Monday, February 28, 2011

Hooray Harlan!

Our little man, at the tender age of almost-6 months (lol), finally rolled over last night! Daddy was eating sushi & Mama was playing with him & wa-la...he did it! I could tell he was teetering & about to go, so I grabbed Dad's attention & he did it! It was once & done, but a milestone none the less. Yay, Baby! Lord knows, it will probably be another 2 months before he does it again, since the boy HATES tummy time.
All is well here otherwise. We had a very sick week last week. Cam had a stomach bug, Mommy had a cold, Harlan had a cold & Emory came down with Croup.
Just a little something to share, Emory loves to play "guys" with whomever will play with him. He makes his guy talk to their guy & it usually sounds something like this:
E's guy: "Hi! What name?"
Other person's guy: "Hi, my name is ..."
E's guy: "What doin' here?"
This being said, Mommy is now responsible for carrying on similar conversations, but the conversations take place between Emory & "Harlan" (aka Mama talking for Harlan). Before nap time, Emory was asking Harlan if he wanted some Yo Gabba stickers & asking him if he wanted to see him run fast in his new sneakers. Harlan was thrilled for the stickers & to watch, or at least I am assuming so b/c that's what he/I told Emory. These boys really are becoming fast friends. I turned around in the car the other day, only to see Emory with one thumb inserted in his mouth & the other tenderly holding his baby brother's hand. :) It brought a little tear to my eye. I love their love!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Baby Boy is TWO!

Wow...where have the past 2 years gone? Yesterday our 1st baby boy turned 2. He had an AMAZING day. Everyone did such special things for him to make his day perfect . He started off the day snuggling with Mommy & Daddy in bed for a few minutes & then went downstairs to presents & decorations! Emory got a new laptop, Tag reader, Phillies clothes, a bat/ball/baseball glove & some books. After presents we played baseball for a little while & then headed out to church. After church Gamma made us breakfast & we sang happy birthday & blew out candles in Emory's eggies. Emory played some more with Daddy & Papa while Mommy & Gamma ran some birthday errands. After nap time Emory woke up to balloons & more presents! He got a new tricycle from Gamma & Papa, as well as a potty book & some tubs fizzies. Uncle Peep gave Em a fun tool set & a really cool pretend stir fry set. After some more playtime, Grancie, Granpy, Uncle Rich & Aunt Lisa came over. Then Emory got a very cool firetruck & fireman play gear & his first action figures with a cool batmobile! Emory LOVED LOVED LOVED every second of opening presents! Emory had a fun evening entertaining everyone & enjoyed singing happy birthday again & blew out the candles in his cake. He went to bed as happy as a clam...with his new baseball glove & ball :)
This morning we got up bright & early for his friend party. All of his friends came over & gave him awesome presents & had so much fun playing together. We are happy to report no major meltdowns or injuries! Hey, you never know, 13 kids, aged 3 & under can take quite a toll on each other. We enjoyed some cupcakes, cake pops, strawberries, blueberries, muffins, donuts & breakfast sandwiches. We had soooooo much fun with all of our friends.
Well Em, Mommy & Daddy did the best that we know how to make you day(s) as special as can be & we hope that you had so much fun. You won't necessarily remember these days from memory, but hopefully from pictures you will see what a fun time that you had. You are such a special little boy & after yesterday & today, you should really know how much everyone loves you & cares for you.
Just a little update on what you are up to at 2 years old:
- Still talking, talking, talking! You speak in short sentences now
- Adore your brothers. You shower Harlan with kisses each day & if he gets upset you rub his belly for him & it calms him down. He gives you HUGE smiles!
- You run all over the house & never slow down....unless the tv is on, which you LOVE
- You would eat snow for breakfast, lunch & dinner if we let you
- You are getting back into reading books. You will pretend to read to yourself & always start with "Once upon a time..."
- Can jump apart/together & do forward rolls. You are getting very good at gymnastics class!
- You are so helpful to Mommy with the babies (Harlan & your buddy Noah) during the day. You like to throw diapers away for Mommy.
- HATE getting changed/dressed. You throw a FIT!
- When you are mad/overly tired, you lay on the floor/ground & bury your face in your arms. It is adorable.
- You don't like when other people pretend to cry. You get a very concerned look on your face & sound in your voice.
- You are SO polite! You say "Please" "Thank you" & "Your welcome" all of the time & it makes Mommy VERY proud of you!
- You are obsessed with sports. You can actually hit a ball with your little bat!
- You are growing & changing every day & turning into a very fun & beautiful little boy!
Emory Vaughan, Mommy, Daddy, Cam, Harlan & Layla love you so so so much. You make our days full of smiles & laughter & we wouldn't have it any other way! Happy Happy Happy 2nd Birthday to you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to my Boys!

Im a lucky woman...I get 4 Valentines! I just finished putting the boys Valentine surprises downstairs. I can't wait for them to see them tomorrow morning. I love doing little things like that to make them smile. Thankfully my own Mommy taught me right by doing things like that for my brother & I as kids. I learned from the best. Well happy Valentines Day,boys! The greatest present that I get is smiles and love from each of you! I love all of you so so so much!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy 5 Months Harlan Joseph!

Yet again, another month has flown by. 5 short months ago, we were getting ready to leave to go to the hospital to meet you. I feel like it was yesterday. We fell in love with you in an instant & have not looked back. You have been such a blessing to our family & a very welcome addition. We are so lucky to have you & that you are such a happy & healthy little boy. You bring more joy to us than you will ever know. Your big brothers adore you & love talking to you & making you smile. Daddy loves lying with you & talking to you. Mommy loves to kiss your chubby cheeks & sweet neck & simply admire your beauty. You really are a beautiful boy. Here is what you are up to now a days, other than looking adorable
- You started rice cereal, which you didn't love, but are getting used to
- You had some sleep issues, that hopefully have been resolved
- You "squawk," which is your new way of talking. It is hilarious.
- You love being held chest to chest & looking over our shoulder
- You are still a great nurser, but are getting a little nosey in new situations
- You are like you Daddy in that you are so ticklish, but I don't think you like being tickled
- You have a cute booty :)
- Your neck is getting stronger & stronger
- You have not rolled over, but sometimes you get about halfway there
- You "crane" your neck when you are sitting & want to see behind you. Mommy & Daddy get a kick out of that.
- You are sweet & happy & so so so loveable
- You need to learn to slow down this time...I want you to be my baby forever & ever & ever
- You have slowed down growing a bit
- You usually wake up so pleasant & just talk to little bit until someone comes to get you
- Your brother, Emory, loves to go get your out of your crib with Mommy. When he hears you on the monitor he says "Mommy, I get Harlan?" When we get to your room, he peeks right into your crib & says "Good mornin, Harlan!"
- Emory always wants to know where you are & if he can't see you he says "Where's my brudder?"
- You are wonderful in every way!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sleep Regression? Teething? Binky Addiction?

These are the questions that we are incessantly asking ourselves every night at 1, 2, 3, 4, & sometimes 5 am. Our angel-baby, decided that he doesn't want to sleep through the night anymore. Sometimes a binky cuts it, but usually a good feeding is necessary. I vaguely remember going through this with Emory, but I don't remember the cause of it. We changed Harlan's bedtime schedule a few weeks ago & we sometimes wonder if that is the problem. Or hey, maybe the heat is turned down too low? Ah, another one, maybe he is done being swaddled, hence a half-swaddle. Argh, whatever the issues is, Mommy reeeeeeeeeally wants it to go away! I am not a big fan of crying it out, as I feel that I can more quickly solve the problem with a 20 minute feed, as opposed to 45-60+ minutes of crying. So, it's now 10:02 pm & little man has been in bed for less than an hour, while I love him to pieces, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to not see his sweet little face or hear his sweet little voice for another 8+ hours :) Dear Sleep Fairy, please make my dreams come true!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Pics


List is cr-cr-cr-crazy around here! Everyone managed to get sick (except Cam) last week & we started having Baby Noah with us 3 days a week. We've made a nice transition for the most part, but things have been nuts-o! Let's start from the top
Cam was an ANGEL last week! He did most of his chores & was such a great big brother to Emory. He is such an amazing role model for his baby brothers. He is so kind & respectful & loving. We are starting to look forward to baseball season, which is hopefully here before we know it! He loves baseball & really did great last year. We can't wait to see how great he does this year!
Emory is being such a trooper with having another new baby in the house part time. He is such a great helper. He loves throwing the diapers away for me & always yells "Two points!" when he throws it in. He likes to pretend he is playing basketball. He has become quite a "boy" in that he loves to toot & thinks that it is hilarious when he does so. He then asks "Mine?" I love talking to him throughout the day b/c he always has something adorable to say. Today I thought he said "Mommy pretty!" but nope, he said "Mommy piggy!" Little stinker! Emory also has had his first experiences sledding in the past few weeks. He loves the sledding part, but hates walking around in the snow.
Harlan is a dream. He was not sleeping great last week, but now he is back on track. He is actually going to bed a little earlier & waking up a little earlier, but we will take it. Mommy loves her prime time tv, so now it isn't interrupted :) Lol! He started making this yelling noise in the past week. It is quite funny & he is only doing it b/c he realized he can, it is not b/c he is mad/upset. He is slowly getting ready to be able to use his Johnny Jumper & Exersaucer more regularly.
So, all in all, we are happy on the home front & as usual, so grateful for these beautiful baby boys (they are all our babies, no matter how old they get!) that we call our sons :)