Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Baby Boy!

Well, it was the big baby, but our baby regardless. Monday night at 1 am, we were awoken to "Cami, wake up! Daddy, wake up!" I went in to check on Emory & without being too graphic, his room & he reeked of throw up. Daddy took room clean-up duty, while Mommy gave Emmy a 1 am tubby. He was less than thrilled. Once everyone was all cleaned up, we climbed into our bed & but 5 minutes later, it started all over again. The clean-up crew was back in action. We decided that it would be best to sleep downstairs with Emory on more easily cleanable surfaces & good thing we did. He proceeded to get sick every 15 minutes until about 4 am. Every time he would start to get sick, I would hold him over a big tupperware bin, so he wouldn't miss. Every time I did it he said "No thank you, Mommy!" It broke my heart, but was adorable at the same time. A little after 4 am, he was squirming all around & wanted to go back to his crib, where he slept soundly until 9 am. All day Tuesday he seemed to feel pretty good, but not 100% back to normal. I hope that nasty stomach bug doesn't come visit us again anytime again soon!

Monday, January 24, 2011

God Bless Baby Harlan Joseph!

Yesterday was a very special day for our baby boy. He was baptized! He did really well & only cried a little bit. He yelped when he was actually baptized because Father Newns got water in his eyes :( He looked beautiful & was quite the charming center of attention. Harlan's Godparents are his Uncle Peter & Mommy's friend, Katie. We had a beautiful day surrounded by the love & support of all of Harlan's friends & family!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy 23 Month, Emmy!

Seriously, every month, I can't believe that you are older. You are almost 2! Well, I can believe that with your sassy little attitude lately. You really are a good boy & you have the BEST manners of any almost 2-year old that I have ever met. You say "Please" "Thank you" and "No thank you." It is the cutest. Here is what else you are up to
- You ADORE your Grandfathers! You are obsessed with every one of them & whenever they are with you, all you want them to do is "Play toys!"
- You are the nicest big brother. You just snuggled up with Harlan & said "I love you Ha-lan" without any prompting
- You also adore your big brother. You like to ask him questions when we pick him up from school. You usually ask him "Baseball game?" and "Good school?" Sometimes you even remind him to get his backpack to bring to school.
- You like raw onions
- You love to "dippy" your food & usually you only lick off the "dippy" instead of biting into whatever was dipped
- You say "pierogi" when someone takes your pictures, instead of cheese
- Your favorite thing to ask right now is "What doin' here?"
- You love the show Dino Dan...broadening your horizons from Yo Gabba, even though that is still your #1!
- You have quite the opinion about everything
- You make everyone stand up to play with you, or sit down on the floor to play
- You are VERY bossy! (Hm...wonder where he gets that from?!)
- You sleep from 730 pm - 730 am & take a 1.5-2 hour nap from about 1230-230
- You are so so so so fun to be with. You are the best little 23 month old ever & I love spending my days with you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 4 months, Baby Harlan!

Oh Mommy is so behind, but at least I am getting to it! You little boys keep Mommy very busy! Here is what you are up to
- You have a beautiful, bright smile that you love to show off
- You are becoming Mr. Talkative
- You are so ticklish & give out little giggles & squirm
- You are a BIG boy! Very tall & gaining weight
- You tried sleeping unswaddled, but apparently aren't ready to give it up yet
- You sleep from 10 pm - 8 am
- You nap from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
- You have found your hands/fingers & love to put them in your mouth
- You are very interested in your toys
- You hold your head up fairly well
- You love you Kickin Coaster!
- You can sit for short amounts of time in the Bumbo
- You HATE when Emory yells loudly. It makes you cry :(
- You use your binky less :)
- You wake up so content & just talk until Mommy or Daddy pick you up
- You are beautiful & perfect & make having a baby a dream. Your smiles, giggles & simple presence make each day special for all of us :) We adore you & love you Harlan Joseph!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This week we are learning about Firetrucks! So far we:
- Went to the library & got firetruck books & an educational dvd
- Drew a picture with firetrucks/firemen
- Did a few drive-by's of local fire company's & looked at the firetrucks
- Played firetrucks...all day everyday. Emory likes when Mommy makes Harlan ride on the little firetruck, while he rides on the big firetruck
- Made a firetruck out of a box & colored it
- Painted a firetruck
- Made firetruck toast with strawberry jelly (body of the truck), bananas (wheels) & cherries (lights)
- Glued the pieces of a firetruck together
- Turned Emory's crazy coupe into a firetruck
- Look for firetrucks & hydrants whenever we go out
- Learned how to say "firetruck" in sign language
- Dressed up like a fireman
Emory is loving our theme week & all of the fun that goes along with it!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well, Emory met all of his resolutions from last year to walk, talk & reverse his tricks!
This year Emory is going to
- Say his ABC's
- Count to 20
- "Green one" (That is what he said when asked what his resolutions are)
- Spell his name
- Know his colors
Harlan is going to
- Say his first words
- Crawl
- "Do binky" (Emory's suggestion)
- Learn to suck his thumb
- Maybe start to pressure little dude!

Adios 2010!

I can't believe an entire year has come & gone. So much happened, yet again in 2010. We started the year on an incredible high by finding out that we were going to be blessed with another beautiful baby. We couldn't believe it & it took a few months to actually finally believe that we would soon become a family of 6 (including Miss Layla). Mommy went back to work & Emory started daycare with Jen, who he still loves & all of the Seeligs became very important people to us. Cam played baseball for the first year & did great! He had a blast & Matt helped coach. Summertime brought lots of excitement in Cam's yearly trip to Florida, Mommy & Emory's trip to Florida & a big family trip to the Outer Banks. As Summer came to an end, we got ready for our new bundle to arrive, who came without a hitch on 09/09/10...a day that we will never forget & one of the best of our lives. From Day 1, Baby Harlan has been a true joy & we can probably count on 10 fingers the amount of times that he has been a true fuss-bucket. Emory & Cameron have grown to know & love eacho ther more, as well as Baby Harlan. We can't imagine what life has in store for these 3 amazing boys, but only hope that they will forever stand together & be there to love & support each other, as we do. We also excitedly welcomed Emory & Harlan's first cousin, Shiloh, into the family. We also did some great day trips with family, which created memories that we will forever cherish.
I can't complain for one second about 2010 & everything that happened in it. It was completely full of blessings, love & wonderful memory after wonderful memory. We got to spend so much time with our friends & family & hope for even more in 2011! 2010, we bid you farewell with no regrets & hope & dream about what 2011 has in store for us. My only wish is for lots of love, happiness & health for all of our friends & family members....and Mommy wishes for some new, healthy, happy baby friends for our beautiful baby boys :)

Happy 22 Months, Emory Vaughan!

Sorry, Mommy is a little late with this one :( Life has been busy between our trip to Florida & the holidays. Here is what our little man is up to
- Weighs 24 lbs
- Size 18-24 months
- JABBER JAWS! Talks non-stop every waking moment, morning til night
- Is so social. Loves talking to anyone & everyone
- Is the sweetest older brother
- Is the most-devilish younger brother
- Loves firetrucks
- Is a better eater recently
- Asks for juice when he is upset, no matter what he is upset about
- Thinks the snow is great!
- Gets time-outs for running/climbing on the sofa
- Runs & yells "I'm nunnin! I'm nunnin!"
- Can now jump with 2 feet
- Always asks "What u doin here?"
- Hates to have his hair/fingernails cut, but like to pretend to cut his own nails with bobby pins
- Is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba
- Is still super sweet & gives the greatest hugs & kisses
We can't believe that you are almost 2 years old. These 2 years have been so amazing & we wouldn't trade them for the world! We love you, Baby Boy!