Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You'll Be...

His 1st Love.
His 1st Kiss.
His 1st Friend.
You are his Momma & he is your whole world.
He is YOUR little boy :)

Love you, Emory Vaughan
Love you, Harlan Joseph

Leaps & Bounds, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have 1 officially potty trained little boy & a walker!!! Saturday 12/10, Harlan decided the time had come! He walked his sweet little hiney all the way across the living room & hasn't stopped since. He has even perfected his little sneaky smirk, when he knows he is headed somewhere that he doesn't belong. It is adorable. Em has perfected using the potty & even explained to Pop Pop last night when he asked "What are you doing?" he simply replied "It's called potty training!" Mommy has even perfected knowing when he really has to go, but is too enthralled with what he is doing to stop & actually go.
This past week has been a real treat. It started out with a sleepless Tuesday night, followed by a trip to the Doctor's on Wednesday with 2 miserable boys. Next up was a sleepless Wednesday night, followed by a mid-night ER visit for Harlan. Next...yet another miserable Thursday & another doctor visit for chest xrays on Friday. All in all, we had 1 major ear infection accompanied by RSV for Harlan & pneumonia for Emory. Wow...that was a great week. For the 1st time in a loooong time, Matt & I were glad that the weekend was over! We had enough fun administiring meds & breathing treatments to last us the whole winter! Thankfully everyone is allllmost back to normal.
We are getting really exciting for Christmas! The boys don't know what's coming, but I think they are going to love it!