Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

For the 2nd year in a row it was the MOST beautiful day today! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping & Mr. Sun was shining! We spent a good part of our morning playing at the playground after the babies morning naps. Crazy-Momma strapped Harlan in the Bjorn & Emory & Noah rode in style to Reeve's. Emory had a blast swinging, sliding, climbing & bouncing around with his new girlfriend, Gaia. He likes her alot & reminds me of it for the rest of the day when he sees her. I think he likes her alot b/c she lets him talk non-stop & just sits & listens to him. It's cute. Harlan & Noah love watching Emory play & today was no different. They hung out in the stroller & watched his every move. After some long afternoon naps, darn that fresh air does them good, we went out again! We played with bubbles & balls out front & played some more with Daddy when he arrived home. Mom was feeling beat, so Daddy & Emory headed to the YMCA & Mommy had intentions of relaxing with Harlan. Ha...he had other plans. He figured that if he got to have Mom all to himself, he was going to make it quality time. So, again, I strapped him into the Bjorn & we took a walk downtown. It was really nice. He held my hand the whole time & I loved every second of it. Lots of people said "Happy St. Patty's Day, Baby!" & commented on his beautiful eyes. I love having him all alone with me sometimes b/c he gets the spotlight. Emory somehow always manages to steal it when he's around. Harlan doesn't mind though.
Harlan was beat by 7, so he ate & went to bed & Emory stayed up for awhile with Mom & Dad. It was great :) We had a really fun day together. I can't wait for so many more now that it looks like spring is around the corner! These boys are just like Mommy & Daddy...they LOVE the outdoors!

"May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you wherever you go."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Tomorrow, Daddy turns 35! He is so young & spunky, we never would be able to guess that he is in his mid-30's! Lol! Here is what Daddy is up to at 35...
- He works very hard as a land surveyor for Driscoll Construction so that our family can have & do nice things
- He enjoys playing his guitar, which he doesn't get to do enough
- He works out & enjoys running/biking/swimming
- He has fun having a catch with Cameron outside & watching sports stuff with him as well
- He shows Harlan & Emory music videos online, so as to not be too brainwashed by Mommy's music
- He has a very special connection with each of his boys
- He is kind, generous & thoughtful
- He helps Mommy out with lots of stuff around the house
We love you so so so much Daddy & would be lost without you. We really look forward to hearing your truck back up into the driveway each day. We love welcoming you home with hugs & love & stories about our day while you were working hard. You are the best Daddy & husband :)

Friday, March 11, 2011


Now that I have a good camera on my phone, I never take pics with the regular camera, let alone upload them to the computer! Here are some pics from the past month. A little bit of this, a little bit of that...Emory's birthday, some outside fun, all sorts of good stuff & plenty of cuteness to go around!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 6 Months, Peanut Butter & Jelly!

Yes, somehow that has become a nickname from your Mommy :) You like it. It makes you smile. I can't believe that you turned 6 months old today. I really can't believe it b/c I thought all day long that it was 3/8! I just realized a few minutes ago that you turned 6 months TODAY! Here is what you are up to:
-You tried solids, but they didn't agree with your tummy so we stopped. We started again today & it looks like they still don't agree with you.
- You love to grab onto things like cups/bowls
- You wake up almost every night at least once & want your binky
- Tonight is the 1st night in a long time that Mommy put you to bed without your binky b/c at nap time today you found your thumb & calmed yourself down
- You are more & more aware of the world around you, especially people/animals
- You love to hold Emory's & Mommy's hands
- You are SO nosy when you are nursing! You try to escape from under the Hooter Hider if you are under there.
- You are now in your cars eat without the infant head/booty accessory
- You weigh about 14 lbs
- You wear size 6 months, but 6 month pants are big in the waist.
- You go to bed between 7:30-8:30 & wake between 5:45-6:15 & usually go back to sleep after eating until around 7-8.
- You take a 1 hour nap in the am & a 2-3 hr nap mid-day & sometimes a cat nap in the late afternoon/evening
- You still have the most beautiful blue eyes, just like your namesake Papa!
- You found your high pitched voice & it's so darn cute
- You are so cooperative 99.9% of the time
- You had your first modeling shoot & were a hit! You did great modeling a car seat!
This next month will be full of fun! We start your swimming lessons this week & as the weather gets nicer, you will get to be out enjoying nature more & more. We adore you & love how you make us smile all day every day. You are a dream come true & we are more blessed than we can explain b/c we have you in our lives. We love love love love love you Harlan Joseph!

Friday, March 4, 2011

From the Mouth of Emory

All in the past 3 minutes the following have come out of my son's mouth
I am currently feed Harlan, Emory walks up, climbs up on my lap & grabs my boob & says
"I hold Harlan's baba for him?" He then went upstairs & said to Matt "I hold Harlan's baba, like I hold Noah's baba." Then he ran into our room & ran back to the top of the steps & said "I fank (spank) Daddy's booty, Ma?!" I said yes & he has continued to go back & forth running into our room "fanking" Daddy's booty & yelling from the top of the steps asking again & again. This kid is hilarious.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Harlan's First Haircut

It happened today. I finally broke down & cut it. Harlan, you sweet boy, you have had this ridiculous hair thing going on since very shortly after you were born. Behind your left ear you had a ridiculously long "tuft" of hair. I swear, by today it was close it 6 inches long. I wanted to wait & hold out & have a momentous 1st haircut for you, but I just couldn't bear it any longer. You are the most beautiful little boy, yet you had this silly hair working against you, buddy. So, into the Bumbo you went & as you watched Emory eat his pb&j sandwich as I chopped away. I got carried away, as I do in hair cutting. I chopped the infamous "tuft" & then proceeded to trim up the top too, which had some surprisingly long pieces as well. Your hair is now a masterpiece. Lol! Seriously, you look cute & now no one can ask why I haven't cut it yet. I saved some too :)
I also was thinking tonight about this blog. I need to get 2010 entries printed into a book, as I did for 2009. Other than that, I was thinking how one day (God willing) my babies babies & my babies grandbabies & my babies great grandbabies, etc will be able to read this! I think that is simply amazing. I really need to start putting more pictures up more frequently. My boys are the most beautiful gifts ever & they are seriously the most beautiful humans that I laid eyes on. I can't believe that we made them. Ah...sweet dreams!