Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

Today Emory came into work with Mom to play with the big kids & be the Easter bunny. We always do an Easter egg hunt for our kids the day before break & I thought it would be fun to bring him in. He loved meeting some of the kids & checking things out. I wish I could bring him to work everyday...with help that is!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Little Man

Emory is turning into the cutest little toddler. He loves to talk, talk, Chinese. His "language" sounds very much so like it. When we drive to school in the morning, he likes to hold my hand & I think it is the sweetest thing. When he starts fussing, I just reach back & he grabs right on, then puts his other thumb in his mouth, crosses his legs & daydreams while looking out the window. I'll be honest, there was an Angels & Airwaves song on this morning when it happened & I started crying. I am a mush for my baby boy.
...That is all for tonight.
Tomorrow is Mommy's 30th birthday & we are spending it the right way. Starting the day snuggling with Em, breakfast with Em, a mani/pedi for Mommy, some more qt with Emmy in the afternoon & dinner with great friends/Matt tomorrow night. I can't wait to see all of my favorite people (except my Daddy) tomorrow! 30 years ago tomorrow, my Mommy & Daddy fell in love with me, just like 1 short year ago I fell in love with our first baby & in 6 short months, I will fall in love with our next baby :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 13 Months, Emory Vaughan!

The first day of Spring was also Emory's 13 month birthday! Here is what you are up to nowadays...
- You are getting reeeeeeally close to walking on your own! You will walk while holding someones hand through the store/mall
- You air drum, like Daddy
- You denied your first food...a well-done burger
- You ate blue cheese, pepperoni & some other odd foods
- You love playing outside
- You say something that sounds like you are saying "dumb b**ch"
- You like to partially go outside through the doggy door
- You love books
- You had your first visit to the ER for Croup & Pneumonia
- We think you are getting taller
- You give kisses
- You love the playground
- You stick our your tongue when asked what a frog does
- You can point to your head & your nose
- You munch when asked what a giraffe says
- You throw your hands palms up, so as to say "I don't know?!"
- You sometimes sound like you say "Whats this?"
- You are the cutest, happiest, smile-st baby boy on the planet!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Fleischman #2 Update

Everything is going quite smoothly so far. The bump is starting to make an appearance. It is so odd to think about having another little baby...I think about how the little baby that used to move around & hiccup inside of me was Emory & now it is a new little person. So exciting :) We also like to remind eachother how "We won't do this anymore once we have 3 kids!"
We asked Emory "boy or girl?" the other night & his response was "boy." But that very same day, I showed him 2 onesie's (one boy & one girl) at Target & he picked the girl one. Mommy is thinking boy again...Daddy hasn't really said. Either way, this poor kid is going to be another hard one to name, but I am sure we will pick the perfect name for him/her, just like we did for Emory Vaughan :)

Happy Spring!

Yay for Spring 2010! We are so very excited to get outside & soak up the sun after this cold & very snowy winter! Today was a perfect start to the season. Emmy got a new play set for the yard, rocked his shades & ate dinner out on the deck with Cam.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Videos

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Look how much our little leprechaun has changed in one short year! Happy St. Patty's Day from our little men!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to Normal!

Our Emmy is feeling MUCH better! Mommy was starting to worry last week that he was turning into a fussy boy, but thankfully, we think it was just him not feeling well. He is totally back to normal this week!
We've been out & about alot b/c of the beautiful weather. On nice days, we like to go to the playground or play out in the yard after school. Sometimes we meet Mabel at the playground! Emory is so happy when he is outside! He fits right in with his family! We all love being outside.
I swear, everyday he is doing something new. He is really trying to walk & gives the sweetest, most gentle kisses. He kisses anyone & anything. He even gave Layla a kiss on her head last night. Adorable :) He is also back to eating like a champ & sleeping normally. Ah, sweet relief!
Emmy went to his first play this past weekend. Tori was in Alice in Wonderland at her school. Both boys loved the play. Emory even clapped & danced along to the songs. He is so like his Daddy, whenever the orchestra played, he just sat, mesmerized by the sounds. This kid NEVER sits still!
Emory is also enjoying church lately. He doesn't exactly sit still, but he loves turning around & making silly faces & waving to the people behind him. He is such a ham.
He is also still having tons of fun at Jen's house. He gets to play with Isaac & has fun going places with Jen. He really is at home when he is there & it makes Mommy & Daddy so, so, so happy. We are so incredibly fortunate to have found her!
Em is also trying to learn some new baby. He has perfected saying & the proper use of the word sh*t, thanks to Daddy. He also said "boy" last night when we were asking him if Mommy was going to have a "boy" or a "girl." But I also did an informal experiment at Target & put him in front of a girl onesie & a boy onesie & asked which one we will need for his new baby brother/sister & he grabbed the girl one. I guess he isn't the most reliable source, so we will just have to wait until late April/early May to find out.
So, all is well on the home front. Everyone is doing great & Emory's baby brother/sister is coming along nicely, growing perfectly & looked great on his/her last ultrasound! The doctor actually said "Wow.that is a good looking baby!" Has he seen my we make them any other way?!?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Croup-A - Dupa PART II

I wanted to rename this post, courtesy of Cam. When re-hashing the details about our 2 am adventure, Sunday morning Cameron said it was like "Crash, Cry, Hospital." He was making reference to the fact that the time when Emory woke up (when I realized that he needed medical care) something made a huge, crashing noise downstairs, which woke all of us up, including Emory, which started the chain of events leading to Emory being upset & our trip to the ER.
Long story cell took a poop (literally, it fell into the toilet) last Sunday. So ever since then, we've been swapping our sim cards in & out of Matt's phone. Well my sim card was out all day yesterday & all morning today. When I put my sim back in, I had 6 voice mails from Phoenixville Hospital. I called back, only to find out that the radiologist looked over Em's x-ray, to find that he has the beginnings of pneumonia. Now our little man is on a steroid, motrin/tylenol & zythromax. Might I add...he loves medicine time (I say this with the MOST sarcastic tone!) Today he sounded even worse than yesterday & woke up with another fever. We are hoping that tomorrow he is feeling better, but we have a jammie day planned for Em & Mommy. Ugh...we both need it after this crazy weekend.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cameron's Idea of a Good Girl Baby Name

I just overheard Cameron talking to Matt, giving suggestions for if the new baby is a girl. These are Cam's suggestions thus far
- Tootsie
- Velva
- Velveeta
- Smithie
- Charlotte
- Charlie

Croup-A - Dupa

Last night was one of those nights... We had a great time out to dinner with the Shiffers & were all home & in bed before 9, my kind of Friday night! Around 11:45, Em woke up hacking away, like I've never heard before. I got him a drink & snuggled with him for a few minutes & he went back to sleep. At 1:30, he woke up sounding even worse, sounding like he was struggling to breathe & when I picked him up, he was "on fire." I brought him into our room, stripped him down & took his temp, which shot to over 102 in less than a minute. My mommy-gut told me that we had to get little man some medical attention asap. So, the 4 of us were off to Phoenixville Hospital at 1:45 in the morning. Poor Cameron was so confused & very concerned once he actually woke up. We checked into the ER with Emory listed as "difficulty breathing" & 7-10 minutes later, a nurse finally came out to get us. The ran his vitals, which he was NOT happy about. Who wants something shoved up their bum, wrapped around their toe & squeezing their arm at 2 in the morning?!? ...Not our Emory :( As soon as the nurses heard him, they told us that it sounded like Croup. He got a dose of Motrin, steroids & a breathing treatment & then was taken for a chest x-ray. Poor baby had to be put in what looked like a medieval torture chamber for the x-ray & concurrently Cameron (without seeing Emory in the contraption) got very upset & worried about his baby brother. I felt so sorry for both boys. Cameron just loves Emory like he loves no one else...I think if given the choice, he would've let himself be sick instead of seeing Emory sick. I've said it before & I am sure I will say it for the rest of our lives, but I absolutely adore the love that those 2 boys have for eachother. Shortly after the chest x-ray, around 3:30, they let us go home. Emory sounded much better & we were all ready to go back to bed! So...that was our eventful night. Everyone is doing much better today, just lacking a little sleep.
Here is a picture of the horrendous contraption that they put my baby boy inside of.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What an eventful day!

Well, what mother wouldn't have to brag on the day that her first-born son not only says his first curse word. BUT...he also found his man-parts on the same day & thought it was pretty funny to explore them while taking a tubby.