Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Growing Up

Em & Harlan are just growing by leaps & bounds! Harlan is soooooooooooo close to actually walking! He will take a few steps here & there & just looks adorable as he toddles around. He also gives random kisses & hugs now.
And Mr. Emory has started potty training! We started on Black Friday as soon as he came home from school. It took a few days, but last night, he asked to use the potty twice! I was so excited, I actually got tears in my eyes. He is such a sweet boy & Harlan is learning to be just as sweet. Emory has now started asking people "Do you remember my baby, Harlan?" when they first meet him or if he feels they need a reintroduction. Usually this introduction is also accompanied by a little pat on Harlan's head as he reintroduces Harlan. Melts Momma's heart :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Emmy Vaughan

Oh Emmy Vaughan...you are the kind of boy that parents wish onto their children some day. You are a stinker! Here is what you are up to nowadays
- You are slightly OCD, in that you can't stand when things are out of place (i.e. the carpet!)
- You love to use the term "Actually...." (I.e. "Actually, Dadddy, these are MY Power Ranger underwear!")
- You are so sweet. You randomly come up to all of us & give us hugs/kisses & say "I love you!" It is the sweetest & brings a tear to Mommy's eye almost every time!
- You are a picky eater too. You hate most meat & love noodles & donuts
- You call Harlan "My Baby" when you speak of him
- You make up stories all of the time. Walking through Target yesterday you informed me "Mommy, I need to get my hockey stuff & go to my hockey game tonight!"
- You love to say "I be the Mommy. You be the boy." Then I must as if you are my Mom & I am your son.
- You have fun at school, but are quite miserable from the time you wake up, until the time you sit down at the breakfast table.
- You love sports. You love to watch them & to play them.
- You adore Cameron & spend every waking second with him when he is home.
- You like to pretend to do everything that Cameron does...i.e homework & flashcards
- You are so well spoken. Mommy & Daddy love hearing what you have to say!
- You are the funniest, sweetest, blonde haired, brown eyed toddler!

Happy 14 Months, Harlan Joe!

You are officially a little boy :( Mommy looked at a picture the other day & came to the realization that you aren't a little baby anymore, but you are a little boy. You are growing & changing so much! This is what you are up to:
- You weight about 20 lbs
- You still only say "juice" & "Dada." "Juice" represents anything/everything to eat or drink
- You are starting to walk! You took a few steps on your own recently & stand like a champ now
- You get so excited when you see Cam or Daddy get home
- You love Sunday mornings in bed. You & Emmy just constantly stand up & plop down
- You have become a picky eater. Oranges, bananas, pb&J & grilled cheese are your preferred favorites
- You adore the remote control still
- You still give Mommy & Daddy great snuggles
- You learned how to give kisses & sometimes even hugs!
- You have figured out that you don't like when Emmy takes things from you & you make it known
- You are the most beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed little monkey!