Friday, September 30, 2011

I am from

A childhood friend shared her take on this writing prompt & I was inspired, as a daughter & now mother, to create my own. I hope that WE can create such amazing memories & family love for our children.

I am from homemade Jello-Kool Aid popsicles, Cabbage Patch Kids & epic Christmas tree decorating.

I am from the house on Paradise Street with a pool in the yard & Strawberry Shortcake covering every inch of my room. I am from the 4th house on the left with the steep driveway in the cul-de-sac with amazing snow forts. I am from the house with far too many bedrooms & a deck filled with oldies on a Sunday night.

I am from the plum tree in Mr. Frank's yard & the overly-sugared strawberries grown under the kitchen window. I am from the soggy swail, made soggier by the Slip N Slide.

I am from the table full of laughter stretching from kitchen to dining room on Thanksgiving Day in Abington. I am from a stocking marked "K" filled with an orange & a sock hat on Christmas Eve in Manayunk. I am from Mummers parades in South Philly.

I am from Babci & Dziadziu, Ciocci Lorraine, Grandpop & Muz. I am from the Sitko's & the Piechoski's.

I am from polkas at weddings, Mummer struts on New Years Day & dances to "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'" around the Christmas tree.

I come from bears chasing cars and was "adopted at birth."

I am from Peter Pan collars & plaid jumpers. I am from naps on my Daddio's shoulder during midnight mass.

I’m from Poland, kielbasa & the aroma of butter sauteing homemade pierogi. I am from spaghetti & meatballs with uncooked garlic bread on my birthday. I am from freshly baked brownies after school.

I am From the ER nurse who scrubs knees, the computer guy who wears sneakers quite often, but has the biggest stash of shoe polish known to man.

I am from the cedar chest, the dining room wall with random frames on McClellan street. I am from the quick & quiet click of the slide show projected on the big screen.

I am from a family built upon love, support & laughter.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


That is our current state of life. A friend of mine put it perfectly when on Friday she posted to Facebook "Some people look forward to the weekend to let loose & get crazy. I like the weekend to get my life in order." That's it, that's us right now. Being the optimistic Momma that I am, I've been trying my hardest to balance my Mommy duty, Working-Woman duty, Wife duty & Friend duty. Thankfully, I manage to squeeze a touch of each into each day, which I think is what keeps me sane most days. I love my time with my boys, be it playing for an hour in Emory's bedroom after school with my 2 babies or reading them bedtime stories. Our time together, while it has become shorter, it has become more meaningful. The dishes can wait & pb&j for dinner (or breakfast for that matter) is perfectly acceptible. Our past weekend consisted of a long afternoon at the pumpkin patch, followed by a family dinner at Liberty Taproom. It is moments like that which I hope & pray that my boys remember & not the fits of waking up & getting out before 6:45 am. We are doing our best boys, I promise you that :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy BIRTHDAY Harlan Joseph!

As usual, I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! My baby is 12 months old! ONE YEAR!!! One year ago, he graced us with his presence & has been a smiling, joyful, calm little presence in our lives. He starts our days with smiles & excitment & ends it with peacefulness & calm. Everything in between is just pure joy. He has grown & changed so much. He is becoming a little boy, but will ALWAYS be Mommy's baby (just like Emmy!) Here is what he is up to!
- Eats like a CHAMP! He eats his dinner & then finishes up Em's scraps!
- Grunts & groans when he sees someone else eating something (usually sweets) that he wants to eat too!
- Drinks out of a sippy all day, except for a bedtime bottle
- Has given up his binky during the day & just has it at naps & bedtime
- Has 6 teeth & looks like a little hillbilly b/c they are spaced out & not fully grown in. So cute!
- Has beautiful, blonde hair
- Still has gorgeous blue eyes that everyone compliments him on
- Wears 9-12 month clothing
- Cruises around the furniture
- Stands alone for a few seconds in his pack n play
- Sounds adorable when he eats...Mommy & Daddy love those little munching sounds
- Likes to share his food with Layla
Happy birthday, sweet boy! We are so excited to celebrate with you this weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Clearly things have been CRAZY since moving! After moving, we went on vacation to the Poconos & then started (and ended for some of you) daycare the following week. We have settled almost completely into the new house & the boys are comfy in their new rooms with their beds & toys & books. Emory & Harlan were both sick earlier this week, but are getting better day by day! Our days now look something like this:
5 am: Daddy wakes up & takes Cameron to Royersford then goes to work
6 am: Mommy wakes up & gets ready
6:15-6:30: Emory wakes up & gets dressed & ready, then incessantly asks for Mommy to hold him
6:30: Wake Harlan up & gets his diaper changed (thankfully Jen gets him dressed at her house! One less step in the morning can save alot of time!)
6:45: Gather up Emmy's breakfast box & Mommy's coffee & off to Antietam Academy!
6:50: Get Emmy settled in at AA with his breakfast which is usually a juice box, pancakes/waffles & oranges!
7: Drop Harlan off at Jen's!
7:15-7:20: Mommy arrives at work!
3: Pick up Harlan at Jen's
3:30: Pick up Em at AA
3:45: Play, read, play, read, play!!!! Mommy loves this part of the day!
5: Wait for Daddy to get home & eat dinner!
6:30: Harlan snuggles upstairs with Mommy & drinks his bottle :)
7:30: Emmy reads upstairs with Mommy & goes to bed!

Happy 11 Months, Harlan!

You have become a VERY busy boy this month!
- you army crawl & are starting to crawl on your hands and knees
- you have your 2 middle bottom teeth, 2 eye teeth & 1 top middle tooth....hence you have been a tad cranky
- you love to pull up on things, especially tables
- you still only say mama and dada
- you sleep 730-730 and nap 9-10 and 1-330
- you are obsessed with your binky
- you are down to sippys all day & 1 bedtime bottle
- you love muffins &I all breakfast foods
- you do not like lunch/dinner foods
- you are so happy when your brothers share Popsicles with you
- you finally got a real crib when we moved into our new house!
- you have figured out how to climb onto the landing on the bottom of the steps at the new house
- you yell at Emory when he yells at you
- you do your first original trick! When you have the pretend dentist mirror, you try to