Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can We Do It...

Yes we can! Emory loves to imitate Bob the Builder recently & will just randomly shout out "Yes we can!" Well, he is right. We can get by all alone with our little boys & we are doing great. Yesterday was our first full day & we managed to all get dressed, fed & out the door for Gym Tots, and to top it off, we were early! Harlan was a champ & slept through tots, while Emory & I had special Mommy-Son play time together. In the afternoon we made a trip to Target & then Liz & Michael came over to meet Baby Harlan & play for a little. Daddy took Em to Cam's football practice while Harlan & Mommy got our special time together. Everyone slept well & here we are ready for our second full day alone. It is pouring outside, so I decided last night that it is going to be a Jammie day today. We love Jammie days. We stay in our pj's all day & just play at home. We started our day all waking up at 7 am, which we somehow managed, watched some Handy Manny & now both boys (at 9 am) are down for a nap. Emory stayed up late, only had one nap & played hard with Daddy last night. The house is clean & all of the laundry is washing, so I am just having some down time, daydreaming about working out again :) Just a few cute things from this morning, Emory wanted to play "Guys" (i.e. When we play with action figures & Mommy doesn't know their names, so we call them all "Guy") & I asked Emory if he would share with Baby Harlan & without hesitation he took one of his guys & gently laid it next to Harlan's little hand. It was so sweet & he didn't think twice about sharing with his baby brother...brought tears to Mommy's eyes. Everyday Emory does something new & special that shows me each day that he is growing as a big brother & loving Baby Harlan each day. Yesterday as we were getting ready to go out, he realized that I did not have Harlan & he couldn't see him (He was lying in his pack n play) & he started feverishly going between the kitchen & living room saying "Baby Harlan? Baby Harlan?" As soon as I showed him where Baby Harlan was, he calmed down. It was just so cute, how his little 1 and a half year old self is already concerned with his baby brother. I love this life & I love the beautiful gifts that Matt has given me in our sons. Here's to a productive, non-boring rainy day at home with my baby loves :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you!!!!!

Grandma & Pop-Pop are officially off-duty! They left us this morning to head home to Florida. Over the past few weeks, they have made our lives so much simpler. From driving us all over creation, to making all of our meals, to cleaning the toilets, to snuggling the little ones, to playing a Tots with Emory, to getting Cameron to/from school, to doing all of the heavy lifting....they have taken VERY good care of us. I actually told my Dad that he needs to move up here to be my "Baby Nurse." Baby Harlan LOVES to fall asleep on Pop-Pops belly & Emory LOVES to play with Pop-Pop. Baby Harlan LOVES Grandma for giving him thumb sucking lessons & Emory LOVES Grandma's silly faces & voices. We are truly blessed to not only have had my parents help over the past few weeks, but to have given our babies the chance to get to know & love their Grandparents a little...a lot better. I think that is what actually means the most to me about these past few weeks. I wish I could win the lottery b/c the first thing I would do is send my parents on some sort of lavish vacation. We love you & forever owe you big time!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Brotherly Love

These 3 boys have got something special. Everyday something new happens between them that just gets me. This morning it was a few things. When Emory woke up this morning he called "Mommy" "Pop Pop" "Baby Harlan!" He does this every morning, but he never called Harlan until this morning. It was so cute. He finally realizes that Harlan is a real person & that he isn't going anywhere. Emory also says "Baby Harlan" about 50 times a day. Sometimes it is because he wants to know where he is, other times it is because he wants to hug him, sometimes it is because he wants to hold him, other times it is just to say it. None the less, it is the cutest little sound that comes out of Emory's mouth. And Cameron, he is being a great big brother. He is playing with Emory & teaching him what it means to be gentle & he holds Harlan & snuggles with him like he is his very own little snuggle bug.
On another note, my Mom has been here for almost 3 weeks & my Dad has been here for almost 1 week. They leave on Tuesday & I have NO CLUE how we are going to cope. They have done all of the cooking, cleaning, everything... These boys and Matt & I have been so spoiled by them being here. We can never do anything huge enough to repay them for everything that they have done to help keep us sane this week. Next week will be a true test of life with these boys! I half-joked that when my mom comes back in October that we will have 4 weeks worth of dirty clothes & 4 weeks of dirty dishes in the sink. Time will tell. None the less, we will have 3 beautiful boys that we love more than anything in the whole wide world. Clean or dirty house, clean or dirty clothes, home cooked meals or pb&j...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy 19 Month Birthday, Emory!

Well, life has taken you for quite a loop my baby! You are officially the middle brother & now a big brother. You are handling the big brother role quite well, you are not handling the "19 month old toddler" very well. This month you
- Became a big brother
- Started playing more & more independently
- Love to play with your cars
- Have fun running
- Make grunting noises when you watch football
- Laugh hysterically when Layla chases you around
- Are so in love with your Grandma & Pop Pop, who are here to help with our newest addition
- Still love your snuggle time with Mommy in the morning when we watch Sprout
- Hate to have your diaper changed
- Tell us when you have to Poo, but still go in your diap
- Are fascinated by everything that Cameron does & insist on mimicking everything, the good, the bad & the ugly
- Are very good with eating with a fork & spoon, especially cereal
- Enjoy sitting on the bench/chair at the kitchen table
- Love to color
- Recognize "Goofy" or as you like to call him (and we find adorable) "Goosey"
- Help to burp your baby brother
- Started saying your whole name "Emory Vaughan Fleischman"
- Get time-outs from Mommy/Daddy & sometimes put yourself in time-out
- Cried more real tears in 2 weeks, than you have in an entire year
- Love Elmo/Sesame books
- Like to play with stickers
- Are learning what it means to be gentle to Baby Harlan
- Can say "Harlan Joseph"
- Are getting good doing puzzles
- Are still the most adorable 19 month old baby out there :)
We love you Emory Vaughan & are looking forward to you growing & changing in the next month.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New, Perfect Love

Harlan Joseph is SUCH a sweetheart. He has such a wonderful personality & is so easily pacified. He simply goes with the flow, whether it is watching Mommy & Emory play or snuggling on the sofa, he just goes with it. He has had quite a few outings to Target, Wegmans & 2 playgrounds. He doesn't seem to love being in his carseat when it is still, but otherwise the boy barely cries. Even when he wakes up at night, he grunts for a few minutes before full-out crying. It gives Mommy a few minutes to get to him, before he wakes the whole household. He is spending more time awake, but still loves his sleep. The most that he has gotten up at night was twice, which we are thrilled about. Our love has multiplied once again & we feel so complete as a family.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ooooooh Life....

You are so good to this Mommy :)
We have been home for a few days now with both babies & it is going great! They are both sleeping like champs, which makes for very happy days & even happier nights.
Harlan is sooooooooo different than Emory was as a baby. He is a snuggler & seriously sleeps non-stop. Emory seemed to have more wakeful periods, but my baby Harlan made me proud by staying awake for almost his whole first trip to Target. Emory showed alot of interest & no jealousy in Harlan yesterday. He even walked up to him & was pointing out his nose, toes, hair, etc. He then said "Hold?" and I asked if he wanted to hold Baby Harlan & he said "Yes!" So he did & he did SUCH a good job (for a 18 month old)! He hugged him & kissed him & snuggled him & Grandma & Mommy's hearts just melted. Emory still needs to learn what it means to be gentle, but he is trying. I am so proud of him for being such a sweet older brother already. Then again, he does have Cameron as a role model for what it means to be an older brother, so it makes perfect sense!
Harlan is still eating well too. He has his first check-up today, so we will see how he is doing.
All continues to be well....we are so very blessed. Oh, and another HUGE blessing is Grandma being here to help, or shall I say, do everything except feed Harlan! My mom is the BEST BEST BEST! We would all be starving, have dirty clothes & a dirty house if it weren't for her. Oh, and Mommy would be losing her mind too!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Harlan Joseph Fleischman!
September 9, 2010
12:29 pm
8 lbs. 6 oz.
20.5 inches

He is finally here! Our lives changed yet again & we could not be happier! Harlan is a healthy & happy little boy. He seems rather laid-back thus far & is quite a snuggler! He has dirty, blondish, sandy hair & has lots of it! Cameron is over the moon, excited & loves snuggling with his new brother. He whispers sweet things into his ears, which is precious. Emory is not sure what to think, but did at least give Harlan a kiss. He also tried to hold his hand & take him for a walk.
All in all, life is great & we can't wait to bring our new love home!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

These are the days...

Winding down the days of Emory as the only baby & they are so special to me & I know they are to him too, he just doesn't realize it yet.
Matt is away today & tomorrow for his brother, Rich's, bachelor party, so it is just Emory & I & I kind of like it that way. Not that we both don't miss Daddy already (Emory has thrown a fit every time Matt walks out of his sight for the past 2 days) but I like having to 110% of my energy & attention to Emory, since it will soon be shared with his baby brother.
I won't lie, this morning I made Matt wake up at 6 am with Emory, but after hearing them playing downstairs for 30 minutes, I wanted to join in the fun, so they both came upstairs to hang out. We just laid in bed, acted silly, threw a football around & Emory said "Mommy" "Daddy" "Mommy" "Daddy" about a ba-gillion times, which is his new thing. He gets right in our face & says it & then just says it again & again, not asking for something specific, just saying it to say it. After Emory spilled an entire glass of red Kool Aid all over himself, me, the bed & floor Daddy took him downstairs while I cleaned up. Daddy put on some Police tunes & then left shortly after 8 & Emory had waffles, apple juice (of which he now says "juice" instead of "ju") & oranges. Then we listened to Emory's new favorite song "Peacock" by Katy Perry & got ready to go buy our Saturday morning cupcakes. At the farmer's market I just watched Emory play with a little tractor & some other random toys. We got a chocolate croissant to share at home, while Emory played on his slide & did some bubbles. We came in & played downstairs for a bit with Batman & Emory kept asking to watch Barney, but we didn't. Then upstairs for some cheese before his nap & then off to slumber land, where he is now. This afternoon we have some things planned & are going to visit Uncle Pete. Such a simple day, but such a spectacular day b/c I can't help but think throughout the day how next Saturday I will be laid up in a hospital bed & only get a little bit of time with my baby, Emory.
Em, I love you so much & I can't wait to see how great of a big brother you are going to be. This is all going to be a little crazy for you, but I know you will do great! I know that you don't understand it, but if it weren't for your Baby Brother, you wouldn't get to stay home with Mommy all school year & that is pretty special! We will be able to do lots of fun things like Gym Tots & swimming lessons & fall trips to the playground, which we wouldn't be able to do if Mommy had to work. I guess we should thank Daddy too, b/c he makes the big bucks so that we can do all of the fun things that we do :)
Thanks Daddy, we love you sooooooo much! Thanks for working hard so that Mommy can spend time lots of time with her boys this school year!
Baby Fleisch 2.0, we can't wait to meet you & introduce you to this beautiful world & your amazing friends & family who already love you to pieces. Emory & I are looking forward to spending our days with you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

...I think that means something :) Baby Fleisch 2.0, you are welcome to come this weekend, preferably sometime after mid-day on Sunday, once Daddy is home from Uncle Rich's bachelor party weekend. I know you were just waiting on one more thing & fear not, I bought it today...a new Coach diaper bag :) We even made extra room for you & all of your stuff in the living room, but moving the television out. See Baby, we are REALLY ready for you!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time for a Haircut!

Mommy decided it was time for a haircut today! 3 waffles, 1 banana & 30 minutes of Sprout, and we had a cutie little haircut :)