Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Baby Fleisch,

...could you please grace us with your presence sometime soon?   We are soooooo ready for you, or so we think right now.  Mommy & Daddy even went out last night & bought a new car, just to bring you home in!  It is your first car :)  Baby Fleisch, we have a pretty low-key weekend plan, we just ask that you not decide to come tomorrow while we are baby sitting your first real girlfriend, Miss Mabel Jane Shiffer.  You are welcome to come any other time this weekend & we would love it if you would.  

...Eggplant parmesan, bumpy car rides, quasi-spicy food (which I don't like), sitting/bouncing on a stability ball all have not gotten this baby anywhere close to coming.  So I thought maybe a nice heartfelt note from Mommy might get him/her going.  It always worked & still does for me when I get nice notes from my Mommy.  

Last night Matt & I went & checked out cars, again.  I was pretty much done with the idea of getting a car before the baby arrives, but Matt found the Dodge Journey & we checked it out online.  It looked pretty appealing to me, so  2 hours later, we were driving away with our new 2009 Dodge Journey.  I keep referring to it as "fancy."  It has so many great features, including seating for 7!   Now we can have 3 more babies & still have room!  JUST KIDDING!   I do not want 3 more babies!  But seriously, coolers built in to the floor, tons of storage compartments, dual climate control, & Matt's favorite feature, the Ipod jack, etc.  It is referred to as a mini-van in a crossover/suv.  Now I HATE to even compare it to a minivan, but it does provide that kind of space.  

Well, let the weekend begin.  I am 99.9% sure it will be uneventful, but one can hope.   

I am very excited to break the news of this blog as well & refuse to do so until we have a happy, heathy baby in our arms.  If when you are reading this for the first time, don't think that you have been missing out on knowing the blog address since one except Matt & I know that I have been blogging all this time & no one knows what it says, except me :)  

Above is a stock picture of our new car!  Note this is the first major purchase that we have made/decided upon together.  For those of you who don't know, Matt went on tour the day our house went on the market & I put a bid in on it (with his blessing) without him ever having seen it!  The first he ever got to see it was the day before settlement when we did the walk through.  I also bought the Honda Fit by myself when he was on tour (again, with his blessing).  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I want to meet my new favorite person!

Above is the baby belly at exactly 36 weeks.  Lovely, huh?

Here we are, Saturday January 24, 2009...waiting for Baby Fleisch.  Yes, I know he/she isn't due for another 3+ weeks, but some people have given me hope that babies come happy & heathy 3 weeks early.  Two of my favorite little girls were 3 weeks early, Tori & Colleen.   We asked Cameron at dinner tonight when he thinks the baby will be born & he predicted January 30 & then changed it to January 31.  I would be very happy with that.  I said as long as it isn't January 26...I don't want to steal my brother's thunder & we are planning on a delicious birthday dinner for him at Buca Di Beppo on Monday.  I don't want to miss that!  Oh, and as far as Cam's prediction, it comes from the boy who also guessed today that Hummers cost $100.  Maybe he has better luck with guessing babies instead of cars.

On another note, I told Matt yesterday that I want the baby to have a birthday cake.  Why is it that people celebrate birthdays every year, EXCEPT their actual birthday, with cake?  Well, NOT MY KID!  We will celebrate his/her birth day with a cake, song & all.  I know the little baby will have no clue, but we can take pictures :)  and to be honest, it's more of a sentimental thing for Mommy (I love the sound of that) than anything else.  Matt said he might need a reminder, hopefully he remembers on his own though, just as he is to remember to get me a push present.  He can refer to Stacy, Becky & Missy on the specifics of this one for his reminders.  Ladies, recall our dinner discussion at Max & Erma's :)  

Not much else going on, just a low key weekend.  We went car shopping today & didn't have much luck.  I think we are just going to wait it out for awhile & see what happens for us.  

Monday, January 19, 2009

I think we are ready?

As of tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant.  Where the past 36 weeks have gone, I have no clue?  I think we are all (probably with the exception of Layla) ready to meet our newest family member.  Although, I must admit, I think Layla tried to prove a point to me today when Stacy & Mabel came to visit us today.  I made Layla calm down by sitting on the steps for a few minutes & then when I let her go check out Mabel, she sniffed her, kissed her & then sat down next to her. A few minutes later. she proceeded to walk past little MJ too quickly & knocked her over...she's still got some work to do.  

Back to the baby. everything is ready...wash is done, crib is made, hospital bags are packed, car seat is in the car, now we just need to wait & wait & wait.  I think it is going to be a very long 4ish weeks b/c I have had absolutely no signs whatsoever that this baby is anywhere near ready to come into this world.  I have my 36 week appointment on Wednesday & I am not counting on them giving me any hope that things will progress sooner than later.  

Cameron is ready, we think.  He actually helped us with baby names the other night while we were making dinner.  We asked him how he thinks you spell the baby's name if she is a girl ("Cambria") & he proceeds to spell it "C-a-m-b-r-e-a."  Matt & I decided we actually like that spelling a little better than the original "i-a" ending.   Matt was at first concerned that people would mispronounce the spelling & I quickly reminded him that I have dealt with people mispronouncing my name for 28+ years & I am fine.  If he is a boy, his name will be Emery, we think.

Matt is ready to meet his new son/daughter.  We were laying in bed the other morning talking about the baby & he mentioned how it is so hard to believe that this baby bump in my belly is the person who one day will be asking to borrow the car.  It is so surreal to think of this baby as anything more than a baby.  

And me, I am just ready to not be bored anymore.  I don't have much energy to do anything other than work, but at the same time, I can't stand sitting around & watching tv, surfing the internet, etc.  I know I will yearn for these days again someday, but for now, I have had enough "me" time.  This time last year I had just finished my Master's, was planning our wedding, planning our honeymoon, Matt was away so I was taking care of the house/dog/Cameron by myself, working out daily, teaching full-time & working part-time at Iron hill.  Oh my, how quickly things have changed & will change again in the next few weeks!  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bumpy 2 days...

Yesterday I almost had a heart attack, or shall I say almost went into labor since that is more believable at this point, when I read that our crib was possibly recalled.  I spent the day making phone calls, trying to figure out what we would do IF the crib was recalled.  Now, mind you, I had already convinced myself that it had been.  After hours on the phone with numerous Babies R Us's & the crib company, I came home & crawled under the crib (please don't picture that) to find that our crib was NOT recalled.  Matt (and probably our friend Caleb too) was quite relieved b/c this crib is a monster & taking it apart (not that he would know what that entails b/c I am the one who put it together) & lugging it back to BRU, along with the dresser (twice the size of the crib) would have been quite a project.  

Then today we attempted to put the car seat into the car. is a tight fit!  No pun intended, considering our car is a Honda Fit.  We are going to ride it out & see if we can make it work, but my gut instinct is that I don't know how long I can deal with squeezing all 4 of us into that car along with baby stuff.  We shall see.  

Oh, and now for some good news.  I found out on Thursday that I won a free breast feeding pump!  It is worth over $100 & is something we were waiting to buy, probably the only thing other than clothes in shades other than yellow/green/orange.  Yay for me, I never win anything.  One more baby-less weekend half over & it is snowing outside.  It is cozy here at home & are going to snuggle up & watch a movie soon.  

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Baby-Fleischman Year!

Above is a picture from our NYE celebration at Kim's house....a great way to ring in 2009, with some of our best friends!  Note my velour sweats & t-shirt, as opposed to Stacy & Kim's cute outfits!  Side note....Stacy is my mommy-idol & I will look as good as she does 8 months post-pregnancy!

Well this year Baby Fleisch will be born!  How exciting!  All of the Christmas decorations have been taken down (as of the day after Christmas) & replaced by baby gear.  I seriously think we are all ready for our little person.   I think Layla is too...she now knows that no matter what if we say "Baby" she knows that she can only kiss or sniff whatever it is that we are showing her.  She hasn't tried to nibble or take anything referred to with the word "Baby."   She is trying to figure out what the big new piece of "furniture," aka pack n play, is for in the living room.  I think every other time she walks by it she sniffs it & looks inside of it.  She has taken a new liking this week to lying in the sun in the baby's room.  It's cute :)  Nothing much else exciting going on here other than my 2 week holiday vacation is over as of Monday.  I am so not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.  Today I simply got a haircut, visited the Shiffers & went grocery shopping, for a grand total of 2.5 hours out of the house & was exhausted by the time I got home.  I don't know how I am going to do it, but our bank account can thank me later.  I know I am going to relish these last few weekends of sleeping in, b/c there aren't many left.  Tomorrow I get to make my debut as Matt's wife at his work holiday party.  What a pleasure it is to be able to meet all of these people at 8 months pregnant & looking NOTHING like I would normally.  I asked him yesterday if everyone knows that I am pregnant & he said "Actually, I don't know if they do...I've mentioned it once or twice."  At least I am showing that I am pregnant, so it will be obvious & they won't just think he has a fat wife :)  He actually said today when he got home from work that he can't wait to "show me off."  I don't know what he's thinking, but it was flattering none the less.  

Alright, bedtime is calling.  One more Saturday morning ready to be checked off the sleeping-in calender :(  

Below is a picture from NYE at Kim's house.  We had a nice, relaxed evening with great friends!