Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update

We are 24 weeks pregnant...well beyond the half way mark. I can't believe how time is flying. These 2 boys that are already here just occupy so much of my mind that it is making the days fly by. Baby T, as you are currently known, is VERY active! You do flips & turns at any time of the day, but especially when Mom is trying to fall asleep. I have been having back pain in my lower left region for weeks & it gets really bad when I have a busy day. Thankfully, Emory is walking now & can get himself from point A to point B, yet with many stops in between. I have had some different cravings this time around...iced green tea (I usually hate iced tea), lemonade, limeade, iced coffee (same as my pregnancy with Emory), onion rings, honey roasted peanuts, ice cream (same as with Emory), yogurt, Starburst...and the list goes on. Oh, my one healthy craving recently has been Wawa garden salads. My junk food cravings have allowed me to gain a "healthy" amount of weight thus far. LOL LOL LOL! Emory tries to say Baby T's name & is getting better with it. He also started kissing the baby (Mommy's belly) which consists of one kiss, followed by blowing raspberries on my belly. It is hilarious. I have found myself daydreaming recently about what life with be like with 3 boys. I can't imagine what Baby T is going to look like. I am guess that he will look identical to Emory or a polar opposite of Emory (with very dark hair). Time will tell, but I am sure that he will be just as handsome. We have bought 2 things (onesies) so far for Baby T, a far cry from everything we had to buy to prepare for Emory. Nesting is starting to kick in & while it mentally feels good, it physically hurts by the end of the day! Life is wonderful & just keeps getting better & better! Can't wait to meet you, Baby T!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nights at Home

Our nights at home as a family are so amazing, so much more than I ever imagined they could ever be. The tv is off, unless it is a music channel & we just talk & play with you. They are the best moments of my days. Tonight I watched you climb all over Layla, Daddy & Cam & it brought tears to my eyes. You 3 boys are my world & I don't know what I would do without you. The love that you share each day with each other & with me is like no other. Being a Mommy & Wife to the 3 of you is nothing short of amazing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day with Mommy

Mommy took a personal day to hang out with Emory today. We had such a nice day together. It made Mommy really excited to spend the summer at home with you! We picked up Layla at the kennel. You were so happy to see eachother. You tried to play with her for a good 30 minutes & all she wanted to do was lay in her bed. You kept throwing our hats at her. You love hats & just wanted to share that love with her. Then you were trying to give/get kisses to/from her. We also ran some errands & went to the Y. You looked so adorable in your overalls & Pumas. You were saying "Pumas" cute! Then we went to dinner with Grandma, Dada, Cam & Uncle PP. You had alot of fun playing with Uncle PP after dinner. I think you somehow know that you are just like your Uncle PP was when he was little...a TOTAL GOOFBALL! When we walked out of Olive Garden you dropped holding Mommy's hand to hold Uncle PP's. It was so cute. Uncle PP even let you give him kisses. Uncle PP doesn't let anyone give him kisses, let alone slobbery, booger-y ones. But, you are one pretty special little dude :)
Today was a taste of summer. After dinner, it was so beautiful out. The weather reminded me of the weather the day after Mommy & Daddy's wedding. It was a perfect night to stop at the park & go for a little swing, which we did. As soon as you saw the swings, you said "Swiiiiing!" This summer we are going to have lots of fun together. We are going to go to the zoo, have a picnic, chase lightening bugs, blow bubbles, swim, play at the park, have picnics & so much more. You get Mom all to yourself for one more summer & I can't wait to spend it with you. Grancie just told me that she got you a little pool to enjoy this summer too! That will be TONS of fun since you LOVE the water so much!
Everyone just LOVES LOVES LOVES you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 15 Month Birthday. Bug!

Wow...I feel like you have changed so much since last month! Everyday with you is like a dream come true. Here is what you are up to:
- You love to go get a book, walk to Mommy/Daddy, hand us the book, plant yourself in our lap & then read the book together...especially with Daddy when he first gets home from work
- You named Grandpa Sitko "Papa"
- You smile & wave at everyone that you meet
- You attempt to say any word that you can & have started some more 2 syllable words
- You give the best hugs & kisses
- You favorite books are the ones where you have to open a flap to see what is on the other side (especially the Elmo book & the Christmas book)
- You LOVE the recorded Christmas book that Grandma & Papa Sitko got you for Christmas & you light up when you hear Papa's voice
- You sometimes tease us with kisses & pucker up & then turn your head & say "No!"
- You are SUCH a good listener when Mommy/Daddy tell you "No" with the exception of when you play in Layla's water bowl
- You've been eating less, but still enough to help you grow taller & taller
- You are really walking well & trying to start running
- You got big boy sneakers (Nike's & Puma's)
- You are content to play with balls all day long
- You like to play baseball with Cameron. He will throw the ball to you & you try to hit it & then walk/run around the living room
- You can say "Cam" & cometimes ask for him when you wake up in the morning
- You came to school with Mommy a few afternoons & loved playing with Mommy's students
- You like iced coffee as much as Mommy does (not that we allow you to drink much of it)
- You are starting to color/draw
- You can associate words with actual objects I.E. shoes, bus, socks, balloon, ball, bat, etc
- One of your favorite places to play is inside of the refrigerator
- You are really confused about the word "Baby" as you/Mommy's belly/your baby doll are all referred to as "Baby"
- You stacked up all of the stuff in your crib in an attempt to climb on top of it & out of your crib
- ...Your crib got lowered to the lowest setting
- You have SO much fun going to Cameron's baseball games
- Your skin is so sweet & soft
- Your hair is the most beautiful shade of blonde & has been cut numerous times over Saturday morning breakfast
- You love to mimic silly things that Mommy/Daddy/Cam do
- You figured out how to climb down from the chair/sofa/bed
- You enjoy sitting on the bottom step in the living room to rest
- You tell Layla "Shhhh!" & put your finger to your mouth every time she barks
- You are still the best & brightest part of each one of our days, from the moment we hear you in your room in the morning, to the second we come in & check on you before we head to sleep & Mommy gives you a kiss from her hand to your cheek

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Precious Than Gold

Cameron is still in the stage where he enjoys telling us about certain parts of his school day. Tonight he randomly started telling us about what he was doing in art class this week...
"This week in art class we were doing some embroidery. We had to think of something that is more precious to us than gold. I think my family is more precious than gold, so I...(he stopped himself) Well, actually, for my project I drew a picture of Emory's face because he is more precious than gold to me. (sitting really close to Emory & looking into his eyes) 'Emory, you are the best baby brother & you more precious than gold to me. I love you so much.' I hope I can be a good big brother to the next baby too..."
Our home is so so so so full of love & it is multiplied daily all because of 3 precious little boys, Cameron, Emory & Baby Boy Fleischman :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey, Baby T!

About 2 weeks ago, Matt & I started throwing around the name "Tegan." It has stuck for now.
Here is Baby T at 22 weeks:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jabber Jaws

Emory will try to say just about anything you tell him the 3 short hours that I got to spend with him today he said the following new words:
Lady Gaga
Taco Bell
I get such a kick out of him talking. I think he is going to be a talker, just like his Momma! :) Just another fascinating number of moments in my baby boy's life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mommy's second Mother's Day is off to a great start! Mommy got to sleep in & woke up to Emory talking up a storm to Papa & Dada. Emory gave Mommy a Pandora bracelet with his birthstone, the new baby's birthstone & a baby shoe & gave Grandma a card with a picture of her bracelet inside of it. I LOVE being Emory's Mommy more than I ever could have imagined!
We just got home from Mother's Day brunch. It was delicious & chaotic all at the same time. Emory, I think you decided that for Mother's day you would remind me just how lucky I am to have a good baby boy year round. You were a maniac at lunch. I think someone snuck you some coffee or an energy drink. You threw food all over, you screamed at the top of you lungs many many times, you tried to stick you finger into an electrical outlet and the list goes on. You made me be your Mommy, you weren't letting me off easy. Mommy took you outside for some fresh air & you played & were a good boy. Regardless of the good & bad moments, you & your baby brother are my dreams come true. Because of the love that your Daddy & I share, we are blessed by your beautiful smiles, your sweet laughs, your silly behavior & as of right now the simple kicks & punches of your baby brother. The two of you have given me the best & most wonderful job that I have ever & will ever have...being your Mom. Thanks for being the best little boys ever, even when you make me a little nut-so!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Emory started saying "vitamin" at Jen's house yesterday...once again, it is the cutest! He doesn't quite get the "v" sound out, but more of a "b" sound...hence it sounds like "bitamin." He is the funniest!

Monday, May 3, 2010

:( Missing My Boy

I miss my baby today. Not that I don't miss him everyday that I am at work, but it feels like more than normal today. It is lunch time at work & I can't help but wonder what he is up to today. He was SUCH a happy little man this weekend & I couldn't get enough of him. I can't wait until summertime when we have full days together to play & go to the pool & laugh together. He is at an age where EVERYTHING that he does is just adorable. Even when he is upset & sticks his pouty little lip out & frowns....adorable. I was thinking yesterday as we played in the living room, that I can't believe in a few short months that we will have another little baby boy to dote over & love & watch grown & change. It is amazing & we can't wait...but for now, I am perfectly content with subtle little reminders from the next Baby Fleisch of a little kick here & a little roll-over there, while Emory tots around, talking & laughing & playing.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Family According to Emory

Nana (Cameron)
Me-me (Emory)
Bay-Bee (Baby)