Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun with my Little Boy

Em & I ran some errands all alone this evening. We went to Wegman's & Target. He was hilarious & talked my ear off the whole time. He wanted to know everyone's names & what they were doing at the store. It's amazing how much fun simple errands can be with a 2 year old. Now we are having some snuggle time before bedtime.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Big Boy!

He sat up all alone today for the first time! He looks like SUCH a big boy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy 7 Months, Harlan Barlan!

My baby boy is getting so so so big! This month he has become much stronger! Here is the low-down!
- He had his 1st ear infection & was a GRUMP for over a week, until we found out what was going on!
- He has really slowed down growing. He was only a little over 13 lbs at his 6 month check-up
- He has been eating solids. He loves fruits & yogurt & is not a fan of veggies (except squash).
- He tried puffs tonight, but didn't attempt to put them in his mouth. Go figure, he puts everything else under the sun immediately in his mouth, but not actual food.
- He gives Daddy the brightest smiles when he sees him for the first time each day. His cheeks literally look as if they could pop when he smiles at him!
- He has been going to bed at 7:30, sometimes waking between 10-midnight, wakes between 4-6 to eat & then wakes for the day between 7-8. He naps around 9-10 & 12-2 or 3 & then catnaps again from 4-5.
- He is beautiful, as usual.
- He still loves books. He bangs on them whenever he has one in front of him.
- He rolls from his back to his side & allll-most over onto his belly.
- He watched his 1st Phillies game with Mommy & Emory!
- He loves snuggling in bed with Mommy & Daddy.
- He always wants to be snuggling & touching skin to skin.
- He is close to sitting up alone!
- He loves grabbing things off of the dinner table when we are trying to eat.
- He started swimming lessons! He didn't love the first few minutes of the first lesson, but has gotten better & better with each lesson. At the end of the last lesson he was actually splashing the water with his hands!
- He "talks" alot more.
We love you, Baby Boy. You are a perfect baby son & baby brother. Mommy looks forward every morning to walking in to you room & seeing your smile light up & your feet start kicking in excitement to see me. Daddy adores coming home from work & seeing your beautiful, welcoming smile. Your brothers love talking to you & playing with you. Emory loves to show you all of his "tricks" & Cameron always talks to you & calls you "Big Guy." His little pet name for you is so sweet, b/c he came up with it on his one else calls you that, except for Emory (b/c he hears Cam say it). You are getting too big too fast, but we are thankful that you are a healthy, growing little man!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Extraoridinary Ordinary American Classic

That's the kind of day we had. After a 7 am wake-up call from Mr. Harlan & a morning feeding snuggled between Mommy & Daddy, Emory soon joined us. Mommy & Harlan were greeted with "Hi Mommy!" & the sweetest high-pitched "Good morning, Ha-lan!" Then the 4 of us snuggled in bed, laughed, talked, played... No need for toys or tv, just good old-fashioned love & snuggles. We played "tunnel," Emory pinched Daddy's boobies, Harlan zoned out watching the fan in the comfy-iest looking cocoon made of Daddy's legs & a cloud of our comforter, Emory drank "juicy" from Mommy's leftover glass of pink lemonade from Harlan's midnight wake up call, we hugged, we kissed, we loved & it was perfect in every way, as the sun gradually made it's way into the window. Our morning then consisted of swimming lessons, of which Daddy did great & the boys proved that they are good for him during lessons. Mommy observed & loved watching the boys in action & Daddy in full-force awesome-ness mode. We bought a pretzel & donated the rest of our money for a very sick little boy, b/c we are lucky...blessed to have very healthy little boys. We napped. Oh, we napped....all 4 of us for an hour & a half. After naps, we needed some more sun, we needed some more early spring fresh-air. We packed up & breathed in the quasi-cool air downtown during the "American Classic" festival. How appropriate, American Classic. We looked at cool cars with flames, we got a free growler of beer (Karma, Baby, Karma!), Emory walked like a big boy picking up treasures along the way, Harlan rode like a celebrity, we drank fresh-squeezed Orange-Mango-Carrot juice. We then spent some one-on-one alone with the boys separately. Harlan & Mommy shopped, as we do so well. Daddy & Emory took in more sun, got a little dirty & I am sure laughed alot. My boys took their first tubby together. Big brother made little brother laugh with his goofy antics with a rubber hermit crab. Tubby was completed with fresh baby powder all around & matching jammies & matching smiles. We rounded out the day with good-old fashioned baseball watching the Phils game. Days like today make me go to bed pinching myself. We are LIVING the "American Classic" while so many others are just daydreaming about it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pictures for the People :)

Mommy gave up Facebook for Lent, so here are some pics of what we've been up to! These boys are growing & changing so much!