Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheering on the Phils!

Emory is all ready for the Phils to make it to the World Series again!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Fall!

Today is definitely feeling like Fall, so Emory & I decided to do a photo shoot outside. Trust me, I am no professional, but I think we did pretty well considering Emory was so distracted by the wind, Layla, the grass, the birds & everything else! More proof that he is by far, the cutest baby EVER!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Irish Weekend

Mommy, Daddy & Emory headed down to Wildwood, NJ on Saturday for the annual Irish Weekend. Emory was a total hit with all of the drunk Irish-men & women! We even got to see Emory's Great Aunt Joan, Great Uncle George & Cousin George while we were there! Mommy & Daddy enjoyed some good Irish beer, while Emory enjoyed a Baba. Ok, well Daddy had a Budweiser & Mommy had a Murphy's Irish Stoudt. Wait a second, who is more Irish than the other? Daddy? Hm...! While we were hanging out, Emory made a new friend, a "cougar" shall we say. We hung out & drank some beers for about 45 minutes with Emory's new 26 year old friend, Kelly. She was ready to marry him off to her niece who is his same age. We then bought the boys some t-shirts. Emory's is an Irish Phillies T & Cameron's says "Patrick was a Saint...I ain't." Lol. Then we headed up to the boardwalk because Mommy was hell-bent on playing "Fascination." It was Daddy & Emory's first time playing & we all had a blast. For those of your who don't know, Fascination is a game on the Wildwood boardwalk in which you roll a ball onto a board while sitting & try to get your ball in fall into 5 holes in a row. It was one of my FAVORITE things to do as a kid on the boardwalk & one of my most cherished memories with my Ciocci (Aunt) Lorraine. After that we chowed down on some cheese fries & headed home. It was a fabulous day & we are looking forward to many more Irish weekends with the boys in years to come!

We LOVE Fall!

Mommy & Emory have been doing lots of fun things lately! One of Emory's favorite things to do is to go to the park. We go to Reeve's Park & play on the swings & watch the other kids. Although Emory's cast prevents him from going in the baby swings, we make do with going sideways, supported, in the big kid swings. Emory could swing all day!
Our Fall has also been busy with trips to the YMCA, where Emory is quickly getting frustrated watching the other babies sit & scoot around, while he is stuck in a bouncy chair or being held. Mr. Independent wants to get moving!
7 more days...7 more days...7 more days!
7 more days until real baths, 1 diaper per diaper change, clothing that actually fits & tons more!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today Emory went to his first (and Cameron's first) Philadelphia Eagles game. On a whim, Mommy decided that it would be a fun way to spend the day & bought tickets this morning. We did some family-friendly tail-gating, then headed into the game. We sat in section 204, row 27 seats 13, 14 & 15. They were nosebleed seats, but we could see the game perfectly! Emory loved all of the people & sights. He was not a fan of the sudden outbursts of noise & clapping. Mommy quickly realized that he needed her to give him ear muffs & he was much happier. He watched the whole first half, had a little something to eat during half time, slept through the 3rd quarter & watched the 4th quarter. It was great! Daddy was VERY nervous about taking him & insisted that he would feel better once he saw another baby going in. Thankfully we saw a few & thus Daddy felt like people wouldn't think we were "crazy" for bringing Emory to the game.

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Pooka!

Happy 7 month birthday baby boy! You are now on the other side of turning 1 year old.
- You are still loving life
- You play shy when strangers say hi, but you always give them a sweet smile
- You pull on Mommy's hair & face when you are tired
- You rock back & forth when you lay on your tummy. You are so anxious to crawl!
- You have started some table foods (rice, pasta, bread...)
- You are fascinated by Cameron. Anything & everything he does is so amusing to you
- You went to your first Eagle's game on your 7 month birthday
- You flew to Florida for the 2nd time. You did GREAT!
- You have started to try clapping
- You like when people echo you when you yell & scream
- You got your blue cast off & your camo cast on
- You quickly grew out of your cast & had to get slits put in it so your chubby legs can keep getting chubbier
- You got your first MRI
- You fit nicely into 9 month onsies with your cast on
- You have stopped saying "Mama" & always say "Dada"
- You made a new best friend in Grandma & Grandpa's new puppy, Judge
- You love watching Cameron play football, but you get confused as to which kid is him b/c they all wear the same uniform
- Mommy & Daddy are more & more, head over heels in love with you each day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Emory's Trip To Florida

Taking a snooze on the flight down

Wearing my cool TSA sticker, after being dusted for bomb powder since I looked "bulky" according to the security people. It is a cast...DUH!

Loving on Grandma

Learning how to drink out of a real cup with Uncle Karl's help

Playing with Uncle Larry

Playing with Grandma Ruth

Napping on Grandpa

This past weekend Mommy & Emory took a trip down to Florida to visit Emory's Grandma & Grandpa. Emory was SUCH a good boy on both flights. He ate, played, slept & played some tears or fussing. He was the official flight greeter on our flight home. The very sweet old lady who sat next to us pointed out that he made almost every single person smile as they stepped onto the plane. It is pretty neat how easily this little guy can make the world a happier place by just "being."
While in Florida, we did alot of relaxing at Grandma & Grandpa's house. We also had a nice visit with Great Uncle Larry, Great Uncle Karl & Grandma Ruth.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Baby Polock

So excited to finally be here!

Dancing to the Polkas with Mommy
Emory does not like pickles
Yay! Yay! Yay! Trying to clap!
Getting ready to listen to some Polish rock music
Rocking my "I love Dziadzia" shirt
My new Polska shirt...Daddy got one that says "got pierogi?"
Ready for a night-night after a long day

Mommy, Daddy & Emory spent the beautiful Labor Day afternoon at the Polish-American Festival in Doylestown. All we had to tell Daddy was that there would be Polish food & he was sold! Mommy & Daddy enjoyed potato pancakes, pierogis, kielbasa (for Dad) & Polish beer. We had a fun time walking around seeing all of the people, exhibits & music!