to the Fall & tons of new memories. 
Here is a link to our Tumblr where we posted some pics!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012

Summer Bucket List 2012
Deliver Treats to the Fire House
Deliver Cards to a Nursing Home
Tape Quarters to a Gumball Machine
Deliver Candy Basket to the Police
Put a Treat in the Mailbox for the Mailman
Donate to a Food Bank
Tape $1 at the Dollar Store
Ride a Tractor
Make a List of Things we are Thankful For
Write a Letter to our Cousins
Deliver toys to CHOP
Take dog & cat treats to the SPCA
Deliver Crayons/Markers to a Pediatric Unit
Write a Letter to our Grandparents
Create a Summer Book List
Pick a Summer Mascot
Color Hair a Crazy Color
Picnic Dinner
Make Bouncy Balls
Water Painting Letter Tracing
Create a Pet Rock
Bake cookies
After Dinner Dance Party
Gather Props & Take Funny Pics
Make Homemade Ice Cream
Create a storybook
Color Hunt
Make Colored Ice Cubes
Make Easter Egg Lightening Bugs
Decorate t-shirts
Have a pajama day
Have a Pillow Fight
Tie Dye Shirts
Make Cloud Dough
Make Dated Family Handprint Art
Press Flowers
Make a Baseball Bracelet
Make a Wreath for 10 Lee Drive
Go Puddle Jumping
Freeze Toys in Ice
Freeze Layla treats in Ice
Glow Sticks in the Tub
Build a Fort
Make Family Step Stool
Make Bouncing Bubbles
Summer Footprints
Make Kool-Aid popsicles
Art Project
Make sidewalk chalk
Picnic Lunch
Play at EHS
Make Homemade Lemonade
Make Paper Airplanes
Decorate Flower Pots
Make Super Hero Cape
Catch Crayfish
Breakfast in Bed
Have our own “Color Run”
Springton Manor Farm
Have a Picnic Lunch
Fly a Kite
Make Sun Prints
Write in Wet Cement
Creek Walk
Go to a Concert
Make Gamma Sitko Pops
Water Balloon Pinata
Make a Backyard Mural
Take a Hike
Make a Slip & Slide
Catch Bugs
Play in the Sprinkler
Paint Rocks
Make Mud Pies
Pick fruit
Watch Fireworks
Cookout with Friends
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
Go to the Carwash
Wet Sponge Fight
Feed Ducks
Take a Photo Scavenger Hunt
Have a Breakfast Date
Make a Lemonade Stand
Huge Play Date at 10 Lee Drive
Take a Wagon Ride
Read Books Outside
Take an After Dinner Walk
Go out for Dessert in our Pj’s
Melt Crayons on Hot Rocks
Chocolate World
Watch Clouds
Go to a Museum
Go to an Aquarium
Go to Eagles Training Camp
Philadelphia Zoo
Road Trip to the Beach
Visit a Children’s Garden
Go to Chuck E. Cheese
Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Game
Franklin Institute
Jump in a Bounce House
Go to the Grings Mill Kid’s Summer Series
Go Camping
Visit a new Park
Go to a Baseball Game
Random Road Trip
Visit Knoebel’s
Camden Aquarium
Smith Playground
Bring Daddy Lunch at Work
Run the Art Museum Steps
Dutch Wonderland
Lyons Play Date
Marsh Creek
Go to a Puppet Show
Go to the Movies
Smith Playground
Pottstown Splash Pad
Go to Shady Maple
Shiffer Play Date
Cook Play Date
Breen Play Date
Mell Play Date
Garden State Discovery Museum
Linden Play Date
Go to Cabela’s
Visit Lake Nockamixon
Go to Valley Forge
Hawk Mountain
Nolde Forest
Elmwood Park Zoo

Here are some pics from our Summer Adventures!

Today we...

- Woke up after 7 am… around midnight with a 1 yo covered in throw up & around 3 am with a 3 yo coughing like a seal in the bathroom

- Played with a squishy airplane to start our day

- Got dressed in numerous outfits before feeling comfortable in one

- Searched everyone’s drawers, dirty clothes, clean clothes, laundry room for 1 swim shirt (We never found it)

- Sun-screened in our bedrooms

- Debated stopping at numerous places for breakfast before settling on blueberry waffles from home to- go

- Drove around our new “hometown” for 20 minutes before finally finding our destination of the Splash Pad!

- In the midst of our 20 minute detour, had a 1 yo throw up about 2 cups of curdled milk all over himself, the floor of the car & his car seat

- Loaded up a double stroller with 1 kid, 3 juice boxes, 1 sippy cup, 1 purse, 1 camera, 1 smartphone, 5 towels, 2 sets of clean clothes, 2 things of sunscreen, 1 pack of pb crackers, 2 packs of Scrabble Cheez-its, 1 pack of fruit snacks, 1 bottle of water, 2 water pails, 2 toy trucks…

- Washed a puke-soaked car seat cover & towel in a public rest room (and dried on a fence)

- Poured sweat for 30 minutes waiting for the Splash Pad to actually turn on the water!

- Greeted our BF’s Stacy, Mabel & Elizabeth

- Ran like crazy banchee’s when the water actually turned on

- Snuggled a sick 1 year old, while he watched the big kids run & play

- Moved with the sun 2 times to keep our littlest kiddos in the shade

- Got a few sloppy wet kisses intermittent with playing in the water

- Drank lots of Ptown water

- Felt our hearts swell with joy, fun & love

- People watched & was reminded once again how lucky we are to have what we do

- Stopped to munch on Scrabble Cheez-it’s & juice with MJ

- Switched gears & played on the playground

- Carried Harlan-Baby here there & everywhere between his short-lived spurts of “I wanna feel good  & play, but I don’t”

- Watched Cam chase Em down to drag him kicking & screaming (no exaggeration) to go potty

- Gathered our toys that we kindly shared with others & packed it in for the morning

- Shared our new, almost complete, home with the Shiffer ladies, while the Fleischman & Shiffer baby’s snoozed in the cool of the A/C in the car

- Made dust footprints on our beautiful hardwood floors

- Watched MJ & Em run & jump on the new carpets covered in plastic

- Met lots of new neighborhood friends! Tried to make good first impressions in wet, dirty clothes with sweat drenched hair & chatted before realizing we were naptime overdue

- Had a quiet drive home, until…

- Came upon a nasty car accident with a car flipped over in a corn field…reality check & quick prayers

- Suddenly heard 1 yo chit chat after sneaking over the rumble strips to steer clear of the accident scene

- Got teary-eyed thinking of the what-if’s & who’s of the car accident. Counted our blessings once again

- Snuck a sleeping 3 yo into his bed & crossed my fingers for a long nap after a sunny, hot, water filled morning

- Attempted to trick a wide-awake 1 yo into another nap in his crib

- Cleared out the morning’s gear from the car

- Tidied up the house for 2 minutes

- Was interrupted by a 10 yo’s warning of a 1 yo crying

- Politely ignored the cried

- Wrote checks for 2 mortgage payments

- Checked on said 1 yo only to see him standing at the edge of his crib pointing to the mattress saying “No night-night. Yucky cribby!”

- Realized 1 yo’s sheet & self was covered in the smelly mess that leaked out of his diaper

- Threw all crib items onto the floor

- Stripped down 1 yo & baby powdered him & put him in a fresh diap

- Took 1 yo with me to find a clean fitted sheer

- Re-made crib

- Gave into 1 yo’s plea’s to “Sit. Hold, Mommy!”

- Rocked & snuggled 1 yo

- Gave into 1 yo’s desire to “Night. Night. Cribby, Mommy.”

- Put 2 mortgage payments in the mailbox.

- Grabbed leftover Mother-In-Law’s heavenly potato salad (I’ve never tasted better!) for lunch

- Ate a few bites of my lunch

- Heard a door creak & checked on 3 yo….m.i.a.

- Searched on beds, in beds, in bathroom, under beds for m.i.a. 3 yo

- Heard chatting of 1 yo

- Searched 1 yo’s room & came upon 3 yo sitting on 1 yo’s floor reading a book to 1 yo. When asked what he was doing he responded “Harlan needed me. He was calling for me.”

- Settled on quiet time of reading a magazine, while 3 yo & 10 yo watched 25 minutes of E.T., while 1 yo sat, tugged at magazine pages, threw balls, played cars, drank juice, teased brothers

- Took tools for sun art outside

- Attempted melting crayon art

- Spotted a low-flying hot air balloon

- Snatched up only-diapered 1 yo, shoeless 3 yo & good sport 10 yo to “chase” balloon

- Spotted balloon 1 mile away flying low over trees

- Took 5 minute trek to where we suspected balloon was landing, only to see 10 small children stomping the air out of the already-landed balloon

- Back home for popsicles & impromptu haircuts

- 1 yo colored high chair in dry erase marker while crying, screaming & eating own hair

- 1 yo recovered with grape popsicle

- 3 yo hid popsicle under high chair tray while getting buzzed

- 3 yo lost patience & screamed, cried & flailed

- Filled baby pool & water table

- Splashed & snuggled

- Created water balloon piñatas

- Tried to destroy piñatas with bats & frisbee’s for a good hour

- Cleaned up outside toys

- 3 yo & 10 to set outside table

- 1 yo & Mommy made eggies, biscuits & hot dogs (don’t ask)

- 1 yo, 3 yo & 10 yo ate biscuits as if they were crack

- Cleaned up dinner

- Jammied

- Dance-partied

- Night-Night 1 yo

- 3 yo & 10 yo cartooned

- Welcome home, Daddy!

- Night-Night 3 yo

- Showered

- Relaxing

- Wouldn’t trade 1 second for the world…ok except maybe the chaotic 7-8 am hour

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Fun

We have done some really fun things already this summer! We love quality time when the boys get to explore new things & we get to see them in new experiences. Here is what we have been up to The boys like to play "Fancy Restaurant" once in awhile. We break out place mats, linen napkins, candles & some nice music. On this night, the boys grooved to the blues & enjoyed banana splits for dessert. It is amazing how different they act when we do this for dinner! They are little men! These 2 boys love water & rocks more than anyone else I have ever met. This afternoon Em walked in the creek & threw rocks. Harlan wasn t quite as brave going in the water, but he had fun throwing rocks & climbing on the banks of the creek. We broke out the baby scrubs & Em requested to play doctor. Spongebob was the 1st patient, followed by a little horse. Note, Emory NEEDED a watch to be Doctor Emmy. We ventured to Lowe's to find some flowers to plant. Since we are moving soon, we got small flowers & pots. Emory chose an orange African Geranium & Harlan chose a yellow French Geranium. We have been loyal is watering them & checking on them daily! Emmy & Harlan's friend Shea graciously invited us to celebrate his 2nd birthday at the Zoo! We tried to get Harlan on the pony. As soon as he got close he said "I no like pony!" That was the end of that! We are lucky to live up the street from the walking trail at Neversink Mountain. The boys threw rocks, took pictures & explored. Emory was a trooper & walked a good mile up the mountain, until I convinced him that we should turn back. He made it half way down before his little legs got too tired. He was prentending to be our little tour guide & kept saying to Harlan & I "Follow me, guys!" Popsicles! We love em! I promise I will make some of Gamma's famous kool aid-jello pops this summer! A rainy afternoon Starbucks treat. The boys had so much fun drinking out of their little cups! Brothers at the zoo. These little boys LOVED everything at the zoo. They LOVE animals!

Cherry Pickers!

Momma had a rough day & decided we need to try something fun & new after school yesterday. We decided a trip to Weaver's for some fruit picking would be fun. We arrived & got a bucket to fill with cherries. I was nervous that Harlan wouldn't get it, or would pick the cherries & throw them, smash them etc. But he followed Emory's move & picked away! They had a blast! I knew it would be a matter of minutes before Harlan realized that he was picking something edible & give the 1st taste test. After picking for a few minutes, he bit right into a cherry & enjoyed the whole thing, pit & all! We can't wait to go back after the official start of summer to pick some more! After cherry picking, we headed over to see the goats, roosters & chickens. The boys had a blast playing with the trucks & tractors in the mulch. We also checked out the shop & bought some treats & dinner. Mommy's bad day simply disappeared :) Thank you, boys. You have no clue how much I love watching you grow & change every day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Summer 2012!

This past weekend we kicked off Summer 2012 in a big way! Friday we started the weekend with breaking out the water table & got a new sprinkler! The boys LOVED splashing around outside. Thankfully they are true Fleischman boys & love the outdoors! We enjoyed dinner together as a family & then the boys were off to bed, while Mommy & Daddy relaxed out front.
Saturday morning we started with Movie Tavern breakfast. Emory requested that Harlan "Sit right next to me, like we do at school."
After breakfast, Mommy, Emory & Harlan headed out for an adventure.
We love taking walk/runs along the river now that it is nice out. The boys love for Mommy to "Run faster!" which keeps me on my toes & sweating up a storm. Out route takes us out about 2 miles to a great spot along the water where the boys love to throw rocks & play in the dirt. We usually hang out for a half hour or so & play, before we get a little too dirty & head back. The boys enjoyed their ride back with a little mid-morning snack of fishies & juice. I love listening to their little conversations as I push them. Emory: "Harlan, do you love Emmy?" Harlan: "Yesh!" Emory: "I love you too, Har!" ...followed by snuggling in the stroller.
After naps & some cleaning up around the house, we headed to NJ for John & Denise's housewarming party. Harlan napped on the way down & Emory watched a movie on Mommy's Kindle. It was a rather peaceful drive, which doesn't happen very often nowadays! We loved seeing John & Denise's new house & enjoying the great company. We spent the afternoon with our good friends, the Shiffer's. Mommy enjoyed hanging out with baby Elizabeth, while Emory & Mabel Jane played, played & played some more. They are great friends & play so nicely together. We love seeing them grow up together & can't wait until Elizabeth to be on the move with Harlan!
Sunday morning we were all up bright & early to head out to Fisherman's Paradise. We have been eyeing it up for a few weeks now & thought it would be a great day to check it out. The boys LOVED it! Cameron caught over 20 fish & Emory & Harlan loved "fishing" too. Their version of fishing included splashing a bobber attached to the line in the water. Emory was not a fan of actually catching the fish & screamed every time we reeled them in. He actually did catch one though on his 2nd cast of the day! Matt was a champion Daddy & was at the beckon call the whole time as they needed help. My favorite comment of the day was "Wow, now I know why my Dad said he never got to actually fish when he took us fishing as kids!" After 5 hours of fishing, we went home for naps & to do a little packing for the big move in a few weeks! We enjoyed some good, quick Italian food at Victor's for dinner, followed by Dairy Queen for dessert. Our drive home consisted of rocking out to the Beastie Boys. These little Fleischman boys do love their rock & roll! Our 4th & final day was Memorial Day. Up & at em early again for a walk down to the Exeter Memorial Day parade. The boys enjoyed breakfast on the go in their wagon. Harlan nicely watched the beginning of the parade & then caught the hang of things. He figured since the kids in the parade were throwing candy at him, he would throw it right back at them. Hilarious! Emory held his ears 99% of the parade. Yes, he is "that" kid. Layla even joined in on the fun! The kids went home to nap & we packed some more before heading out to check out the new house. They dry walled the place in less than 48 hours! We took our 1st family pic in the house. Donna kindly invited us over for a picnic. The kids had a ball playing in her kiddie pool & showing their cousin Shiloh how crazy they are. Emory & Donna picked some fresh strawberries from her garden for us to enjoy for dessert. And last but not least, we rocked out on the way home. The picture of Emory truly shows what an awesome & exciting weekend we had!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Broad Street 2012

Early in 2012, Matt brought up the idea to sign up to run Broad Street this year. I quickly obligued & started training. It had been on my Bucket List for 2 years or so, I just didn't have the full desire to train & run it last year. I remember being at Matt's 1st Triathlon in Maryland with Emory when he was a baby & thinking to myself, I want to be in a race someday & have my son (we only had Em at the time) meet me at the finish line. So, I signed up & got in (after hours of trying to register) & Matt luckily made it in with the lotto. I began training more seriously than I have ever trained before & felt 80% comfortable & ready to rock it! The morning of the race came & I was so nervous. Since Matt injured his foot, he was no longer able to run, but was 110% supportive of me. He even crutched along to the start & waited with me until it was time to head to my corral. He had nothing but wonderful things to say to me & encouraged me so much until it was time to part ways. He convinced me that I could do this! I had no clue where I was going, so I followed behind 2 other runners wearing bibs with Gray, until I arrived in my corral. I found a comfy spot & waited & waited & waited. While waiting, my phone/music malfunctioned, which distracted me for the 25 minutes until the start of the race. Finally, I heard the horn to start the race & my corral started to push forward. We delayed a little longer until I could see the starting line & I was off & running! After crossing the starting line, I got a good luck high five from Mayor Nutter! I thought that was a pretty cool way to start the race. I kept a comfortable pace for the 1st few miles & enjoyed the sights & sounds of the crowd cheering the runners on. It was amazing. There were bands & signs & so much encouragement. After about 3 miles, I started to feel the burn in my knee, but pushed through it. I kept on running! Whenever I got bored or felt like I needed to rest, I thought of my parents. One major life lesson that they taught me was that if you start something, you must finish it. So, the thought of walking quickly exited my mind & I kept on running. I also thought of Emory & Harlan & how proud I would feel when I saw them at the finish. I also let my mind wonder about if they would ever run a race & experience what I was feeling. I saw so many kids along the route cheering on the runners, holding signs saying "Go Mommy!" or "Run, Daddy, Run!" & I knew my boys were there with me. I also made a point to give high fives to all of the kids reaching out along the way. It was awesome. Around City Hall, the crowd was huge! A runner in front of me started yelling "Mooooooooooooom!" & ran over & gave his mom a huge hug & kiss. Awesome, just awesome. Will that be one of my boys one day?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Em & Harlan, your Daddy & I just can't believe how adorable you both are. Last night at dinner, while you were munching away on your chicken & mac & cheese, Daddy said "Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine ours kids would be this adorable?!?" I didn't. I really didn't. You 2 are the sweetest, funniest, cutest little people I've ever met. You go from silly as can be, to sweet as can be. You are the best of all worlds. You make us laugh & turns our hearts to mush in an instant. You are both so different, yet so alike. Emory loves to teach Harlan new things. He shows him how to do "big boy" things, like running & using a fork. He also doesn't realize it, but he teaches Harlan manners. Harlan is often heard saying "Sowwy, Mommy!" & "Pwease!" They are the best of friends & it is awesome to see them grow & change into little boys, while growing closer to eachother. Harlan's absolute favorite thing to do right now is play hockey with Daddy. He will even show Daddy where his stick is, if he isn't holding it. We love you, Em & Harlan....thank you for bringing a unique joy to our lives each & every day. We can't imagine life without you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emory's 1st Tee-Ball Class!

Since Em is only 3 years old this Spring, he is not able to play actual teeball, but we signed him up for a 3 week class at Body Zone. Tonight was the 1st class. We put on his "baseball clothes" (aka Adidas warm-ups & a Phillies shirt) & bought a new baseball glove at Target! When we arrived, Emory was hesitant to jump right in, so Harlan & I stayed with him on the turf. The other kids were practicing running the bases & Emory watched. After about 3 minutes, he decided he was ready to go & jumped right in! He was full-force for the next 45 minutes! After practicing base running, he moved to the throwing station, where he started with his glove on the wrong hand. They learned to stand like "Superman" & make muscles to start their throws. He took the "Superman" roll quite seriously, as he made the most intense face, furrowed brow & all, as he made all of his throws. Then they stepped & "swam" (moved their throwing arm similar to an overhand stroke)to throw the ball. They aimed to throw the balls into different buckets & hoops. Em did great & made some really far throws! Next was on to grounders. Unfortunately, Emory had his glove on the wrong hand for most of the drills, but he was still pretty successful! Lastly was batting off of the t! Emory said that was his favorite part & he did really well at it! I was so proud of him for being such a good boy! He listened really well & only acted silly part of the time...hey he is our little "Simpleton" so that is a part of who he is & we love it! I just kept watching & thinking that I can't believe he is growing up so fast. I am so so so so so so so so so so proud to be his Mommy. He never ceases to amaze me & tonight he did so in a whole new way. Great job, Emmy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perfect Spring Day

Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring 2012 & we soaked up every second of it! The boys started their day with chocolate chip cookies & string cheese for breakfast. The had a fun, dirt, sweat-filled day at school. When I picked them up, I gave Emory some options & he chose to go to the Oley Dairy to see the animals & play on the "big ship." Emory loved talking to the animals & watching the goats nibble on my fingers. Harlan was NOT a fan of the animals & wouldn't let me put him down. Then we played in the playground area. Emory loved the big pirate ship. He pretended to be "Jake" & I was Captain Hook. Harlan loved hiding in the bottom of the ship. Then we played in some of the playhouses. Harlan & Emory LOVED opening the shutters on the windows while I ran around & closed them. Harlan had fun going down all of the "Wees!" aka slides. He seriously must have gone down 4 different slides well-over 20 times. When we finished up there, we went home to pick up Daddy & went out for dinner. We tried out the patio at Liberty Tavern. It was awesome. Everyone was hungry from spending so much time out in the sun! Em tried French Onion soup for the 1st time & was the patio entertainment. He was on a hunt for acorns for Harlan...not sure why?
After dinner, Emory asked to go to the lake, so we drove over to Antietam Lake. The boys were so entertained by all of the ducks. We had fun feeding them our leftover french fries from dinner. Daddy taught Emory how to skip rocks, Emory tried to climb trees & we had a great time.
Finally, the sun was setting & we headed home. Harlan went to bed & Emory watched a movie with Daddy, while I snuck in some Mommy-time at the gym.
What a perfect 1st day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is in a name?!?

Day 2 in a row of Mommy blogging!!!

I thought it would be appropriate to have it written down why & where we came to settling on your names. It was not an easy process!

Emory Vaughan
We tossed around ALOT of names for you, Mister! Mommy & Daddy quickly realized that we are both very picky about names for our kiddos! We searched websites & baby name books and came to find your name...wait for an US Weekly. Yes, believe it or not, before you came along, Mommy had time to sit & read adult literature! In looking over the "Celebrity's & Their Kids" section, I came across Angie Harmon & her daughter Emery.
Now of course, I didn't like it for a girl, but did search it on the internet & found the spelling of "Emory." Daddy looked into it further & found that the Emory is a type of oak tree was named after a historic army land surveyor.
Well, that said it right there...Mommy & Daddy love the outdoors, Daddy is a land surveyor, you would be Emory if born a boy...with no middle name. That is until 4 am, when we got the call that my c-section to deliver you would be post-poned. Daddy found it to be a good time to suggest that if born a boy that he wanted your middle name to be Vaughan, after a famous guitar player. Mommy agreed that if you were a boy, he could decide & if a girl, I could decide...hence Emory Vaughan!

Harlan Joseph
Second time around is TWICE as hard at naming little boys! Mommy couldn't find any names that she loved. Daddy searched high & low & on a website came across "Cowboy names" & learned that his Dad's name, "Kirby" & "Emory" are both cowboy names!
Daddy suggested it to Mommy one night while we were out on a date at Iron Hill, our favorite dinner spot in Phoenixville! We took turns writing it on napkins & were sold! We loved it! We also agreed that I would get to pick if/what your middle name would be since Daddy chose Emory's. Naturally, I chose Joseph after my own Father. I knew it was well-suited since my Dad is such an amazing man & Grandfather.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Being a Fleischman Boy Rocks!

Trying something new in an attempt to blog more.
10 reasons why being a Fleischman-Boy ROCKS!

1. What better way to start the weekend than eating guilt-free grilled cheese & tater tots while dining al fresco?!

2. You are the best looking Leprechauns.

3. No one questions "Why are they blowing out someone else's candles shirtless?" If Mommy did

4. You have a Mommy who adores getting "flowers" picked for her for 20 minutes (even if they are weeds).

5. Leprechauns came to visit you & left you pots of gold for St. Patty's Day!

6. You can pee on the front lawn & not lose your job...again if Mommy did that?!?! (*side note* Mommy did NOT encourage this! Emory ran away & said he was going to do it & I found it to be a rather perfect picture moment)

7. Mommy takes you on impromptu Mommy-Son dates in your jammies.

8. You have the best big brother who teaches you important how to "Tebow."

9. You are getting an amazing dream-home to grow up in. Daddy & I discussed the other day how this house truly is for you 3 boys. We wouldn't need it if we didn't have the 3 of you!

10. Last but not least, You have 2 best friends for life in your brothers.