Friday, July 31, 2009


This is Emory's new spica bear, Slumbers. It was a gift from Miss Missy. Mommy LOVES this bear! Missy asked her mom, who is quite crafty, to make it for Emory bc now as Miss Missy put it "People can stare at his bear, instead of at his cast." It is such a thoughtful & creative gift that Emory will have forever!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Sunset

We went out for dinner tonight & came home to a beautiful sunset. We didn't take any pictures of the actual sunset, but the way that the sun hit our baby boy's face was so beautiful that we had to stop & take some pictures.

Emory's First Solids

Tonight we decided to start Emory on rice cereal. Lately he has been staring down our food & trying to grab it, so we figured it was about time he give it a try. He did a really good job with eating from a spoon & keeping it in for the most part. I don't think he was thrilled with the taste, by some of the looks he gave, but I don't think he hated it either. Tonight I also made some of my own baby food, carrots & squash. It was pretty easy...hopefully "King Tut" likes it!

We also decided to let him become familiar with a sippy cup. That requires a little more transition, but they say to start the transition around the time when you start solids, so we gave it a try. The point to start it now is for them to get comfortable holding the cup, which he did pretty well. He did manage to get a sip or two in...after I fixed the cup! The first time I gave it to him, I had put it together wrong & Matt & I couldn't even get a sip out of it! How the heck is he supposed to it grown adults can't get a sip?!?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some of My New Favorite Things

I LOVE to play with Layla. Thankfully she is very patient with me.
I was squealing with delight when I talked to Grancie & Granpy on Skype.
My big brother let me use his table & chair & my friend Mabel let me borrow her travel booster!
Daddy tweeked my exer-saucer so that I can play!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy 5 Month Birthday, My Little Peanut-Head!

Happy 5 months, baby doll! In 5 short months you went from being squished in Mommy's belly to being squished in a Spica cast! This is what you are up to nowadays:
- Talking, very loudly!
- Saying "Mama"
- Blowing raspberries
- Right before you got your cast, you were rolling from you back to your belly in your crib
- Thumb in mouth & hand over eyes when you are tired
- Lots of Laughing
- Huge smiles, sometimes for no reason at all
- Gaining weight slowly, but surely
- Playing in your new Spica-friendly contraptions
- Being a VERY fussy eater
- Pre-cast you weighed almost 12.5 lbs.
- About 24 inches long
- Sleep from about 7:30 pm - 7:30 am with one feeding in between
- You like watching the Phillies on tv
- You still have a very laid-back personality
- You love taking walks, especially with your friend Greyson
- You follow Mommy & Daddy with your eyes when they come & go from the room
- You sometimes fuss when someone else holds you, but as soon as you come back to Mommy you are happy
- You are a trooper in your cast!
- You did excellent at the hospital
- You like when Grandma sings to you
- You laugh when Mommy sings to you
- You are fascinated with Layla & love to grab her ears
- Pre-cast you would stand with help for longer periods of time
- Pre-cast you were verrrry close to sitting up unassisted

Friday, July 17, 2009

We are home!

Mommy & Daddy waiting for Emory to be all done

Post-Op, napping with Mommy

Checking things out in his regular room

Our tiny boy in his big bed

Mommy kisses make everything all better

Showing off his big-boy diaper

He wore his special angel-wings home

Everyone was excited to go home!

Hanging out in his big brother's bean bag chair

Thankfully, Emory was such a champ after his closed reduction, that they didn't make us spend the night at the hospital! He was done the reduction in less than an hour & a half, which was fabulous b/c we expected it to take 2 hours. When we got to see him, a nurse was holding him & he was just a little fussy. As soon as he was in Mommy's arms, he was content. It was amazing that he felt so peaceful after what he had just been through. The nurses left us alone & he ate & conked out right on my lap. He NEVER does this, so I was happy to snuggle with him. We were then moved into the Oncology floor b/c the orthopedic floor was full. Talk about a reality check! We were blessed to be there for a measly cast. Emory graced us with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 major poo's in the 5 short hours that we were in the hospital. I guess he wanted us to get good practice changing him before we went home. We basically hung out in his room, he napped, we napped & then they said we could go home! I was so excited! They said the reason they let us go so early was b/c he was doing well, but more importantly, we had the car seat that we needed & they didn't need to find one for us. So, out we went into the real world in his new blue cast. He fit like a charm into his car seat & slept the whole way home. Once we got home, Grandma & Layla were there to welcome us. Emory quickly ate & then decided that he wanted to go to bed at his normal bedtime. He went down at 7:30 & fussed lightly for a few minutes, but then fell peacefully to sleep. We (ahem, Mommy 4 times & Daddy 1 time) had to check on him every 2 hours to make sure he was comfortable & wasn't leaking out of his diapers. He did well all night & didn't make an issue when he was checked & went right back to sleep. He woke up, like normal, this morning & took his first trip to Target in his cast. Seriously, on the top list of things that Mommy & Emory do is visit Target, so we had to make sure it was still an option for us! :) We bought some supplies to care for Emory & he loved walking around the store in his Baby Bjorn, like he always has done. Granted, today he got some crazy looks from kids, but I told him that it was ok. He didn't mind, b/c he knows that most people just check out his adorable face. When we got home, we did a cast overhaul & lined it with waterproof tape, secured with duct tape. This will keep leaks up into the diaper HOPEFULLY to a minimum!
So, all in all, our peanut is doing great. He still has his beautiful, bright smile & we saw the brightest smiles today when he got back into his exer-saucer. Granted, it is a rig-job, but Daddy did him well!
A very big "THANK YOU!" to everyone for all of the love, thoughts & prayers sent our way.
A special "THANK YOU!" to Alicia & baby Olivia ( who have been so kind to help us with wonderful suggestions & tips for dealing with this special journey.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Journey Begins

Right after I pee'd all over myself & Grandma

Loving my tubby!

Not loving being starved & my new duds

Snuggling with Mommy & eating my book since no one will feed me!

Our precious baby boy went back to surgery at 11:18 am. It is now noon & the procedure should take about 2 hours total. It was so, so, so hard to watch him go down the hall with the nurse, but fortunately he was happy to be out of the prep room, in which he was quite fussy bc the poor guy had not eaten since 6:30 am. He was such a good boy, as usual, this morning. He started the day by leaking out of his diaper & then peeing some more all of Grandma & his own face. I think he was just trying to show us that he has a sense of humor in all of this. We are currently sitting the the Surgery waiting room. Oddly enough, the people behind us are talking loudly, cursing & having a grand old time playing cards. How you can be so jovial when a child that you love is in surgery is beyond me. To each his own, I suppose.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy is so silly!

A few weeks ago I was explaining to Matt how you teach a baby to swim & go underwater by blowing in their face to make them hold their breath. Well he found it amusing to do this to Emory without the swimming part.


We think Emory is starting to say his first word, "MAMA!" Mama is quite happy about his choice of words! The first video he is mad at Mama b/c he is hungry, but the second video he is happy with Mama b/c she just finished feeding him! Notice at the end of the happy video, he puts his thumb is his mouth & covers his eyes. I think this is his way of telling me that he is all done performing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sorry, I just had to do it! His naked little body is just the cutest!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am getting pretty good at blowing raspberries!

"No, Mommy! I do not care if you want fries with that!"

Hanging with Mommy at Jones

I am getting bigger!

Friday 5 - Holes

Where can you go for a really good bagel, and how do you like yours?
I like bagels from Dunkin Donuts. I get an everything bagel, toasted with egg & cheese with a medium, decaf, iced coffee. Delicious! When I was pregnant with Emory, I loved going to DD for latte's. It was one of my cravings in my second trimester.

What is your favorite style of doughnut?
I am not a huge donut fan, but they have the MOST DELICIOUS donuts at a place called The Fractured Prune in Ocean City, Md. Matt's family introduced us to their donuts a few summers ago. Given that I only get down there about once a year, I like cream filled donuts...not pudding, but vanilla cream! Matt & Cameron are chocolate lovers & I have a strange feeling that Mr. Emory will be too, keeping Mommy in the minority. Matt wanted to let him taste him chocolate ice cream tonight, but I put that kabash on that.

What’s your favorite flavor of Lifesavers?
Banana! They only come out at Easter-time, but I always manage to get my hands on them. Now that I think of it, I didn't have any this year! I guess I was pre-occupied taking care of Emory to notice the Easter mix bag at Target.

What O-shaped breakfast cereals do you like?
Oh's. Lol...that is really what they are called. They are my favorite cereal of all time & have been since I was a kid. Keep the marshmallows for yourself & give me my Oh's! I HAD to have them for quite awhile there while I was pregnant.

How do you feel about onion rings, and where can you get some good ones?
I love onion rings. I actually had some of the best I have ever tasted this past week. Mom & I went to Jones in the city after Emory's pre-op appointments this week. I got onion rings with my ALT (avocado, lettuce & tomato) sandwich & they were delish!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Emory's First 4th of July!

I slept in, then snuggled with Mommy & Daddy

Then I put on my red, white & blue!

Mommy & I met my birthday buddy & took a nice long walk at Valley Forge.

Later we went to Uncle Sean's house for a cookout.

Grandpa & Uncle Sean forgot to send Daddy the dress code.

Uncle Issac & Layla had fun playing.

I liked playing with Daddy by the bonfire!

I had a little to eat, but no smores for me this year...maybe next year?

Then, Mommy finally let me see my sparklers! I loved them!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday 5 - 4th of July

Mommy is going to start following a blog trend of the "Friday 5." This week's theme is 4th of July.
1. My most vivid 4th of July memory is the first 4th of July that Matt & I were together. We lived in the hut in Malvern & walked down to the community park to watch fireworks. It wasn't anything crazy, but a nice memory of our first summer together. Fast forward four years later, tomorrow we will celebrate our first 4th of July with Emory. I am not sure he will see any actual fireworks, but I will be sure to dress him in red, white & blue!
2. I clearly remember the summer that my brother & his friend set off illegal fireworks in the cul-de-sac (wait wasn't that every year?...I digress) in Birdsboro, in which someone called the cops on them. The cops promptly arrived & asked my parents if they saw anything suspicious & honestly replied "Yeah, some kids were setting them off & ran away." What they failed to mention is that they were the ones who purchased the illegal fireworks at South of the Border & one of the kids setting them off was their own! I do not intend to purchase illegal fireworks for my son to perform such an act, but I can bet that his father, Uncle Peter or Grandpa Kid will be more than happy to.
3. Again nothing vivid, but I do remember 4th of July as a kid in Phoenixville & the excitement of playing with sparklers out front. I think I will get some sparklers for Emory to see. He can't hold one because as it is with everything else, he will inadvertently try to become the first baby fire-eater.
4. Once my mom made a delicious non-runny :) 4th of July dessert. What can I say, I am a sucker for sweets! It was some sort of huge sugar cookie with cream topping with blueberries & strawberries. Emory's 4th of July dessert this year will consist of his feet....his new favorite treat.
5. My final 4th of July memory has to do with when I worked at Hideaway Daycamp. Every year they had a contest for the kids to dress up in patriotic costumes. The last year that I worked there one girl dressed up as the statue of liberty. She looked ridiculous. but had a home made costume, which is big points in my book! I am hoping that Grandma Kim will make Emory's first costume...for Halloween. Homemade costumes are way cooler than store bought...even if no one, except your mom, knows what/who you are supposed to be!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


While Mommy was at the beach last weekend, Cameron & Emory spent some time with Grancie & Granpy's and Grandma & Grandpa. Everyone had lots of fun & apparently Emory was shocked by something, according to the first picture! Check out those eyes...are they turning green like Mommy's?!

Emory's "Office"

He loves to play in his exer-saucer...better known as his office. Matt & I get a kick out of how aggressively he plays with all of the toys on it & yells at them. We can just picture him multi-tasking at a big desk someday. Apparently on the day that I took the pictures, his bib was interfering with his work, b/c he took it upon himself to turn it into a cape!


This is the new noise that Emory likes to make, it is what I wake up to every morning. He really likes to make this noise on my collar bone, while drooling all over me.