Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You'll Be...

His 1st Love.
His 1st Kiss.
His 1st Friend.
You are his Momma & he is your whole world.
He is YOUR little boy :)

Love you, Emory Vaughan
Love you, Harlan Joseph

Leaps & Bounds, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have 1 officially potty trained little boy & a walker!!! Saturday 12/10, Harlan decided the time had come! He walked his sweet little hiney all the way across the living room & hasn't stopped since. He has even perfected his little sneaky smirk, when he knows he is headed somewhere that he doesn't belong. It is adorable. Em has perfected using the potty & even explained to Pop Pop last night when he asked "What are you doing?" he simply replied "It's called potty training!" Mommy has even perfected knowing when he really has to go, but is too enthralled with what he is doing to stop & actually go.
This past week has been a real treat. It started out with a sleepless Tuesday night, followed by a trip to the Doctor's on Wednesday with 2 miserable boys. Next up was a sleepless Wednesday night, followed by a mid-night ER visit for Harlan. Next...yet another miserable Thursday & another doctor visit for chest xrays on Friday. All in all, we had 1 major ear infection accompanied by RSV for Harlan & pneumonia for Emory. Wow...that was a great week. For the 1st time in a loooong time, Matt & I were glad that the weekend was over! We had enough fun administiring meds & breathing treatments to last us the whole winter! Thankfully everyone is allllmost back to normal.
We are getting really exciting for Christmas! The boys don't know what's coming, but I think they are going to love it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Growing Up

Em & Harlan are just growing by leaps & bounds! Harlan is soooooooooooo close to actually walking! He will take a few steps here & there & just looks adorable as he toddles around. He also gives random kisses & hugs now.
And Mr. Emory has started potty training! We started on Black Friday as soon as he came home from school. It took a few days, but last night, he asked to use the potty twice! I was so excited, I actually got tears in my eyes. He is such a sweet boy & Harlan is learning to be just as sweet. Emory has now started asking people "Do you remember my baby, Harlan?" when they first meet him or if he feels they need a reintroduction. Usually this introduction is also accompanied by a little pat on Harlan's head as he reintroduces Harlan. Melts Momma's heart :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Emmy Vaughan

Oh Emmy Vaughan...you are the kind of boy that parents wish onto their children some day. You are a stinker! Here is what you are up to nowadays
- You are slightly OCD, in that you can't stand when things are out of place (i.e. the carpet!)
- You love to use the term "Actually...." (I.e. "Actually, Dadddy, these are MY Power Ranger underwear!")
- You are so sweet. You randomly come up to all of us & give us hugs/kisses & say "I love you!" It is the sweetest & brings a tear to Mommy's eye almost every time!
- You are a picky eater too. You hate most meat & love noodles & donuts
- You call Harlan "My Baby" when you speak of him
- You make up stories all of the time. Walking through Target yesterday you informed me "Mommy, I need to get my hockey stuff & go to my hockey game tonight!"
- You love to say "I be the Mommy. You be the boy." Then I must as if you are my Mom & I am your son.
- You have fun at school, but are quite miserable from the time you wake up, until the time you sit down at the breakfast table.
- You love sports. You love to watch them & to play them.
- You adore Cameron & spend every waking second with him when he is home.
- You like to pretend to do everything that Cameron does...i.e homework & flashcards
- You are so well spoken. Mommy & Daddy love hearing what you have to say!
- You are the funniest, sweetest, blonde haired, brown eyed toddler!

Happy 14 Months, Harlan Joe!

You are officially a little boy :( Mommy looked at a picture the other day & came to the realization that you aren't a little baby anymore, but you are a little boy. You are growing & changing so much! This is what you are up to:
- You weight about 20 lbs
- You still only say "juice" & "Dada." "Juice" represents anything/everything to eat or drink
- You are starting to walk! You took a few steps on your own recently & stand like a champ now
- You get so excited when you see Cam or Daddy get home
- You love Sunday mornings in bed. You & Emmy just constantly stand up & plop down
- You have become a picky eater. Oranges, bananas, pb&J & grilled cheese are your preferred favorites
- You adore the remote control still
- You still give Mommy & Daddy great snuggles
- You learned how to give kisses & sometimes even hugs!
- You have figured out that you don't like when Emmy takes things from you & you make it known
- You are the most beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed little monkey!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Tradition Continues

Of "Sitko" boys who do NOT like their picture taken. We bought Em a nice new shirt (which he enjoyed shopping for, ironically) & got him his 1st real haircut, all to get ready for picture day at school! Welp, upon my arrival Friday afternoon this is what I hear
"Emmy refused to get his picture taken. He didn't kick & scream, he just refused to sit on the stool & let the man take his picture. We tried everything!"
Oh my...at least he cooperated for his class photo. Wonder what that will look like?!

Friday, September 30, 2011

I am from

A childhood friend shared her take on this writing prompt & I was inspired, as a daughter & now mother, to create my own. I hope that WE can create such amazing memories & family love for our children.

I am from homemade Jello-Kool Aid popsicles, Cabbage Patch Kids & epic Christmas tree decorating.

I am from the house on Paradise Street with a pool in the yard & Strawberry Shortcake covering every inch of my room. I am from the 4th house on the left with the steep driveway in the cul-de-sac with amazing snow forts. I am from the house with far too many bedrooms & a deck filled with oldies on a Sunday night.

I am from the plum tree in Mr. Frank's yard & the overly-sugared strawberries grown under the kitchen window. I am from the soggy swail, made soggier by the Slip N Slide.

I am from the table full of laughter stretching from kitchen to dining room on Thanksgiving Day in Abington. I am from a stocking marked "K" filled with an orange & a sock hat on Christmas Eve in Manayunk. I am from Mummers parades in South Philly.

I am from Babci & Dziadziu, Ciocci Lorraine, Grandpop & Muz. I am from the Sitko's & the Piechoski's.

I am from polkas at weddings, Mummer struts on New Years Day & dances to "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'" around the Christmas tree.

I come from bears chasing cars and was "adopted at birth."

I am from Peter Pan collars & plaid jumpers. I am from naps on my Daddio's shoulder during midnight mass.

I’m from Poland, kielbasa & the aroma of butter sauteing homemade pierogi. I am from spaghetti & meatballs with uncooked garlic bread on my birthday. I am from freshly baked brownies after school.

I am From the ER nurse who scrubs knees, the computer guy who wears sneakers quite often, but has the biggest stash of shoe polish known to man.

I am from the cedar chest, the dining room wall with random frames on McClellan street. I am from the quick & quiet click of the slide show projected on the big screen.

I am from a family built upon love, support & laughter.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


That is our current state of life. A friend of mine put it perfectly when on Friday she posted to Facebook "Some people look forward to the weekend to let loose & get crazy. I like the weekend to get my life in order." That's it, that's us right now. Being the optimistic Momma that I am, I've been trying my hardest to balance my Mommy duty, Working-Woman duty, Wife duty & Friend duty. Thankfully, I manage to squeeze a touch of each into each day, which I think is what keeps me sane most days. I love my time with my boys, be it playing for an hour in Emory's bedroom after school with my 2 babies or reading them bedtime stories. Our time together, while it has become shorter, it has become more meaningful. The dishes can wait & pb&j for dinner (or breakfast for that matter) is perfectly acceptible. Our past weekend consisted of a long afternoon at the pumpkin patch, followed by a family dinner at Liberty Taproom. It is moments like that which I hope & pray that my boys remember & not the fits of waking up & getting out before 6:45 am. We are doing our best boys, I promise you that :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy BIRTHDAY Harlan Joseph!

As usual, I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! My baby is 12 months old! ONE YEAR!!! One year ago, he graced us with his presence & has been a smiling, joyful, calm little presence in our lives. He starts our days with smiles & excitment & ends it with peacefulness & calm. Everything in between is just pure joy. He has grown & changed so much. He is becoming a little boy, but will ALWAYS be Mommy's baby (just like Emmy!) Here is what he is up to!
- Eats like a CHAMP! He eats his dinner & then finishes up Em's scraps!
- Grunts & groans when he sees someone else eating something (usually sweets) that he wants to eat too!
- Drinks out of a sippy all day, except for a bedtime bottle
- Has given up his binky during the day & just has it at naps & bedtime
- Has 6 teeth & looks like a little hillbilly b/c they are spaced out & not fully grown in. So cute!
- Has beautiful, blonde hair
- Still has gorgeous blue eyes that everyone compliments him on
- Wears 9-12 month clothing
- Cruises around the furniture
- Stands alone for a few seconds in his pack n play
- Sounds adorable when he eats...Mommy & Daddy love those little munching sounds
- Likes to share his food with Layla
Happy birthday, sweet boy! We are so excited to celebrate with you this weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Clearly things have been CRAZY since moving! After moving, we went on vacation to the Poconos & then started (and ended for some of you) daycare the following week. We have settled almost completely into the new house & the boys are comfy in their new rooms with their beds & toys & books. Emory & Harlan were both sick earlier this week, but are getting better day by day! Our days now look something like this:
5 am: Daddy wakes up & takes Cameron to Royersford then goes to work
6 am: Mommy wakes up & gets ready
6:15-6:30: Emory wakes up & gets dressed & ready, then incessantly asks for Mommy to hold him
6:30: Wake Harlan up & gets his diaper changed (thankfully Jen gets him dressed at her house! One less step in the morning can save alot of time!)
6:45: Gather up Emmy's breakfast box & Mommy's coffee & off to Antietam Academy!
6:50: Get Emmy settled in at AA with his breakfast which is usually a juice box, pancakes/waffles & oranges!
7: Drop Harlan off at Jen's!
7:15-7:20: Mommy arrives at work!
3: Pick up Harlan at Jen's
3:30: Pick up Em at AA
3:45: Play, read, play, read, play!!!! Mommy loves this part of the day!
5: Wait for Daddy to get home & eat dinner!
6:30: Harlan snuggles upstairs with Mommy & drinks his bottle :)
7:30: Emmy reads upstairs with Mommy & goes to bed!

Happy 11 Months, Harlan!

You have become a VERY busy boy this month!
- you army crawl & are starting to crawl on your hands and knees
- you have your 2 middle bottom teeth, 2 eye teeth & 1 top middle tooth....hence you have been a tad cranky
- you love to pull up on things, especially tables
- you still only say mama and dada
- you sleep 730-730 and nap 9-10 and 1-330
- you are obsessed with your binky
- you are down to sippys all day & 1 bedtime bottle
- you love muffins &I all breakfast foods
- you do not like lunch/dinner foods
- you are so happy when your brothers share Popsicles with you
- you finally got a real crib when we moved into our new house!
- you have figured out how to climb onto the landing on the bottom of the steps at the new house
- you yell at Emory when he yells at you
- you do your first original trick! When you have the pretend dentist mirror, you try to

Sunday, July 24, 2011


380 Washington Avenue Phoenixville, Pa
March 23, 2007: We signed the papers to buy our first house for our future family
May 9, 2008: We brought home our first baby, Layla Mayzelle
May 16, 2008: We officially became a family of 3, Kirsten, Daddy & Cameron
June 2009: Future Mommy took a test in the upstairs bathroom after school one day & confirmed that we would become a family of 4! When Daddy got home from work, he knew exactly what I was going to tell him when I made him come upstairs for a little surprise (aka showing him the + pregnancy test)
February 24, 2009: We brought home Baby Emory Vaughan to his 1st home. Layla & Cameron greeted him warmly in the kitchen.
January 2010: Mommy took a test (in Target, LOL!) that confirmed that we could be bringing home the next little brother!
September 13, 2010: Harlan Joseph was given a very warm welcome at home, complete with balloons & presents.
July 2011: We officially put our house up for sale
This home has given us soooo many sweet memories. We have squeezed many people in for parties & squeezed many in for Saturday morning cartoons. We have had a few nights with minimal sleep, but lots of love. We have had 99% laughs & 1% tears. This home has built the foundation for our family. Although Emory & Harlan may not remember living here, we hope that we have given them plenty of joy living here. Cameron will remember the big hill in the back yard, while it is huge, he will remember it as even bigger. He will remember playing hockey, baseball, basketball, etc in the alley & being sent to the basement to entertain himself! He will remember his first (and only) shared room with Emory. Emory & Harlan will look back at pictures & videos & hopefully see tons of fun, smiles & love. Mommy's favorite memories here are most certainly the quiet of the night (be it at 7:30 bedtime snuggling or a 2 am consoling of a bad dream) with my 2 baby boys. We've had many a family dinner here, even if it was chicken nuggets, rice, green beans, veggie burgers, left over pizza, left over mashed potatoes, etc! We are ready. We are ready to move on to bigger & better. We are excited & anxious for what the future will bring. Momma is going back to work & the little ones are headed to daycare. Everyone will grow through this change, but it is all for the better. 380 Washington Avenue has treated us well, but we are ready for the next chapter. It will no doubt be full of fun, excitement, growth & change. As long as we have the 5 of us together, we will be just fine & make more wonderful family memories.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 10 Months, Bugga!

Momma better get to plannin' b/c you are going to be 1 before we know it! This was a VERY exciting month!
- You started & perfected the army crawl. Sometimes we put you down & walk away for a second & you are in a whole new room already! Tonight you ventured into the bathroom!
- You got 2 teeth! You got the 1st one over the weekend of June 25-26 & the other one this past Monday July 4th!
- You saw your first fireworks. You liked them :)
- You still say "Dada!" & nothing else, but you like to hear yourself "talk." You wake up & chat, chat, chat until someone comes to get you
- You think Emory is hilarious. You like when he plays with you.
- Mommy LOVES LOVES LOVES bedtime with you. Mommy gives you your bottle & you doze off. When you are done your bottle, you snuggle for a little with Mommy & doze off. Ah...it is Mommy's favorite time of the day. We sometimes snuggle before naps too b/c Mommy loves it so much.
- You are so content, but starting to get mad when Emory takes things from you. You yell at him.
- You are a wiggle worm for diaper changes.
- You are very close to getting out of your pack n play & into a real crib!!!
- You eat 3 baby food meals/day: breakfast - fruit, lunch - fruit & veggie, dinner - meat & veggie/fruit.
- You don't like real people food. We tried to give you mashed potatoes & you threw up all over the place. We also tried to give you level 3 food (a little chunkier) & you threw that up too.
- The 1 real food that you LOVE is ice cream! Mommy loves sharing it with you :)
- You drink 4 bottles/day: 8 am, 11:30 am, 4 pm & 8 pm
- You love wipes. You like to rip them out of the package, throw them, eat them, etc. You just love them.
- You love books. You like when Mommy reads them & you like to look through them by yourself too.
- You are so good & cooperative. You are very content to explore all by yourself & don't need to be entertained.
- You love taking walks in the stroller or in your Moby wrap.
- You still have beautiful blue eyes & very blonde hair. You are so handsome :)
- You are still on the smaller side, 24th %ile for weight & 50th %ile for height. We don't quite understand it b/c you have chubby cheeks & the cutest rolly polly legs.
- You are trying to start pulling up. Your favorite place to try is at the bottom of the end tables. You try to pull up & pull off whatever you can & throw it on the floor.
- You are really starting to mimic others. You will wave, clap, bang on things, blow raspberries & make indian noises when someone else does too.
- You are fabulous in every way, shape & form. You are a true joy from sunrise to sunset & every minute in between. You are even a joy with teething...we didn't even realize that you got your teeth b/c you weren't very fussy!
We adore you & love you so so so so so so much, Harlan Joseph!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Like the Big Boys

Emory admires Cam in every way, shape & form. Case & point...

- Photobucket

Wearing a helmet to bat, just like Cami

- Photobucket

Being a "hockey guy" in Cami's sweatshirt

Harlan's 1st Tooth!

Harlan got his 1st tooth while Mommy was away at Girl's Weekend! I put a spoon in his mouth to feed him his dinner on Monday & there it was! I don't think you can really see it in the picture, but ah well, it is on the bottom left :)

- Photobucket

Phillies Camp

This week Cam is LOVING his belated birthday/Christmas gift from this past year. He has been attending Phillies Baseball Academy. Today they took a field trip to Citizen's Ball Park. He got to see sooo much including the batting cages, locker rooms, the field (up close & personal) & much more! I asked if it was worth it & he said "Oh...it is MORE THAN worth it!" We love hearing all of his stories about camp when he gets home!

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Choppy Chop

I tried to post the play-by-play of what happened when our little bug got very sick a few weeks ago, but it never posted. Long story short, Mr. Harlan was at 3 hospitals in 12 hours & was finally positively diagnosed with Intussusception. Thankfully the other treatment he needed was an iv, but after 36 hours of an emotional rollercoaster, we were so grateful that our little man was home healthy. He had his first trip to the ER & his 1st ambulance ride.

- Photobucket
Naptime with Momma in his cribby

- Photobucket
"Get me outta here!"

- Photobucket
Reading books to pass the time

- Photobucket
Our sick baby :(

- Photobucket
Snugglin with Dada

- Photobucket
Very very very sick at Phoenixville Hospital

Pictures for the People!

Momma just figured out how to link her phone pics with our blog! Here's some cuties!

- Photobucket

- Photobucket
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

- Photobucket
Happy Father's Day, Papa!

- Photobucket
Emmy's cool new hat from Texas!

- Photobucket
Harlan's cool new hat from Texas!

- Photobucket
Little brothers :)

- Photobucket
Cutie pie!

- Photobucket
We <3 snacktime
- Photobucket
"Dude! Share your donut!"

- Photobucket
One day Emmy, I think he's gonna get ya back!

- Photobucket
Harlan's 1st Charity Walk for CFF

- Photobucket
Ah....sweet dreams, Baby Boy!

- Photobucket
Our very strong boy!

- Photobucket
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy...the best pic we've got!

- Photobucket
MJ & Emmy at the goat races

- Photobucket

- Photobucket
The Easter Bunny

- Photobucket
Chuck E. Cheese

- Photobucket
Handsome man

- Photobucket
Happy St. Patty's!

- Photobucket
My boys

- Photobucket
We looove smoothies!

- Photobucket
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sesame Place

Last week Gamma & Papa took us to Sesame Place! We loved it, especially the big huge tube water slide!

- Photobucket

Beach Time!

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

- Photobucket

Uncle Sean & Grandpa Fleischman were nice enough to invite us down to the beach house for a few nights & we couldn't pass up a few nights at the shore! We arrived at Reed's Beach on Wednesday night & got settled in & relaxed. Grandma made a delicious of linguine with clam sauce, salad & bread. On Friday we bummed around & slowly got Harlan used to Uncle Sean. Harlan is a sensitive little soul & he was just stunned by Uncle Sean's amazingly good looks & he couldn't contain himself :) Cam had fun taking a trip to the Wildwood Boardwalk with Uncle Sean & Donna. He enjoyed some Mack's pizza & Mountain Dew & played some games. He even won a cool Wolverine stuffed figure & a sword. Aunt Kirsten, Chris & Baby Shi also came down to spend the day. Shi & Harlan had fun having a "Who is sicker" competition of coughing & sneezing, while Grandpa, Sean, Aunt Kirsten & Chris had fun fishing. Shi & Harlan enjoyed spending some qt playing with each other & Grandma. Later in the afternoon Mommy, Donna & Emory took a nice walk. Emory loved playing in the sand & rolling around in it. When we got back Daddy had arrived! Soon thereafter Uncle Sean & Chris both caught stingrays. Mommy, Em & Cam had fun watching them try to reel them in b/c they got stuck. Aunt Julie & Uncle Sean to the rescue!!!! They both jumped in to try to release the stingrays & in the meanwhile, Julie realized her phone was in her pocket, Sean lost the pliers in the water & Aunt Kirsten wiped out on the deck. It all looked like a scene out of a comedy sketch! We then had a delicious dinner of steak, chicken, pasta & soft shelled crabs. Yum! After dinner Aunt Julie, Cam & Emory had a jam session on the deck. It was HILARIOUS & was well documented. Hopefully I can get my hands on the video to share with you all! The sunset was beautiful that night & everyone took a moment to stop to enjoy it. On Friday morning Mommy, Daddy, Cam, Emory & Harlan got up early & headed to the Wildwood Boardwalk. We had fun walking around together & checking out the sights. We were there too early to play games, but we had a nice time. Mommy headed home after the boardwalk to go out for girl's night at home. Daddy stuck around at the beach house & had a nice afternoon & evening with the boys. They played & spent some qt time with everyone. Cam & Daddy even went to a late night movie showing with Uncle Sean & Donna. Thanks to Uncle Sean, Donna, Grandma & Grandpa for a fun few days at the beach!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It is Days Like Today

...that I don't question for 1 second why I gave up fancy Coach purses, new clothes weekly & the quest for our dream house sooner than later. I had an amazing, yet exhausting day & loved every second of it. The day started sooner than expected with a wake-up call from Emory shortly after my 7 am alarm clock. The big guy usually sleeps until at least 7:30 am, but he woke up chipper as can be at 5 after 7. We snuggled for a few & he enjoyed an episode of Fresh Beat Band, while I got dressed & threw a load of wash in. Harlan Barlan was soon to follow with his happy little chatter in the monitor. We enjoyed breakfast with our buddy, Noah & headed out to take Cameron to school. No fallen bloody noses today, like we had yesterday. We rocked out to some NKOTB on the way to school, then made a stop to Target. Yes, me & 2 babies & 1 toddler in search of a Mom-kini. Surprisingly enough, while Emory acted like a monkey swinging on the cart, climbing on the bench in the changing room & harassing his baby brother, I found a suit. We headed to the YMCA & about 45 minutes later, the 4 of us were lubed up & ready to swim! We actually all had a little something to eat before the pool opened. Emory had a blast splashing in the kiddie pool & running to & from the splash pad. The kid is a fish!!!! Harlan & Noah both enjoyed some time in the water too, exploring this new found huge tubby & spraying sprinklers! We stopped every once in awhile for some crackers, fruit snacks & juice...just to slow life down a bit! We played catch with Gaia & Lorelei & got sun kissed cheeks in the meanwhile. Once everyone started to crash, we dried off & headed home. Once there, everyone was out like a light & snoozed & snoozed, while Momma Bear baked cakes to make cake pops for the weekend. Our afternoon was full of more water fun in the baby pool in the back yard. Em enjoyed a homemade "pop-icle" in his pool & chatted with Momma. I literally could have stopped time as I watched him lick his pop, while the sun reflected off of his sweat-kissed forehead & the pool water reflected onto his chair. Ah...these are the moments that I wish could stand still forever. A sprinkler request was fulfilled & he giggled & ran all over. Again...I could live in that moment forever :) Harlan finally graced us with his presence after an almost 4 hour nap. Sun sucks the life out of that little dude. He sucked down a bottle & Daddy & Cam soon arrived. Momma headed out for some much needed exercise & arrived home during a torrential downpour with our much needed pizza dinner. We all sat down together, the 5 of us & enjoyed dinner together...not fancy, but necessary. Harlan crashed for the night soon thereafter & let Momma rock him as he fell asleep on her shoulder for a few minutes & then let me rock him on my lap so that I could watch him sleep. He is the sweetest, snuggliest little monster. I remember craving those snuggles & never getting them from Em. Emory followed me around to play baseball while I cleaned up a little. The kid just doesn't stop & I love it. A little teeth brushing & all the kiddo's were snuggled into bed. I feel like I haven't stopped for 1 minute today, but I lived each second of each minute of each hour of today. I love being a Momma...their Momma. This is why I was put here. I love you baby boys!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 9 Months, Bugga!

Oh my, only 3 more months until my little Bug turns 1! It is not even possible... He is growing & changing so quickly. This has been a very exciting month! My baby boy is getting so big! Here is what you are up to:
- Clapping! Oh, so cute when you does it!
- Making your scrunchy, snorty nose face. I think it means you're full? None the less, it is adorable
- Getting annoyed with Emory & showing it! You get po'd when Emory takes something that you are having fun with. I.e. Your binky as you peacefully snoozes in your car seat.
- Sitting pretty! You are so good at it now, with the exception of when your big brother purposefully pushes you down. Call me crazy, but I think a year from now roles will be swapped. Watch it, Em, I think your little bro will quickly be your younger, but bigger bro :)
- You adore your big brothers. They love to make you laugh & you are fascinated by them.
- You had your 1st trip to the ER, trip in an ambulance & overnight stay in the hospital.
- You are getting so blonde & have had 4 haircuts.
- You still have beautiful blue eyes, that everyone compliments you on.
- You love playing in the pool. You love sitting in your booster in the baby pool, or playing in the big pool with Momma.
- You have a "thing" with the feel of certain things. You absolutely hate the feel of this squishy ball that Emory has. You cry if it touches you & that says alot b/c you hardly ever cry.
- You sleep from 7:30/8 pm - 8/8:30 am & Momma LOVES LOVES LOVES that!
- You say "Dada." Momma is proud, but waiting.... I am not impressed when you incessantly yell "Dada" in my face every morning as I patiently show you how to say "Momma" all day long
- You figured out how to scoot backwards on your belly on the hardwood floor
- You sometimes sleep with your sweet little hiney in the air. Oh how I love it!
- You still have no teeth
- You wear size 2 diaps & size 9 month clothing. You are getting BIG BIG BIG!
- You love to eat! You have 4 bottles/day & eat 3 meals. You love everything that touches your lips, except avocado. We still try to give you puffs, but you don't seem to like them. No real table food yet.
- You are getting better with your sippy cup
- You can stand up & hold on to the sofa for a few minutes
- You are the best baby ever. You are sweet & happy & patient & silly & I love every moment of every day with you. I love your smiles & your fat cheekies! My favorite thing to do with you is hug you & kiss your fat cheeks. I love your snuggles, especially when you lay your head on my chest or shoulder. Happy 9 months, sweet baby. We love you so much.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Or not.... While the rest of the tri-state area was gearing up for beach-hopping & amusement-park hopping, we were hospital-hopping. Here's the play by play since I insist that Harlan know one day all about this!
Friday 5/27
6:30 am - Em woke up, which in turn woke Harlan up. I went & got Harlan who immediately started SCREAMING as if he were in major pain. He cycled through screaming & practically falling asleep for a good 20 minutes. While Emory followed me around yelling "Mommy I need juuuuuice!" I called Matt & my Mom. After refusing to eat & throwing up a bit of mucus, we decided it was best to take Harlan to the ER. This behavior was just not typical of our sweet, easy-going little man! I packed them up & left Cam to sleep in until someone could get him to school. Priorities, priorities! Poor Em got his head whacked on the shed as we left :( Momma felt bad, but just like his juice, he was on the back burner for now!
7:30 am - Arrived at Phoenixville Hospital with a sick baby, a very confused toddler & Pop Tarts, our saving grace! Being the mess that I was, I went in to the wrong part of the hospital, the bright red EMERGENCY signs just don't cut it for a flustered, nervous Momma! I walked to where the ER used to be, only to be completely confused as to my whereabouts, but certain that I wasn't in the ER. I returned to the information desk, which was empty. I finally found a desk for a doctor's office, only to be dumbly questioned "Is someone sick?" as my baby cried, my toddler whined when I asked how to get to the ER. Seriously, lady?!?!??! This was clue #1 that this was about to be a very very very very long day! An office worker escourted us through the back of the ER. Em settled in nicely with his Pop Tarts, while Harlan got his vitals taken. As in typical Phoenixville Hospital style, they treated us like I was being an over-reactive parent. Hello idiots, I know my baby & he does not have a little virus or a simple cold. The doc finally came in to see him after about an hour & suspected Intussusception, as he appeared to be a text book case....cycles of pain/calm, pulling his legs to his belly, he had now thrown up 3 times, etc. I have to say, Emory was an angel in the ER. I seriously didn't even know he was there half the time, as he sat quietly munching on his Pop Tart & sipping on his juice that I finally got for him. He was so sweet though, everytime someone came & left the room he would say "Harlan all better now? We go home now?"
Around 8:30-9 am Grancie was our saving grace & arrived to take Em for a playdate! Thank goodness b/c shortly before her arrival he resorted to "fixing" whatever he could find with a real screwdriver that he had found in the diaper bag....don't ask! Daddy had also arrived, which made everyone a feel better. Shortly thereafter, they did an xray of Harlan sitting & one of him lying down.
10:30 am After waiting far too long, they came back to do another xray, this time lying on his belly, as they said they saw nothing worthwhile on the 1st xrays. Harlan was now asleep at this point, so he cooperated quite well, he just laid on the xray film.
11:30 am Harlan napped & woke up feeling fine, seriously, he appeared completely fine! We were discharged b/c they didn't see anything on the xrays. We were told to keep an eye on his behavior & to look out for projectile vomiting, etc. I wasn't convinced that he was ok, but who am I to tell?!?
12:30 pm We arrived home after a much-needed quick stop at Dunkin Donuts. Harlan drank some Pedialyte & part of a bottle. With Daddy back at work & Emory out having fun, we both passed out!
2:30 pm Emory arrived home from his playdate & Mommy & Grancie chatted. Thankfully, Grancie went to pick up Cam from school so the little ones could nap.
3:30 pm Harlan woke up from his nap & seemed normal. I fed him a bottle, only to be thrown up all over on! I swear his throw up launched across the room. I became re-alarmed & decided that we needed to pack it in & head to Bryn Mawr as soon as Daddy got home. Harlan then cycled through miserable/happy & Grancie was here to witness it. We agreed that something was NOT right!
4:45 pm Daddy got home & we flew to Bryn Mawr. Upon arrival, I had to laugh b/c our "very sick" little baby was fast asleep. They quickly check him in & got him back to a room. A really sweet doc came in & immediately called for an ultrasound. Mommy was THRILLED with this!
7:00 pm We took out little guy up for his u/s. As if he were cued, he started fussing pretty seriously right before they started the u/s. Daddy & I were kind of happy b/c we knew that if something was wrong, it would surely show at this point. Our poor little guy got more & more upset as the u/s progressed, but about 2 minutes into it we heard "Oh, there it is!" They found it! He did have Intussusception! I wanted to jump up & down simply with the diagnosis. Not b/c I was happy that he was sick, but b/c I followed my gut & I just knew he was sick & I was right. The doctor then told us "Ok, the next step is to transport him to CHOP or DuPont." Matt & I both must have appeared in shock at hearing "transport" & "CHOP/DuPont." We both assumed that they could treat him here! But, no big deal, we were just happy that he was on the road to getting better!
8:30 pm It was almost time to head to CHOP, so they attempted giving our little man an iv. Oh my....this was heartbreaking. One nurse tried & failed. He then tried again & failed. Once the EMT's arrived, they decided they should try. Ugh....once again failed attempt. Harlan was now exhausted & traumatized. It may not sound so, but imagine holding down your little peanut while they try to stick him again & again & again while he screams.
9:15 pm Harlan was loaded into the ambulance & off we went. Dad followed in our car. Mommy got to sit in the back with Harlan. He was so sweet. He was a little listless, but as soon as I put my hand on his leg, he grabbed onto it & fell asleep.
10 pm We arrived at CHOP & were given a triage room. We had to wake up our little guy to change him into a gown & get ready for yet another iv. This time the nurse did it with minimal trauma thankfully. We hung out & waited while they read the u/s disc from Bryn Mawr.
11 pm They told us that they couldn't get a clear read on the u/s & wanted to do their own study. They did note that they did see the Intussusception, but not well enough to want to follow through with treatment. We took Harlan up & the tech couldn't find the Intussusception. Ugh....seriously?!? The doc made it sound like they were going to send us home, which we were not happy with b/c we knew from our experience all day that this seems to come & go.
12 pm Our little man passed out in the triage room & we were told that we were going to be admitted & kept for 24 hours for observation. We were very happy with this decision, as returning at 5 am didn't sound too appealing has he had another episode.
2 am We were moved up to our room & settled in. Mommy & Harlan slept in the room, with our snoring roomates & Daddy slept out in the very hot/humid car.
7 am After intermittent sleep for both Harlan & Mommy the surgical team came in & said that we would move Harlan onto clear liquids, then formula, then solids & see how he did.
9 am Harlan drank a bottle & did great! He kept it down & was minimally fussy. Mommy & Daddy were a little nervous though b/c he still wasn't quite himself :(
10 am Daddy went home to relieve Grancie & take the boys to spend the day/night with their cousins! Thank goodness for family in times like this! Mommy & Harlan napped here & there & took some walks around the hospital.
12 noon Harlan was cleared for solids & chowed down on some bananas!
3 pm We were told that we were going to be discharged sometime tonight if all continued well!
5 pm Mommy & Daddy took turns playing with Harlan. We read books, played with tampon boxes (that was a "toy" that Daddy offered), took pictures, played Words with Friends & just spent some quite time with our little guy
7:15 pm HOME FREE! We were given the all clear to go home! Mommy told Harlan that this is even more exciting than bringing him home from the hospital the first time. I don't think it was quite that good, but a definite close second!
We are home now & Harlan is sound asleep in his crib. His big brothers are spending the night at Denise's, but I am sure they are anxious to see him tomorrow. Our little man was a trooper to say the least. He was so sweet through all of this & we are so grateful to have him back to normal. Fingers crossed that this doesn't happen again, but if it does, we know EXACTLY what to do! Baby Harlan, please don't scare Mommy & Daddy like that again. If you want some one on one time with us, just ask :) Also, Harlan (and the rest of the crew), we are SO SO SO SO SO blessed to be surrounded with such loving, helpful & supportive friends & family. We wouldn't have kept our sanity without them or been able to give you, Harlan, the undivided love & attention that you needed from Mommy & Daddy if it weren't for them!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 8 Months, Buca!

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Wow...where is time going?!? I feel like Emory shouldn't be 8 months old, let alone Harlan! Here is what our little man is up to:
- Sitting up like a CHAMP!
- Trying to start a little movement during tummy time
- Eating solids 2x a day
- Your face LIGHTS UP when you smile & Mommy & Daddy love love love it!
- You jump like crazy in your exer-saucer
- You can hold yourself up for a few seconds on the edge of the couch
- You are happy 99.9% of your day
- You started sleeping well again (knock on wood!)
- Your day looks like this: 6 am feed, sleep 6-8, play/eat 8-1130, sleep 1130-3, play/eat 3-7:30 (sometimes with a cat nap in between), 7:30 bedtime!
- You think Emory & Cameron are hilarious!
- You weigh 15+ lbs
- You are still tooth-less, but I think one will come soon!
- You are a tummy-time champ!
- You are still a snuggle bug
I think this next month will bring lots of wonderful new things, as you seem to change everyday! You are awesome & your bring our family more joy than you can imagine.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


We took our yearly Easter trip to Florida again this year. Unfortunately, Daddy had to work, so he couldn't make it, but we had fun skyping with him on Easter. We also got to see Granpy & Grancie on Easter too! We had so much fun swimming, going to an Easter egg hunt, going to Sea World, taking Harlan for his 1st beach trip & just spending lots of qt together with Gamma & Papa! The boys loved the plane rides & were so well behaved. I'll post some pics later!

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