Sunday, July 24, 2011


380 Washington Avenue Phoenixville, Pa
March 23, 2007: We signed the papers to buy our first house for our future family
May 9, 2008: We brought home our first baby, Layla Mayzelle
May 16, 2008: We officially became a family of 3, Kirsten, Daddy & Cameron
June 2009: Future Mommy took a test in the upstairs bathroom after school one day & confirmed that we would become a family of 4! When Daddy got home from work, he knew exactly what I was going to tell him when I made him come upstairs for a little surprise (aka showing him the + pregnancy test)
February 24, 2009: We brought home Baby Emory Vaughan to his 1st home. Layla & Cameron greeted him warmly in the kitchen.
January 2010: Mommy took a test (in Target, LOL!) that confirmed that we could be bringing home the next little brother!
September 13, 2010: Harlan Joseph was given a very warm welcome at home, complete with balloons & presents.
July 2011: We officially put our house up for sale
This home has given us soooo many sweet memories. We have squeezed many people in for parties & squeezed many in for Saturday morning cartoons. We have had a few nights with minimal sleep, but lots of love. We have had 99% laughs & 1% tears. This home has built the foundation for our family. Although Emory & Harlan may not remember living here, we hope that we have given them plenty of joy living here. Cameron will remember the big hill in the back yard, while it is huge, he will remember it as even bigger. He will remember playing hockey, baseball, basketball, etc in the alley & being sent to the basement to entertain himself! He will remember his first (and only) shared room with Emory. Emory & Harlan will look back at pictures & videos & hopefully see tons of fun, smiles & love. Mommy's favorite memories here are most certainly the quiet of the night (be it at 7:30 bedtime snuggling or a 2 am consoling of a bad dream) with my 2 baby boys. We've had many a family dinner here, even if it was chicken nuggets, rice, green beans, veggie burgers, left over pizza, left over mashed potatoes, etc! We are ready. We are ready to move on to bigger & better. We are excited & anxious for what the future will bring. Momma is going back to work & the little ones are headed to daycare. Everyone will grow through this change, but it is all for the better. 380 Washington Avenue has treated us well, but we are ready for the next chapter. It will no doubt be full of fun, excitement, growth & change. As long as we have the 5 of us together, we will be just fine & make more wonderful family memories.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 10 Months, Bugga!

Momma better get to plannin' b/c you are going to be 1 before we know it! This was a VERY exciting month!
- You started & perfected the army crawl. Sometimes we put you down & walk away for a second & you are in a whole new room already! Tonight you ventured into the bathroom!
- You got 2 teeth! You got the 1st one over the weekend of June 25-26 & the other one this past Monday July 4th!
- You saw your first fireworks. You liked them :)
- You still say "Dada!" & nothing else, but you like to hear yourself "talk." You wake up & chat, chat, chat until someone comes to get you
- You think Emory is hilarious. You like when he plays with you.
- Mommy LOVES LOVES LOVES bedtime with you. Mommy gives you your bottle & you doze off. When you are done your bottle, you snuggle for a little with Mommy & doze off. is Mommy's favorite time of the day. We sometimes snuggle before naps too b/c Mommy loves it so much.
- You are so content, but starting to get mad when Emory takes things from you. You yell at him.
- You are a wiggle worm for diaper changes.
- You are very close to getting out of your pack n play & into a real crib!!!
- You eat 3 baby food meals/day: breakfast - fruit, lunch - fruit & veggie, dinner - meat & veggie/fruit.
- You don't like real people food. We tried to give you mashed potatoes & you threw up all over the place. We also tried to give you level 3 food (a little chunkier) & you threw that up too.
- The 1 real food that you LOVE is ice cream! Mommy loves sharing it with you :)
- You drink 4 bottles/day: 8 am, 11:30 am, 4 pm & 8 pm
- You love wipes. You like to rip them out of the package, throw them, eat them, etc. You just love them.
- You love books. You like when Mommy reads them & you like to look through them by yourself too.
- You are so good & cooperative. You are very content to explore all by yourself & don't need to be entertained.
- You love taking walks in the stroller or in your Moby wrap.
- You still have beautiful blue eyes & very blonde hair. You are so handsome :)
- You are still on the smaller side, 24th %ile for weight & 50th %ile for height. We don't quite understand it b/c you have chubby cheeks & the cutest rolly polly legs.
- You are trying to start pulling up. Your favorite place to try is at the bottom of the end tables. You try to pull up & pull off whatever you can & throw it on the floor.
- You are really starting to mimic others. You will wave, clap, bang on things, blow raspberries & make indian noises when someone else does too.
- You are fabulous in every way, shape & form. You are a true joy from sunrise to sunset & every minute in between. You are even a joy with teething...we didn't even realize that you got your teeth b/c you weren't very fussy!
We adore you & love you so so so so so so much, Harlan Joseph!