Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, it was a good one! Santa did great & the kids loved all of their presents. Emory's favorites were his new car & his pizza. He dove right in & was eating it all morning! He was a good little boy & shared with everyone too!
Harlan was interested in what was going on, but obviously had no clue. Cam had a blast helping his brothers open their presents & getting a few of his own as well. He loved his wrestling shirt & new basketball, but most of all loved his Eagles tickets!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It is 9:56 pm and Santa is on his way! We had a great day together celebrating Christmas eve. We spent the afternoon at Grancie and Granpys house. Cam and Em had fun opening presents and we had a nice lunch. Harlan was a good boy and ate napped and watched everyone. Tonight we had our usual Christmas eve dinner at the Hackendahls. The kids had a blast playing and opening presents. Uncle Peep does the stockings for the kids, which is always a hit. They got the typical hats and oranges just like we did as kids. Now we are heading home to play Santa. Being a parent at Christmas is even better than Christmas was as a kid. I just love being able to create special holiday memories for our boys. We are so lucky to be able to not only provide them.with great gifts, but special people to share the holidays with, delicious food on their plates and a warm cozy bed to go home to have sweet dreams in. We don't take any of it for granted any day, but especially around the holidays and we are doing our best to instill thaT sane appreciation in them. So, home we go to get ready for a big morning tomorrow! I know that I will be waking the greatest gift ever tomorrow morning and that is waking up to my beautiful family. Merry Christmas 2010!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As usual, December is full of fun & excitement getting ready for Christmas!  Emory loves all of the decorations around the house & when we go driving.  When he woke up from his nap to see the decorations when he first saw them he said "Momma, I like it!"  He has been a very good boy just looking at the tree with his eyes, not hands!  He makes a special point to get his eyes very close, but not touch.  Harlan loves to look at the lights as well.  Cam is very into our Elf on a shelf, Larry.  Unfortunately, Larry is being very forgetful this year & isn't moving every night, as he should :)  Emory also LOVES his Christmas tree in his room.  It must be on for naps & bedtime.  This week Poppa & Gamma are here getting ready for Christmas with us.  We made pierogis (with Em's help) & cookies.  Emory likes to taste test, as opposed to cook/bake.  His favorite thing to ask right now is "Whatchu doin here?"  Emory also got a very special Christmas stocking that Gamma made for him.   It is beautiful & he will have it forever.  Emory talked to Santa on the telephone last night & asked for some gifts.  He wants pizza, a big firetruck, a ball, a green binky for Harlan, a green bag for Cameron, a tattoo for Daddy & a pirate for Mommy.  He wants no parts of actually meeting Santa in person though. Harlan did though!  He did great with Santa!  He even smiled for the camera.
We are so excited for Harlan's 1st Christmas, even though he won't really know whats going on.  Hopefully Emory loves it as much as he has loved prepping for it & we know Cameron is so excited to spend time with his brothers on Christmas morning & see then open their presents.
We also made a few special holiday field trips!  We went to Christmas Village to see all of the lights & we also went to Peddler's Village with Grancie & Granpy to do the same.  Hopefully we've started some new, special traditions with our boys!  We got our tree as well & I think it was the quickest trip ever to get a Christmas tree...3 kids will do that!  We put up the tree on Saturday morning & had alot of fun.  Emory even learned the "Santa Clause Wants Some Lovin'" Dance.   The boys got their ornaments for this year & Emory broke his within 1 minute of having it, but they are cute none the less!
Well, Santa if you are out there reading this, please make note that we have 3 VERRRRRY good boys here & we know that you will be good to them!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy 3-Month Birthday, Harlan Joseph!

I can't believe how fast time is flying by.  You are a true joy, every second of every day...ok except for most bath times.  Here is what you are up to at 3 months
- Pushing 13 lbs & 26 inches
- Size 1-2 diapers
- Very smiley!
- On a nice schedule, wake at 8 am, nap from 9-10, nap from 12-2, cat nap in the evening
- You are so pleasant when you are awake, as long as you don't have a poopy diap
- Recently found your hands, you shove your whole left fist in your mouth
- Still love your binky
- Wiggle worm around during diaper changes
- Sleep like a champ at night, 10 pm til 8 am
- Seriously hardly ever cry, unless you are cold, staaaaarving or really poopy
- You smile when Emory talks to you
- You talk up a storm to Daddy
- Instantly smile when you see Daddy's acoustic guitar hanging on the wall
- You love looking at Christmas lights
- Eat every 4 hours
You are the most content little person that I've ever met.  You are so sweet & your coo's and smiles make my days complete.