Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sweetest Moments

I love night time with you, Emory. You have recently started to wind down at night & sit & snuggle with Mom, Dad or Cam before going up to bed. Tonight, instead of reading a story, I decided to just hold you & rock you...and you let me! You were never a snuggler, but as you get older, I think you are starting to appreciate the down time. I rocked you all the way to sleep in your plain little white one-sie. You started off bright-eyed, sucking your thumb & very quickly relaxed & your eyes closed & closed & closed some more, until they were completely shut. You continued to suck your trusty thumb, until you were too tired to keep it in your mouth. Then you just snuggled up against your Momma & fell fast asleep. I felt your sweaty little head on my arm, your body against my belly & your feet dangled down off of my lap. I also felt your breath on my face & quickly realized it smelled like garlic from your meatballs/ravioli dinner. Ha, ha, ha! I also realized that you are just like your Daddy when you fall asleep...every little part of you does a little twitch as you fall asleep. You looked so peaceful, which is not like you. All day long your eyes & face are lit up like the sun as you enjoy every moment of every day. You are the best & your Mommy loves you more than words will ever explain. Love you, Baby Boy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrating Baby Fleischman 2.0

Today I was surprised with a "Baby Sprinkle" to celebrate the upcoming birth of Baby Fleischman 2.0. I truly was surprised & know that my WONDERFUL Mom & so, so, so, sweet & selfless BF, Kim did ALOT of work getting ready for the party. Kim & Tori have been living with us for a week, so I know how stressed she was outside of even having a clue about my surprise party. And, my Mom entertained Cameron (Ray's baseball game, Bucs Fanfest, boat ride, beach trips, fishing trips & endless hours in the pool) all of last week in Florida, while trying to prep from afar. We are so appreciative for all of the love & support in preparing to welcome our new baby boy in a few short weeks!
We were surrounded with love my Mom, Kim, Tori, Grancie, Gma P, Cheetah, Becky, Missy, Jen B. & Katie C. Katie K., Stacy, Mickey, Aunt Joan & Katie B. were here in spirit :) We got some great gifts for the baby including a fab double jogging stroller, a Mommy-Me book, a huge Pooh Bear, jammies, Target gc's, Babies R Us gc (to buy our new double stroller), a piggy bank, diapers, wipes, toys, a family picture, a baby hat, toothbrushes (lol...inside joke) & a Big Brother book for Emory. We enjoyed lots of great snacks, lunch & delicious desserts! It was rather surreal opening baby presents & knowing that they aren't for our baby, Emory, but for our new baby, who shall remain nameless for now! We are more & more excited to meet our new little man & can't wait to share him with all of our loved ones!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

Nowadays far too many boys grow up without their fathers. Thankfully our boys do not need to know that pain. Our sons are SO SO SO blessed to have Matt as their father. He is the most amazing role model for them. He is kind, gentle, patient (in his very own way), hard working, dedicated, fun-loving, healthy & just wonderful in so many ways. The way his face lights up every day when he comes through the door, reminds me daily how much he loves our boys. He would do anything for them & he does. He makes sure that they are happy, healthy & loved each & everyday. He works so hard to provide them with all that life has to offer. He loves his time with Cameron, which nowadays consists of lots of playing, watching & talking about sports. His time with Emory is usually spent being silly, reading books, showing him nature & playing ball. Matt is the one who takes care of Layla for the most part too & for that I know she is grateful. Layla would probably starve if it weren't for Matt! And Baby Fleisch 2.0, Daddy loves him just as much & talks about him all of the time & daydreams about what he will be like.
Matt & I also are so fortunate to have been raised by amazing fathers as well. We also do not have to know the pain of growing up without them. They have ALWAYS been there to love & support us in everything that we do & we know that they are always there when we have needs. Our dads have also become wonderful grandparents to our boys as well.
Wow....we really are so lucky. Happy Father's Day!

Happy 16 Month Birthday, Emmy!

The photo montage is a perfect breakdown of our 16 month old Emory. He does NOT sit still, he loves balls, he tries to hit things away that he doesn't want & he is the most handsome little devil!

Our little baby is quickly approaching one & a half! This has been a VERY busy month with lots of new changes! Here is what our peanut is up to
- Weighs 21 lbs & measures 31 inches
- Likes to be chased & can move faster & faster each day
- Is content to play with a ball ALL day long!
- Loves to throw everything...food, cups, balls, toys, etc.
- Calls Daddy "Matt" more often than calling him "Dada"
- Gives "Cami" the biggest hugs & kisses
- Has been fussy for about a week...we think it has been teething, Roseola, affect of shots & diaper rash
- Has not liked the outside pool very much thus far. I think he is a wuss like Dad & thinks it is too cold.
- Will attempt to say any & all words suggested to him, including the wrong ones, often accidentally suggested by Dad
- Recognizes faces of his loved ones in pictures
- His favorite word is "Juuuuuuuuuuice" & will say it even if he doesn't want any
- Says most often "banana, ball, cheese, up, down, please, waffle, pemis, elmo, shoes, Cami, tub tub"
- Is still wearing size 12 month clothing & drowns in anything any larger
- Climbs the steps on his own
- Will run into Cami's room as soon as he reaches the top of his steps & usually goes in & asks for a car off of Cam's matchbox display
- Thinks everything is the color blue
- Makes a kissy face & taps his foot when he hears a good beat
- Shrugs his shoulder while dancing or if he gets very excited about something
- Waves bye-bye & blows kisses to EVERYONE
- Will tell us when he wants to "eeeeeeeat" or if he is ready for a "night night"
- Randomly walks up & gives us hugs/kisses
- Is a boy through & through & through & though...which makes for one tired Mommy at the end of each day, but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Times I Live For

This morning Emory & I got up early together. Well, early is figuratively speaking b/c he actually slept until 7, which has been what we've been aiming for this week b/c he was used to waking up at 6 for school. We figured we would let Daddy sleep in all weekend since it is Father's Day weekend. We made Daddy let us come in & play for a little bit & then he could go back to sleep. Then we came downstairs & watched some "Ooo-frout" which is Em's way of saying Sprout, while he brushed his teeth. Who knows? The kid likes brushing his teeth & will do so whenever he spots a tooth brush. Then it was time for a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bananas & cherries. Next we got ready to head down to the local farmer's market to get our Saturday morning cupcakes & iced tea. Walking through town before 9 am on a Saturday is so peaceful. We just walked around along the river for a few minutes & soaked up the peace of the morning. It is times like that when I stop & remind myself that Emory won't be a baby forever & we are so lucky to share such special moments together. So, we snatched up our goods & came home & now it is back to peace & quiet with Daddy & Em sleeping upstairs. We are hoping for a nice day with Emory b/c he has been pretty darn miserable for almost a week now. He was very whine-y all week & just didn't seem to be pacified with anything. Hopefully we are past that & are back to our happy little man!
Here are some pics from the past week.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summa Summa Summa-Time!

It is officially summer in the book of Mom & Emory! I can't believe it is finally here! As we drove home from school today, it felt almost bittersweet. I remember the first day that I dropped him off at his babysitter, Jen's, house in February. I cried because of uncertainty & I cried b/c June felt so far away! But now June is here & Emory has grown & changed so much in the past few months & now we will get to spend our days together, which is so precious to me. The past few months that he has spent in Jen's care have been awesome. They have been awesome for him b/c he got to experience the same care & love that he feels here at home at Jen's house. Jen has loved him like her own & her family has done the same, which has made my days so much easier. Not once did I hesitate or worry about leaving him in Jen's care, which is so important as a mother. It is pretty neat b/c not only did we find an AMAZING babysitter for Emory, but we have found wonderful people who will hopefully be a part of all of our lives for a very, very long time! :) Thanks Jen, Dave, Alex, Dom & Dixie!
So, summer...I think it will be rather different than the last. Last summer Emory spent in a cast & this summer (God-willing) he will be as free as a bird. In my head, we are going to do so many fun & special things together. Cameron is staying home this summer instead of going to camp, so I forsee alot of day trips to entertain the boys & to keep myself sane. I am hoping to get to the Philadelphia Zoo, Sesame Place & anywhere else that is cheap/free & fun for kids! I can't wait for lazy mornings, spent in pjs & afternoons by the pool. Ok, let's be serious, no one will be sitting by the pool. I will be chasing after Emory in the pool, but I digress...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Attention Blog Readers!!!!!!!

I am not sure if I mentioned it in a recent blog post, but we got this blog from it's start date until 12/31/09 printed in book format. It is the coolest book & we can't wait until one day when our family can look back through the book & remember all of the great memories that we have made. That being said, we also got published all of the comments to the posts, which will also document something special for our family. So, please feel free to continue to, or try harder to, post comments :) The boys & I really do appreciate EVERYONE coming on here to keep tabs on what is going on with us!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Family Blurb

Emory has been a very busy little man lately. He is so happy to have his "Cami" back home this week. My oh my, how the little man looks up to the middle man :) Em has become quite the walker now. He moves around with ease & even knows to hold on & step over the little ledge on the new gate when it is open. He loves to climb the steps as well, when it is time to go upstairs for a nap or bed. Of course, our normal routine is not to go right into Emmy's room, but to reach the top of the steps & gleefully run full-force to Cami's room & play with whatever he may find. It is usually the drum or an action figure. Then we usually run into Mommy/Daddy's room & then are swept away to bed. He does the cutest thing (of many) when he goes down to sleep...he puts his thumb in his mouth & proceeds to wave with the other 4 free fingers as I walk out of the room. Too cute :)
Eating has not been the best lately. I think he has figured out what he likes & doesn't want to stray from it. He is loving waffles, fruit, yogurt (preferrably eaten by hand), bananas, pancakes, fruit bars & his absolute favorite...DONUTS! I bought some this morning to take to share at Jen's house & the whole way from DD to Jen's house, he just kept saying "Donut! Donut! Donut!" ...Our little Homer Simpson. As soon as we arrived, he HAD to have his donut! So it looks like he is a breakfast man. Oh, and we can't forget, CHEEEEEEEESE! He loves his cheese. As soon as the refrigerator door opens he yells "CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!" While on the food commentary, I gave him ravioli & peas for dinner last night. He started throwing his ravioli (as he usually does when he is done eating), to which we promptly remove his tray & tell him "Done." Well last night he was not "Done." He wanted more peas & told me so by saying "Peeeeeeeeeeeeas, peeeeeeeeeeease." Which is his way of saying "Peas, please." Our little man now has some manners. He has learned how to say "Please" & feels that whatever he kindly asks for, he should be given. He also started trying out using a fork in the past few days. He is doing pretty well with it.
Em has found a new friend in his diaper. He LOVES when the diap comes off & he gets to "explore" what has been hiding away in there. And by that, I do not mean the wet diap or whatever may have been left inside...the kid loves his wiener. He will even say "Penis! Penis! Penis!" as soon as his diaper comes off. When the diap is going back on, he so sweetly says "Done!" and "Bye!" to his little friend. Daddy does not agree with Mom on calling it the proper name, but Mommy's health education background has taught her that you teach kids the proper name from the beginning. Cameron (after 5 years) has finally gotten used to this :)
As a family, we are loving the summer weather. Daddy & Cam spent some time outside on Monday night playing. I love hearing the 2 of them play together...not at the level that they were playing (while Emory was peacefully sleeping with his windown open nearby), but playing none the less. I kindly went to the door to ask them to quiet down a bit & when I suggested that they go play in the alley (further away from Emory's open window), Matt's very-adult response, in a very mature (whiney) tone was, "...But then we can't jump around & fall on the ground!" I simply walked away b/c I didn't even know what to say. Regardless, their time together is so precious & I know how they both cherish it. It is especially precious considering Cam now has to share his Daddy with Emory & has done so incredibly willingly over the past 16 months.
All is well...looking forward to much more summer fun in the next few weeks!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Emory...

Please stop falling down & hitting your head on random objects. Your Mommy just can't handle it. Tonight you were happily playing, only to crash into the end table, which mind you is tucked away in a corner in the living room. Literally 3 of the 3 sides are blocked off by walls & you managed to nail your head on the one exposed side. Mommy cannot handle the "boom, gasping for breath, holding breath, silence & then awful cries."
Mommy & Daddy

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Fleischman 2.0 at 25 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 25 weeks & 1 day!
Size of baby: 13.5 inches & 1.5 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes please!
Gender: Baby boy!
Movement: Still moving, but the movement has slowed down a bit compared to the past few weeks
What I miss: Being skinny...aka body size pre-Emory & summertime bbq's with beer & Iron Hill's Witbier
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well, with the exception of Emory's 2 am tears 2 nights in a row
Symptoms: More bathroom breaks & they become urgent pretty quickly, lower left back pain after long days at work
Best Moment this week: After Emory's bedtime story, he gives my belly a hug & a kiss (aka raspberries on my belly) Sometimes he rests his head on my belly too.
What I am looking forward to: Our next check-up next week & school winding down in the next week or so!