Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anyone out there?

I know some people sporadically read Emory's blog, but hey, leave a comment & let me know you are reading & actually getting something out of this & I am not just doing this in hopes that someday Emory will read it!

Funny Stuff

Now that we are all comfortable with little Emory, we like to have some fun with him.  Grandma & Grandpa got him his first Phillies hat when they went to a Spring Training game on Mommy's birthday.  The other picture is one of Emory smiling at Daddy on Sunday morning.  We've figured out that Daddy can make him smile.  But he has to talk about Emory's lips.  It started last week when I decided that Emory has Daddy's lips & Daddy started talking to Emory about it & Emory thought it was pretty funny.  He has laughed everyday since then when Daddy talks to him about his lips.  It is a adorable & yet another thing that makes Mommy's heart melt.  Emory is starting to smile more & more...just not at Mommy.  He has a few times randomly, but he seems to like to smile at everyone else alot more easily!  

Daddy decided last night while we were making dinner to give Emory a ride on Layla.  Thankfully she loves Emory as much as we do & cooperated.  Take note, this ride was not Emory's first.  We think it is hilarious!  Please don't report us for child abuse :)  If you've seen Emory lately you know how strong he is.  A year from now we will be begging him to stop climbing on Layla, but for now it is cute.
In other news, Emory is becoming quite an independent little man.  His favorite place to be, other than when he is eating, is sitting in his bouncy chair.  The only problem is, he only really loves it when it is being manually bounced, the vibration just doesn't do it for him.  He doesn't like to be held like a baby anymore, he prefers to be able to have his head up & looking around at everyone & everything.  Mommy is starting to get a little concerned, considering he is going to have to be on someone's lap for an extended period of time when he takes his first plane ride next week to go visit Grandma & Grandpa in Florida.  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

This week was Mommy's birthday.  Emory gave Mommy the best gift EVER!  As soon as Daddy got home from work he was holding Emory & Emory gave him the biggest smiles!  It was amazing!  He has smiled a few real smiles this week.  We haven't captured any on camera yet though, but I can tell you he has the happiest, biggest, cutest smile that we have ever seen!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Baby Emory!

I can't believe my sweet baby is already 1 month old!  One month ago our lives were changed forever.  Every single day with him has been a true joy.  I love being his Mommy & I can speak for Matt is saying that he loves being his Daddy.  This month has been full of meeting new people & going to new places.  Emory has been to Iron Hill, Target (ALOT!), King of Prussia Mall, Texas Roadhouse, Giant, Panera & to the doctor's more times than I care to mention.  Ok, it hasn't been that many, but more than I would prefer.  
He continues to be a very happy baby.  He really only cries when he is hungry.  He usually goes to bed around 7/8, wakes up around midnight to eat, again around 3 & then wakes up in the morning around 7.  I can't complain.  I enjoy our quiet time together in the middle of the night. 
After his morning feeding, we usually hang out, watch some television, then on to another nap. After his nap,  more feeding, then sometimes a tubby, followed by our almost-daily hour walk.  In the afternoon he eats & sleeps some more, then when Matt gets home, Emory & Daddy spend some quality time together while I sometimes shower, clean, make dinner.  
Emory has recently started "talking" to me in the morning after he eats.  We sit on the bed & I just talk to him & he makes noises back at me.  It is the cutest.  He is also on the verge of smiling, other than by accident.   This morning he was "smiling" with his eyes when I was talking to him.  He still loves his glowing sea horse, the sound of the shower & blow dryer & has on occasion fallen asleep to the sound of a static television station.  He fell asleep in the swing for the first time yesterday.  He isn't usually a big fan of the swing.  He does like his bouncy chair, but usually only if someone is bouncing it for him.  The vibration mode just doesn't do it for him.  He enjoys riding in the car as well.  Like Matt said, he is like his Mommy in that he just can't sit still.   He also is ticklish, which works to my advantage when trying to keep him awake to keep eating!  Speaking of eating, Daddy gave Emory his first bottle the other night on St. Paddy's day.  The first time around didn't go so well, but the second attempt proved successful.  Daddy then rocked & sang his "Little Mister" to sleep while I watched American Idol & didn't quite know what to do with myself!
So, month one down, many many many more to go!  
We've hit a little bump in the road with Emory's hip condition, but we will get through it with everyone's love & support.  As everyone reminds us, it is harder on us as parents & those who love him, than it is on him.  He has no clue.  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Emory is a very fortunate boy

We had an amazing weekend.  Yesterday was Cameron's Pine Wood Derby for boy scouts.  He got 4th place out of 4 three times & 2nd place once.  He was a great sport about it though.  He was so excited to see his little brother when we arrived.  He just kept looking in Emory's stroller, just waiting for him to wake up & look up at him.  It was so cute.  Then we all went out for lunch to celebrate Daddy's birthday.  Emory must have had a vibe that it was a special day for his Daddy, b/c he wanted no parts of me at lunch.  Then Matt & I had a nice quiet night at home, just hanging out together, while Emory slept quietly in his crib.  It was great.  
Today Emory's Grandpa/Grandma Fleischman came to visit, followed by his Grancie/Grandpy Clair & Uncle Rich/Aunt Lisa later in the day.  Everyone was very excited to see our growing boy.
Now the real reason for this post is to express how fortunate Emory is to have such an AMAZING Daddy!  Today was Daddy's day to get up early with Emory & let me sleep in.  Matt got Emory for his 7 am feeding & we all snuggled in bed.  Then Matt took Emory downstairs for some father/son bonding while I got to sleep in...until 9:30!!!  No lie, I felt like I had just taken a vacation when I woke up!  Then while I was feeding Emory, Matt made us a delicious breakfast.  We bummed around for most of the rest of the day & then Matt made another delicious meal for dinner....accompanied by wonderful mac & cheese that Grancie/Grandpy Clair brought over for us.  
In between all of that, Matt does whatever me & Emory need for him to do & he does it every second of every day that he is home.  I've never felt so fortunate to have such an amazing, helpful & loving husband as I do now.  He is there for Emory & I for whatever we may need.  It may be to get me a drink at 3 am or to snuggle with Emory while I make an escape to take a shower that lasts longer than 2 minutes...he does it all & with a smile on his face.   He continues to make us feel more & more loved everyday.   
I think he already knows it, but Emory is so lucky to have such a loving, strong, kind-hearted, & helpful man to call his Father & to look up to as his most important role model.
Well, my little pea-nutter just fell asleep eating.  Hopefully he will sleep as well tonight as he has every other night!  Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A few firsts

A picture from my photo shoot with Grancie
My family & I 
Mommy gave me a tubby & got my brace all wet, so she took
advantage & took a naked picture of me.  How embarassing!  Mommy
 thinks it is the cutest thing ever!
My 2 week old picture
Hanging out in my bouncy chair

Things are going well here at the Fleischman household.  Last week was our first full week with the 4 of us.  Cameron never ceases to amaze us with how sweet he is with Baby Emory.  He has adjusted so nicely to having a baby brother.  I guess we can say the same for Layla too.  I think she just likes that Mommy is home most days with her.
This week we've had some fun firsts.  This weekend we took Emory on his first major shopping trip.  Mommy FINALLY convinced Daddy that we need new sofas, so we took a trip to Plymouth Meeting & bought new ones.  Mommy is thrilled, especially b/c we spend 40 minutes on the sofa every 2 hours, everyday.  On Tuesday Mommy took Emory to meet some of her friends & students at school.  Emory was such a good boy.  He was awake most of the time & was very happy to meet everyone.  Then on Tuesday night we took our first trip out to dinner at Iron Hill.  Again, Emory was very cooperative b/c he slept the whole time!
Mommy & Emory have been taking nice long walks everyday too.  Emory usually sleeps through these too, but he seems to enjoy getting out & getting some fresh air.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We have a good baby on our hands!

This makes me feel cozy when Mommy rocks me like this!
Getting a tubby in the kitchen
You can tell how much Cameron loves his baby brother
just by the look in his eyes!
Hanging out with my Grandpa
Since coming home from the hospital, Emory has been a complete joy for us.  He is such a good baby.  He is like clockwork eating full feedings every 2-3 hours during the day, taking naps & sleeping about 3-4 hour stretches at night.  Mommy has to wake him up around 2-3 am to give him his nightly feeding.  This is sometimes quite a chore.  He sleeps like a log, like his Daddy & brother!   Today is our first day on our own since my parents left.   Thankfully he is very easily pacified & actually let me take a shower & get ready today!