Sunday, August 30, 2009

At-Home Physical Therapy

Emory has started physical therapy to help strengthen his upper body & trunk. He is doing a great job & making great strides. He goes to PT at Theraplay in Trappe. All of the girls there LOVE him! They fight over who gets to treat him on a weekly basis. For now he goes once a week or two. Once his cast comes off, we will be going 3-4 times a week!
We took a little video to show how great he is doing!

Philly Fans!

Emory will have no other choice than to be a Philly sports fan. Between Grandpa Kid (we know where his heart is, but he sometimes falls astray & cheers on Tampa teams) & his big brother, Cameron...he will be a sports-lover in no time! And in all darn cute does he look in hats?!? Santa's...take note!

Hot New Ride!

Last week, we purchased a new (well used, from Craigslist) jogging stroller. It is the BOB Ironman. For those of you unfamiliar with baby strollers, BOB's are the cream of the crop, Porshe of jogging strollers. He loves the ride & so does Mommy! Hopefully this can help Mommy continue losing that baby-weight!

Crazy Diaper Changes

As most of you know, Emory's diaper changes are pretty crazy! It includes 3 diapers & a ton of wipes for each change. For some reason, his new cast is getting smelly very quickly. We have resorted to having to air him out after each change & the other day I just did so by fanning him with a clean diaper. He thought it was pretty funny! I am glad that he has a good sense of humor in all of this craziness that is hip dysplasia!

Taking the Wheel Early!

One of my favorite childhood memories was sitting on my dad's lap, as he let us drive around the neighborhood. I loved driving the car & driving video games from a very young age. I think Emory loves it already too! In the video he looks so proud to be doing something that Mommy & Daddy do!

One of the Hardest Days

Little Emory had to go in for an MRI to ensure that his hip is in place in his new cast. It is a new protocal at CHOP & Emory was a guinea pig. It ended up being one of the hardest days for him & for I thus far. They had to stick my poor baby 4 times until they finally got his IV in. I never had to see this before, b/c they always did it in the OR. It broke my heart to hear him cry in pain & look so longingly at me to make them stop. Once they finally got it in, he was ok. They then proceeded to give him his IV sedative & I watched him fall asleep. He was fighting it, but he finally fell asleep. This was also quite hard, as he was rather zombie-like as soon as they gave him the meds. It wasn't my regular, cheerful, happy baby boy. The MRI itself took about an hour, so I got some lunch & when I came back, he came back shortly thereafter. The nurse said that he started to wake up at the end of the MRI, so they had to pump him with more sedative, which meant he had to sleep another extra hour to sleep it off. When he woke up he was not very happy. He was very groggy & lacking orientation. His head was very wobbly, he was fussy, whiney & crying. Thankfully on the way home, he fell fast asleep. After about 24-26 hours, he was back to normal. We have our fingers crossed that the MRI looked good b/c after a day like that, we couldn't bear to get bad news from it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


This poor boy has had so many nicknames in the past 6 months, I thought I would share some. The poor kid is going to have no clue what his real name is!

- Poosekatilly: the most recent one that I have come up with
- Peanut
- Mr. P.P: a strand of Peanut
- Poo Poo Head
- Emery board: care of his Grandfathers
- Emy: feminine, but Mommy likes it
- My Little Chalupa: care of Daddy
- Peanutter

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday, My Little Poo Poo!

Wow...half of a year has flown by! In these short 6 months, you have brought more joy to our lives than Mommy, Daddy & Cameron could have imagined. Nowadays you are up to alot of new things...
- Every wake up is followed by "Maaaaaaaama, Mamama, Mamamamam" for about 15 minutes & if someone doesn't respond by then, you start to whine
- You barely EVER cry
- You love to talk & make terradactyl noises
- You smile at strangers when they say hello to you. Sometimes you play shy & snuggle up against whoever is holding you
- You have started eating solid foods. You have had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, apples, bananas, pears & prunes & have loved every second of every food. Most recently though, you have decided that you prefer veggies over fruits, especially squash!
- You started physical therapy & like it thus far
- You weigh a little over 16 lbs...with your cast on. You are probably still only 13.5 lbs without the cast
- You are being such a trooper with your cast
- You had your second illness, an ear infection accompanied by vomiting. Yuck!
- You love to sit at your table & play with your toys
- You wake up around 6:30 & go to bed around 7:30
- You usually take 2, 1:30-2 hr. naps
- You love playing with your friends at the Y & the ladies LOVE you there!
- You are starting to snuggle up against Mommy & Daddy's chest when you are feeling "love-y"
- You are constantly twirling your ankles
- You took your first trip to the beach...Ocean City, NJ
- You are mostly on formula with the exception of first thing in the morning & right before bed
- You make the absolute, cutest face when you are trying to poo
- You love to dance to the song "Boom, Boom, Pow!"
- You ride forward in your stroller
- You will grab Mommy & Daddy's faces & then smoosh your face against ours
- You like to grab anything & everything in arms reach
- You get very excited when you see your bottle coming & sometimes when you see your food
- You like to pull hair

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emory's First Trip to the Beach

Seeing the Ocean for the first time with Daddy

Looking absolutely adorable everywhere he goes

Toes in the sand

Trying to grab the sand

Loving the sand

Having so much fun

At Mack & Manco's for lunch

Up close checking out the ocean

First beach souvenir

This morning, on a whim, we decided to take a day trip to Ocean City, NJ. We had a beautiful day together. Emory loved seeing all of the new sights & sounds of the beach. Mommy insisted on getting his toes in the sand & his feet in the water.

Little Humper

Emory's latest new thing is doing this "humping" motion with his hips. It is hilarious. When he went to his first PT appointment on Thursday, he kept doing it whenever we laid him down & Miss Katie thought it was hilarious!
Speaking of PT, Emory started this week. He is going to go once a week with his cast on & once the cast comes off, we will go 3-4 times a week. This will help him get back to where he needs to be with his sitting, crawling, etc. Miss Katie told us that he is already advanced with his upper body strength :) & his eye-hand coordination! That is my boy! He was really good during PT. He liked alot of the things that Miss Katie did with him. She said that he was very tolerant of the exercises b/c usually half way through the therapy most babies are screaming in frustration, but not my angel! He did GREAT! I am really looking forward to watching him grow stronger & stronger. It is amazing that in a few short weeks he will be out of his cast & starting to be mobile again.
Check out the video for a little preview of Emory's little "humping" exercise!

Daddy is Not a Pop Singer

This is Daddy's attempt at singing the Black Eyed Peas song, "Boom, Boom, Pow." He doesn't really know the song, but he sure did do a good job making the little man laugh!

Young Love

1st Base: Going for the hand hold

2nd Base: Gazing into eachother's eyes

3rd Base: Pulling her in for the kiss

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday Morning Fun & Fake Coughs

Matt & I alternate weekend mornings. I always get up early on Saturday mornings with Emory & Matt gets up on Sunday mornings. This past Saturday little man woke up before 6! Mommy was less than thrilled, but entertained by my little man none the less. He is like Mommy in that he is as happy as a clam when he wakes up! He has another new thing where he fake coughs. It is pretty darn cute. Sorry for the sideways video!


"Mommy, what the heck is that?!?"

"Ok, I will give it a try!"

"I like it! I like it!"

Emory has tried carrots, sweet potatoes & squash so far. He likes all of them! He is his mother's son!

Our Baby Terradactyl

Emory's new thing is screaming as loud as he can. Uncle Peter fondly named him "Baby Terradactyl."