Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun with Grancie & Granpy!

Last weekend, while Mommy was at the beach relaxing & Daddy & Cameron were spending some QT together, Emory spent the afternoon/evening with Grancie & Granpy. From the looks of things Emory had a blast & from what Grancie & Granpy said, Emory provided them with plenty of entertainment!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wild & Precious Life

I read some other Mommy blogs & one talked about what she/her babies do in their wild & precious life. Well days, like today, we do lots in our wild & precious life...
We started our day together when I went in to make sure Emory was ok at 9:15 this morning! The kid has gotten into quite a night time sleep schedule. I can only forsee myself writing a post about how this has COMPLETELY changed in another few weeks, so I will savor it for now. Upon my arrival, I asked how he slept & he said "Good!" & then proceeded to tell me "poop," which resulted in his morning diaper change. Then we went in, like we do every morning & watched Sprout for a little while. I love these moments of quietly starting our day together. After 15-20 minutes, Emory has had enough & we headed downstairs for breakfast, which today was french toast sticks (or chicken as he calls them) with dip (syrup). Today he loved dipping his skinny little fingers into the "dip" & having me lick them off. Oh, and we can't forget his morning banana! After breakfast we played a little, mostly ball & then headed out to do some errands. We went to the craft store & looked around, tried on hats, bought a new wooden firetruck & some chalk. Then we went next store to look around the pet store. Emory loves to look at all of the animals. After we bid "Bye bye!" to the fish, we were off to Target for some random things. Emory loves to talk to the check-out people in Target. Today he struck up conversation with the old lady behind us. Once we got home, we busted out the chalk, which lasted all of 3 minutes, but was fun none the less. Then we just played outside for a little while. Emory loves exploring in the yard now that he is pretty stable on his feet. Emory attempted to feed himself some yogurt for lunch, then ate 2 blueberries & threw the other 10 or so. After a little whining & continuously saying "Layla May" he was up for a nap, which only lasted an hour today. He usually sleeps at least 2, but I think with his runny nose, he may be cutting some new teeth. After he woke up, we ate cupcakes together. He has the right idea...he smashed the top covered with icing up against his face & ate it in a fabulous way! After cupcakes, he was whiney again & spotted his pool outside & told me "Tub tub!" which meant he wanted to go out in the pool. Considering nothing was making him happy today, I figured we would try it. We went outside & played in the pool, climbed the steps, played ball, ripped grass out, slid down the grass on his butt butt, fell down the steps, learned how to sweep the driveway & then came in after a melt down saying "Hot! Hot!" when he sat on the driveway (which he had done earlier & was not affected). Then he came in for a real tub tub & kicked, screamed & tried to climb out the whole time. After his bath, we laid down & watched some "F@ck" as he calls it, which is Sprout until Daddy came home. When Daddy got home, Mommy cooked dinner while Emory & Daddy played ball, watched Youtube videos & played out front in the grass. Emory ate a good dinner & yet another cupcake & then played for a little, mostly in his tent & kept saying "Come Mommy! Come Daddy!" b/c he wanted us in the tent too. He kissed his picture of Cami that he sometimes carries around too. Then it was bed time! We read his truck book, gave hugs & kisses & turned out the light....
So that was our wild & precious life for today & I wouldn't change a thing about it. Oh the life of a 1 year old & his family, it is pretty darn simple, yet amazing, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of your new favorite things to do is grab our hand & say "walk" & hold our hand & take us to wherever it is that you would like to go. Usually you walk us to the back door to go outside. Something so simple, but so darn adorable. Love you, Emory!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy & Daddy

Mommy & Daddy love our boys more than anything in the whole world. But before they were "Mommy & Daddy" together they were just "Kirsten & Matt" who spent most of their days doing things to take care of themselves (with the exception of taking very good care of Cameron!) Occasionally nowadays Mommy & Daddy do things together, without our boys, to take care of ourselves. Well this weekend was one of those weekends for Mommy. Mommy spent Friday afternoon shopping with Kim & Friday night at Cheetah & Jimmy's wedding. Mommy & Daddy just hung out together with our friends & was amazing. Saturday, Daddy took over while Mommy headed to the beach for the weekend. Mommy laid on the beach, ate junk food & hung out with her girlfriends & simply relaxed, all the while missing her boys. Daddy spent lots of quality times with our boys & took amazing care of them. Mommy came home feeling very relaxed & rejuvenated.
Boys, we love you more than anything in this whole world, but we sometimes just have to take some time to just step away from being "Mommy & Daddy" to just be "Kirsten & Matt" so that we can stay sane "Mommy & Daddy."
(...and take note, while we are away from you just being "Kirsten & Matt" we spend most of our time talking about & thinking about being "Mommy & Daddy" :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Because...

Cameron is the BEST big brother we could have imagined for Emory. I love their love for eachother...absolutely love it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tub Time

Emory loves his tub time! Mommy got a new camera today, so I figured we would document tub time via pics!

Hello Baby Boy!

Dear Baby Fleisch 2.0,
Mommy & Daddy think about you ALL of the time! Our days are filled with the craziness of your 2 brothers, but not a moment passes that we don't think about you & how you will fit into & contribute to this craziness that we call our life. We can't wait to see what you look like & how everyone will react to you. You are a very active little man & Emory loves to give Mommy's belly kisses & he even blows raspberries on you & laughs. Whenever he sees Mommy's bare belly he says "BABY!" He kind of knows that you are coming. Mommy spent the past 2 days getting the nursery ready for you. Emory is moving out of the baby nursery & you are moving in! Today I went through all of the newborn clothes & put them away to get ready for you! Your Gammy bought your coming home outfit & a few other pieces of clothing. I can't wait to snuggle with you. You are going to be beautiful & amazing & another fabulous little boy for us to share our love with. We love you, Baby Boy!
Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy 17 Month Birthday, Emmy!

Seriously...where has the time gone?!? My baby is almost 1.5 years old! I can't believe it, but we are enjoying every second of it!
Here is what Emory is up to recently
- Has become somewhat of a picky eater & is not one to eat lunch
- Runs & runs & runs all over!
- Has tons of fun at gym tots class at the Ymca
- Talks & talks all day long & will try to say anything/everything that we do
- Adores Cami
- Will tell us what he wants, when he wants it
- Sits on the floor when he is mad/upset & waits for someone to come get him
- Says "No!" when he is tired/cranky
- Gives goodnight kisses/hugs to everyone & says "Luv Oooo"
- Is a good listener & helps clean up his toys/books
- Loves music
- Is still a skinny minney, but is getting taller
- Has 12 teeth
- Is down to 1 nap a day, usually from 12:00-2:00/3:00
- Sleeps from 7:30 pm - 8:00 am...Mommy is a HUGE fan of this!
- The "pemis" fascination has plateaued
- Knows many body parts such as eyes, ears, belly, pemis, nose, head, hair
- Loves to brush his teeth & hair whenever we go into the bathroom
- Showed an interest in the potty while on our trip to Gammy & Poppa's
- Likes to "clean up" after meals & wipes down the table. Daddy says you are Mommy's son b/c of this :)
- Yell "WHAAAAAAAAT" & it is hilarious!
- Show your muscles & strong face when asked what The Hulk does
- Throw our your fingers & hiss when asked what Wolverine does
- Stops strangers in his tracks with his beautiful face & adorable personality
- Will play ball all day long! He can throw very well & can even catch a ball!
- Sometimes want to use a fork/spoon, but aren't so good at it yet
Emory Vaughan, you don't have any clue what is coming in the next few weeks, but you will always be my first baby boy & the baby boy who first gave me the job that I love more than anything in the whole world...that of a Mommy. I can't wait to watch you grow & love your baby brother, as much as you love your big brother. You are going to be a great big brother & your brothers are so lucky to have you in their lives & vice versa. You are hilarious & Daddy & I always say how you seriously are the cutest baby ever. You are wonderful & smart & sweet & perfect in every way. We love love love you!

Home Away from Home

Emory, Gammy & I just returned from Florida. Emory had a fabulous time! He was such a good boy from the time we loaded into the car Wednesday morning, until we got home to Daddy & Cami Monday night. Our flight down was great. It was empty, so Emory got his very own seat between Mommy & Gammy & colored, read books, watched Yo Gabba Gabba, ate goldfish & was simply content with it all.
We spent our days hanging out in the pool & spending quality time with Gammy & Poppa (Emory named them himself). Every morning, after waking in Gammy's walk-in closet, Emory walked out to the back door & yelled "Pool!" It was so cute. He also quickly learned that Poppa is his BFF for very good reason. Whenever Mommy wouldn't do something for him, he immediately called for & ran to Poppa to get whatever it was that he wanted. Most of the time it was for food or to watch tv...he knows his Poppa all too well already!
We spent a beautiful evening dining outside, seaside, listening to a live band & Emory loved it. He just ate & bopped around in his high chair for the whole meal. Then when he was full & antsy Mommy took him down to the water. He was dying to play in the water, so I stripped him down & let him live in the moment & be a boy. He got his little butt butt all wet, but had a blast throwing sand & splashing in the water. You only live once, right?!?
We spent Saturday morning at the beach. Emory loved it. He ran all over creation, chasing seagulls, chased down cute teenage girls playing volleyball, splashed in the water & played in the sand. Poppa insisted on taking him out into the water & Mommy couldn't watch. Ever since Poppa almost let me drown in the ocean in the Bahamas, I've never been a fan of rough seas. Poppa insisted & Mommy obliged & of course...Emory loved it.
Emory fell in love with Yo Gabba Gabba & felt the need to watch it every night before bed. He & Poppa loved that special snuggle time together. He also started a liking to Thomas the Train while we were in Florida.
Gammy made Emory the Fleischman boy's Piechoski family favorite of Bum Stew. All of my boys could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner for days! Gammy also took us shopping & we got some cute stuff for Em. The trip was meant to buy the next Baby Fleisch some things, but of course, Emory was the only one who came home with anything.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had an EXCELLENT 4th of July weekend! We spent most of our time outside!
We had fun on Friday going to the pool with Cheetah & Kim. In the evening we went out for dinner with our new friends, Clair, Tim & Timmy. Then we went & watched the band downtown for a little while, until the little ones were too pooped to keep their eyes open. Saturday Daddy went to a concert & Cam, Em & Mom went to a picnic at the Ruggierio's. The kids had lots of fun playing on the slip & slide & jumping on the trampoline. Sunday we went to 2 pool parties...1 at Great Grandpa Fleischman's house & the other at Chris's parents house. We had LOTS of fun all weekend hanging out with our friends & families!