Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Emory's New Year's Resolutions

* Take his first steps, but promises not to move too fast so that Mommy & Daddy can keep up with him

* Talk & talk & talk & talk, but not early on Saturday & Sunday mornings

* Reverse all of his Polish tricks to "normal" tricks, as in waving to others instead of himself, clapping horizontally instead of vertically, etc

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

Emory had a perfect first Christmas. He got to spend quality time with all of his family members & loved visiting with everyone. Santa & everyone else were very good to him.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

Today Emory helped Mommy with finishing up the wrapping for Christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 10 Month Birthday, My Bug!

Only 2 more months until our big boy turns 1 year old! This month has been very exciting, in that Emory has been starting to do some pretty neat things!
- You try to clap your hands, but instead of hitting your palms together horizontally, you clap vertically.
- You do "Cheese!"
- You try to pull yourself up
- You love to sit up in bed, then throw yourself backwards & lay back down
- You are still a very good eater! You have tried many 3rd foods, but seem to really love the pastas!
- You love to climb all of the place...on Mommy & Daddy, over toys, etc
- You are NEVER still, unless you are sleeping. That is no exaggeration
- You like the Christmas tree. You take ornaments off of it & try to pull the lights down.
- You like the presents under the Christmas tree & enjoy taking the bows off of them
- You moved into a big boy car seat
- You love electronics (cell phones, laptops, remote controls)
- You really try to mimic the words that Mommy & Daddy say
- Cameron cracks you up
- You have 4 teeth
- You weigh about 17-18 lbs
- You wear a size 3 diaper & you don't like to get it changed. You immediately roll over when being changed.
- You sleep on your belly. You even figured out how to roll over in your brace!
- You started swimming lessons & you try to blow bubbles & go under water like a big boy!
- You like to play with the laundry basket & take all of the clothes out of it & throw them on the floor
- You wave "hello" & "goodbye," but you haven't quite perfected it, in that you wave to yourself, which is so adorable!
- You started army crawling
- You love to stand up holding someones hands, then sit down, then stand up again, repeat, repeat, repeat, again & again & again
- You are growing & changing everyday into a more & more beautiful baby boy

Let it snow!

The first BIG snow for the year happened today! We took Emory out after his dinner to check it out. He was in awe of everything covered in snow. He was amused when he would push the snow off of the deck.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Santa,

I hear that you bring presents to the good little boys & girls on Christmas Eve. I have been trying very hard to be a good boy & Mommy tells me every night what a good boy that I am, so I think that you will come visit my house soon!
For Christmas I would like things that make noise that I can bang around. I really like to move alot & make alot of noise. Some of my favorite things include: utensils (to bang on tables/the floor/my high chair), Tupperware (to throw around the kitchen floor while Mommy tries to clean), plastic cups (to bang on my high chair), glasses (the kind people wear on their faces that I can take off of them & play with or throw on the floor), remote controls (to eat), paper (to make noise with), shiny jewelry (the kind that Mommy wears that I can pull on), cell phones (I like to push the buttons & suck on them) , laptops (I like to push the keys & try to pull them off of the table) and a digital camera (to play with). Baby toys are too juvenile for me, so I hope that you really read my letter. I don't think Mommy really knows what I want because she keeps talking about all of these supposed "cool toys" that Santa is bringing me. I don't want toys...I like practical things, like the things that Mommy & Daddy have!
Emory Vaughan

Santa Baby!

Grandma Kim bought me a Santa suit. I am the cutest Santa ever!

Who is this little baby & this big boy?!?

Almost 10 months

I can't believe my baby's first Christmas is almost here. Even more so, I can't believe it is almost 2010...I will soon have to say that my baby was born last year. I have been thinking alot lately about how quickly this past year has flown by & how when you want time to fly by...it doesn't. Yet, when you want time to stand still, it does the exact opposite. Emory has been VERY busy lately. The boy does NOT stay still if he is awake. We are wondering what life will bring once he is fully mobile. We know that it is going to be crazy, but how blessed are we to have a baby boy who is getting close to being very mobile?!? Very blessed!

I finally outgrew my infant carseat...proof positive

"Cheeeeeeeese!" This is my newest trick! When Mommy or Daddy say "Cheeeese" I give a huge smile!

Sharing Daddy's Snuggie with him

All bundled up for my first Firebird Festival...jammies & Uggs = true fashion statement!

Ready to pick out our Christmas tree!

Opening My 1st Christmas ornament

I am a belly-sleeper! This picture also depicts my percentiles...8th percentile for weight, 10th percentile for height & 75th percentile for my head!!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Fabulous Is Emory...?

He is so fabulous that the ladies at Child Watch daycare at the Y actually get into fights over who gets to play with Emory while he is there. This was the conversation that transpired when I brought him in this past week.

Me: "Hi ladies!"
Everyone: "Hi, Emory!"
Miss Sara: "Julie, do you want to take 'insert name of newborn'?"
Miss Julie: "I thought you were going to hold 'newborn baby'? Oh, nevermind, Emory is here, you want him."
Miss Christine quickly comes over & takes Emory from me
Miss Sara: "Noooooooooooo, Miss Christine! I want Emory today! You get to have Emory on Fridays & I get to have Emory on Mondays!"
Miss Christine: "I got him first!"

It is hilarious. They adore him & I adore them for adoring him. I think it is wonderful that they love him so much. I love it even more b/c they are all mother's with children of their own, yet they still think that my baby boy is so fabulous.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Clothes

Emory is trying to get in good with Santa by dressing festively most days of the week! He has his "Santa's Favorite" outfit, his "Jolly Baby" onsie & his "What Santa doesn't bring me, Grandma will." He also has one more that hasn't managed to be captured in a picture but it says "Mommy's little dear." Grandma also bought him a Santa suit that he needs to rock soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Week=Big Boy

Emory has been picking up some amazing new things in the past few days. We have most on video, but for some reason we haven't been successful in uploading the videos. First, he started mimicking people when they stick their tongue out at him. He does it right back & it is hilarious. He also started waving hello & goodbye. It is equally as adorable. Daddy put him in Mommy's old rocker & he decided to rock, rock, rock & then thought that it would be fun to try to get himself down & stand up. Now every time we put him on it he rocks for a little, then slides his little hiney off & tries to stand up. Lastly, he has started to quasi army crawl. Yesterday Cam was playing with him & we lured him with an old remote control & off he went. He pulled himself right over to the remote. He keeps getting better & better each time he tries. He is becoming such a big boy so quickly.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mommy Got a Boo Boo

Today was quite a day. We had a pretty uneventful, typical Wednesday morning. Woke up at 7:30, nap from 8:30-9:30, off to stroller fitness & abs class, then to Wegman's for some grocery shopping. Emory loves being out & about & gets so many "hellos" from strangers while we are out. Today he was being a goof & pretty much laying down in the cart at Wegman's to drink his bottle. I am always amazed at how many strangers he manages to make smile simply in passing or in saying hello to him & getting to see his big smile. I've said it before, but it just makes me so happy that he can give people just a simple moment of joy by his presence alone. We get home from Wegman's & he crashed for nap time. While he was napping I enjoyed my very healthy brown rice, tuna sushi & then began preparing some more healthy foods for the rest of the week. Matt & I both love spaghetti squash & it is soooooo easy to make. I popped it in the microwave for 20 minutes & when the microwave beeped, I went to retrieve it to scrape out the guts. Alas, the steam from under the plastic wrap steamed (aka second degree burns) pretty much all over my first three fingers on my right hand. Being the Momma's girl that I am, I called my mom, the nurse, to ask her what to do. She said to call the doctor right away. Now when my mom says to call the doctor...it is no joke. I called & after hearing snickers from the nurse when I explained my injury, she said I needed to come right in. I got Emory up & headed out of the house. No jacket, no diaper change, no shoes...Momma was in some serious pain. The whole way to the doctor's Emory was "talking" to me from the back seat. He helped me to not focus on the pain. When we got there, he continued to talk to & smile at me. When we were in the treatment room, he kept looking at me with this curiosity & all I could imagine was that he was thinking "Mommy, why are you on the table...that is my spot!?!" The whole time I was being seen by the doctor, all I could think was how happy I was to be sitting on that table in pain & it not be my baby boy. Not that Emory knows yet how to make spaghetti squash, but you get what I am saying. After my tetanus shot & getting some prescriptions, we headed back home to await Matt picking up my prescriptions. While we waiting, my little trooper played in his pack n play & let me soak my hand in some cold water (after yet another call to my Mommy for advice). Being a Mommy is the best & having a Mommy, near or far, is just as amazing. So all in all, today kind of stunk, but at the same time it reminded me how amazingly lucky I am to have a healthy & oh-so-happy baby boy & a Mommy who still loves me as much as she did when I was her baby girl :)