Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy-to-be is TIRED!

As of today, I am 10 weeks & 2 days pregnant. Yesterday Layla & I went to visit Daddy in Maryland. It was the first day that Daddy said "I love you" to baby Fleischman. We are some lucky ladies...assuming that this little baby is a girl, which Matt & I do. We are pretty solid on a girls name & we both love it. We are going to keep it a secret for now, b/c who knows how many times we will change our mind. Matt likes the name Rory for a boy, but I say it is too mumbly to say (sounds like I have marbles in my mouth when I say it). I also at one point said "It has too many "r's" in it. 

Today was the first day I actually felt 110% exhausted all day long...must be making some pretty important organs today! I woke up at 8, fell asleep around 11, woke up at 1, fell asleep at 4, woke up at 6 & am now trying to make the evening somewhat productive. But as my mom reminded me, I have the next 18 years to be productive everyday, whether I want to or not. Tuesday was the first reality check of the fact that I will not be fitting in my regular clothes for much longer...I tried on a few pairs of pants for work at Iron Hill before settling on the most comfortable pair I could find...worn unbuttoned. :) 

Other than that, all is well & day by day we are getting used to the idea of having a sweet little baby around in a few months. Now to just get Layla & Cam used to the idea!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

He/She is really in there!?!!!!!

So it is finally official...there is a baby in my belly!  I had our first baby appointment today & saw the baby & his/her heartbeat on the ultrasound.   It is so much more real now.  So back to the beginning, we have known that we are pregnant for about 5 weeks now, before we left for our honeymoon.  Yep...if you do the math, we got pregnant right after the wedding!  I've taken 6, yes 6, pregnancy tests.  It seemed too good to be true, but we are definitely blessed with being able to conceive so quickly.  Matt is on tour right now, so my mom came with me to the appointment since she was here on business.  It was so nice for her to be there to see her first grandbaby for the first time.  It was very special.  I can't wait until Matt sees him/her.  I sent him pictures today from the ultrasound.  The baby looks like a little teddy bear in there.  When we got home, my mom gave me our first baby gift.  Baby Fleisch got "my first friend" (a teddy bear) some onesies & pj's.  I got a little pregnancy journal to keep updated.  I've been feeling good so morning sickness.  My mom didn't have it either, so hopefully it's genetic & I won't get it either.  I haven't had any crazy cravings, but I did make a trip to the grocery store earlier this week & I got mac/cheese, cheese & crackers & cheesecake bars.  Weird.  We are waiting to tell all of our parents in person, which will be next week while we are in Florida to tell my dad & the last week in July to tell Matt's parents when he is on tour locally.  We are really itching to tell people.  So that's about it for now...our due date is February 20, 2009 as of right now.  Baby Fleisch will be almost exactly one year younger than his/her future girlfriend, Mabel Jane Shiffer (one of our best friend's (Stacy & Caleb's) daughter).   It is all just so exciting...I get to be a first time mommy, Matt gets to be a daddy again & Cameron & Layla get a little brother/sister.  Life doesn't get any better than this!